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bad boys always seem to go against the flow and Conquer women’s hearts with ease while attentive men often do everything possible to make a woman happy but end up being left aside found in the shadows in the limbo of the friend zone for many women the overly accommodating man can seem inauthentic or indecisive the attentive man patiently waits for a signal an opening while she might be fascinated by the rebellious charm of another if you want to understand how to make women’s hearts race you must learn when to set aside shyness and what boundaries to push in this video we will explore nine behaviors that confident men use to win women’s Hearts the time has come to step out of the friend zone follow this video to the end to understand and not repeat the mistakes you are making I am sure that the fifth behavior is the one that has blocked you so far in conquering the girls you like and the first one you will need to improve welcome to Academia playlover the channel that reveals the hidden mechanisms behind romantic relationships every week we will explore the subtleties and secrets of modern relationships ready to challenge what you thought you knew first point the art of consent nowadays they tell you that we live in an era where it is essential to always ask if you want to hug her or offer her a drink they suggest you ask but here is a different view when there is a true connection many words are not needed you can perceive if your presence is welcome if you feel it is not it is better to withdraw but if you feel a mutual attraction move forward confidently decisive men often act differently they see what they want whether it is a goal or an opportunity and act with determination I’m not saying to be Reckless or to cross bound boundaries but sometimes too much hesitation can be counterproductive confident men know when to move forward and when to step back they have the ability to interpret the moment and if things do not go as expected they look elsewhere obtaining what you desire often does not require permission but intuition and self-esteem this type of energy which expresses confidence and direction is often what many women seek in a man second Point embrace your own uniqueness we all have quirks that make us special however many men prefer to hide them for fear of being judged or rejected you should never feel ashamed or feel the need to disguise who you really are an authentic man remains true to himself regardless of others approval if you have a passion like painting dancing or Comics embrace it even if some may not understand you or look at you suspiciously sincerity and authenticity attract expressing yourself authentically is much more attractive than presenting yourself as a fake individual that said this is not an invitation to waste time on frivolities or to behave irrationally being authentic does not mean having no limits or responsibilities distinguish between what makes you unique and what makes you seem like a copy of everyone else third Point establish boundaries accommodating men often Overlook questionable behaviors hoping to gain a woman’s approval in contrast the confident man sets firm boundaries he has no patience for manipulations or red flags no matter how desirable a person may seem it is essential to remember that in the end we are all human beings with virtues and flaws if you allow behaviors that go against your core values you could find yourself in a situation of regret you may initially gain the person’s affection but once the initial enthusiasm phase is over you could feel dissatisfied and resentful so although it may seem difficult if you recognize red flags it is better to address them immediately or walk away do not sacrifice your integrity for a fleeting relationship recognize your worth and do not waste time with those who do not appreciate it fourth Point avoid idolatry in many cultural contexts men feel the pressure to put women on a a pedestal almost as if they were Untouchable creatures Cinema and literature often perpetuate this idea but think about this if she receives this kind of adoration from a multitude of men what makes you different from the others women like all of us live in a world where attention and sweetness are easily obtained if you want to stand out from the crowd treat her as an individual not as an unattainable entity if you truly wish to Stand Out start appreciating and respecting yourself first it might sound like a form of selfishness and indeed it might be but putting yourself at the center of your decisions and valuing yourself is a sign of confidence and self-esteem and strangely this type of personal confidence can be much more attractive because it indicates a strong self-awareness fifth Point avoid the comfort zone the vast majority of men take refuge in a comfort zone educated in the idea of not stepping out of it too often you see them trapped in monotonous routines even if they make them feel dissatisfied the fear of taking risks and the habit of the familiar make them reluctant to change this not only limits their perspectives but is often unattractive to women after all there is not much excitement in a man who avoids change or challenge confident men on the contrary challenge conventions they are not afraid to take risks they firmly believe that even if things do not go as expected they would have the resources to recover they act according to their Instinct without too much hesitation naturally this does not mean diving head first into dangerous or irrational situations but Having the courage to challenge the usual when appropriate sixth Point avoid monotony dating a bold man can bring that Rush of excitement and Adventure that many women seek they live life on the edge giving those with them an adrenaline rush they dare where others hesitate and are always on the lookout for new experiences to explore and new challenges to accept seventh point the charm of inaccessibility many women are accustomed to the attention and advances of various men however there is an undeniable attraction to those who seem above the game of Seduction bold men often embody this characteristic they do not adhere to traditional games and are known for their Elusive and unpredictable nature eighth Point ardor bold men act with a burning intensity that has the power to Captivate they have a clear and visible motivation behind each gesture or life choice behind every action there is an engaging plot that amplifies their attractiveness in the eyes of many women ninth Point self-sufficiency confident men know how to fend for themselves they do not look for someone to take care of them or tell them what to do this relieves many women from feeling they must take care of their partner many are used to guiding their man telling him to take on responsibilities or focus on certain priorities but a decisive man does not need constant guidance they are capable of taking care of themselves their own needs and facing challenges independently this Independence often emanates a certain attraction here is the real trick always put yourself first women may come and go from your life but your self-esteem and personal growth are priorities and everything you do do it for yourself not to please others or to build relationships the attraction you generate will be a natural reaction to your personal commitment do not wait for approval take the initiative if this message has impacted you give us your opinion share your thoughts in the comments below the video we like to interact with our community and for more ideas on how to grow as an individual click on the video that now appears on the screen and continue your growth Journey with us thank you for following us this far and do not forget that your worth is unique I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment coment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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