9 Situations Where You MUST Stay Silent

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[Music] do you remember a situation where it would have benefited you to remain silent yes right stoicism a philosophy from ancient Greece resonates today for its relevance in a chaotic and uncertain world the philos opical School teaches the importance of maintaining Serenity in the face of adversity acting according to reason and accepting what we cannot control remaining silent in the context of stoicism can be seen as a practice of self-control and wisdom it’s about knowing when to speak and when it’s wiser to keep silent recognizing that not all situations require our verbal intervention there are multiple benefits to silence do you know what they are well to start with it Fosters impr improved concentration that is to say silence creates an environment conducive to attention and concentration allowing you to perform tasks more effectively it also promotes inner calm Fosters a sense of peace tranquility and mental Clarity and cultivates patience and mindfulness enabling you to face challenges with a greater sense of composure but this is not today’s Topic in fact there’s a video on the channel where I talk about the benefits of Silence I highly recommend you watch it as a compliment to this discussion well the stoics valued internal peace and Tranquility of the soul and considered silence to be a powerful response to external chaos by refraining from speaking unnecessarily we promote introspection and avoid unnecessary disturbance of the mind and environment this practice is not only a way to maintain inner peace but also to exercise the virtue of discretion highly valued in stoic philosophy ultimately stoic silence is a path to ataraxia the state of undisturbed Tranquility that the stoics considered essential for a good and fulfilling life there are moments when you must stay silent no negotiation if you want to become a good stoic I ask you not to do it just to follow a philosophy of life but to grow mentally I ask you to follow these tips to become a person who faces their problems with resilience not because you’ve already jumped on the band wagon of this philosophy but because you want to become a better person okay it’s time to start but before I want to invite you to subscribe to the channel and activate the notification Bell to be informed when I upload more videos like this now without further Ado let’s begin Situation Number One in which you must stay silent when it comes to gossip rumors phenomena beyond our control are SE seen by the stoics as distractions that can disturb our inner peace and divert us from the pursuit of virtue according to this philosophy by remaining silent in the face of rumors we exercise the discipline of self-control and preserve our Serenity thus avoiding falling into the Trap of negative emotions such situations can generate the stoic response to rumors is a manifest sttion of strength and an affirmation that our worth does not depend on others opinions but on our own ability to live according to reason and nature responding to rumors only gives them more attention and makes them more likely to persist by staying calm and not reacting you avoid feeding the fire and reduce the likelihood of rumors intensifying so even if they say things that really don’t represent you it can make us very angry I would say but responding to gossip or rumors with anger or frustration only shows that they affect you by staying calm and Serene you show that you have control over your emotions and are not disturbed by gossip additionally he who owes nothing fears nothing responding to rumors or gossip can worsen the situation and damage your reputation by remaining silent you avoid saying something you might regret and maintain your dignity if the rumors are false the truth will eventually come to light it’s not necessary to defend def yourself if you know the truth is on your side by staying calm and focused on your goals you avoid wasting time and energy on trivialities stoicism considers calmness and composure to be important virtues staying silent in the face of rumors is a way to practice these virtues and strengthen your character it’s important to remember that staying silent doesn’t mean you have to accept rumors or gossip as true if you believe your reputation is being unfairly damaged you can take steps to defend yourself but do so calmly and rationally in summary stoicism recommends staying silent in the face of rumors or gossip because it’s the best way to protect yourself maintain your reputation and promote peace and Harmony situation number two in which you must stay silent when dealing with insults stoicism can be a powerful strategy for preserving mental tranquility and personal dignity this practice is based on the idea that our reaction to insults is under our control even if the actions of others are not as epicus a prominent stoic philosopher said it’s not the events that disturb people it’s their judgments about the events this suggests that we can choose not to let negative comments affect us emotionally furthermore responding to insults with silence can disarm the aggressor and prevent the situation from escalating in the words of Marcus Aurelius another prominent stoic the best revenge is to be unlike your enemy staying silent also reflects an understanding that hurtful words often arise from the ignorance or pain of the other person and not necessarily reflect the truth about ourselves sakica for his part advised he who decides a case without hearing the other side though he decides justly cannot be considered just in practice staying silent requires self-discipline and a deep understanding of stoic principles it’s about recognizing that we can only control our own actions and responses and that Serenity comes from focusing on this rather than on the actions of others modern psychology supports this view particularly in cognitive behavioral therapy which teaches people to identify and change thought patterns that can lead to negative emotional responses to apply these principles in real situations one could start by taking a deep breath when faced with an insult remembering that the power of the situation lies in how you choose to respond it’s helpful to Remember quotes like epic tetus if someone speaks badly of you don’t worry the opinions of others can’t harm you over time and with practice staying silent in the face of insults can become a natural response that promotes inner peace and emotional resilience responding to an insult with anger or frustration only worsens the situation and makes you feel worse furthermore it will only intensify the situation and may lead to a fight or escalation of violence demonstrating calmness therefore will make you appear mature and show that you have control over your emotions remember that the insult does not define who you are it’s just one person’s opinion of you it doesn’t Define your worth as a person so don’t take the insult personally situation number number three in which you must stay silent when dealing with anger don’t let yourself be carried away by anger because anger leads to Crime as Marcus Aurelia said maintaining calm and silence during moments of anger can be beneficial for mental health and interpersonal relationships anger an intense and often negative emotion can lead to impulsive and harmful responses remember that the foundation on which stoicism was built is self-control and logic over emot tions acting under the influence of anger is to give up reason and allow an emotion to disturb our inner peace and judgment senica described anger as a brief Madness and warned of its destructive effects in Psychology it’s recognize that anger can Cloud our judgment and lead to behaviors that we later regret therefore it’s recommended to take a moment to breathe deeply count to 10 or seek a distraction to allow the mind to calm down and and respond more reflectively to apply these principles in everyday life it’s helpful to identify which situations trigger anger and consciously work to change our perspective on them this may involve questioning whether the object of our anger is within our control and if it’s not practicing acceptance furthermore developing empathy and compassion can help us better understand others and reduce the likelihood of feeling anger towards them with calmness and reason as guides we can turn anger into a Force for good a tool to Build a Better World for ourselves and others situation number four in which you must stay silent when unjustly criticized imagine someone has just unfairly criticized you your initial reaction might be to argue to set things straight but here’s a stoic twist ask yourself whether this criticism is true or not remember that your worth and self-esteem don’t depend on others opinions judgments stoicism teaches us that our core identity and integrity remain intact regardless of external evaluation then consider the source of the criticism stoicism urges us to reflect on the intentions and perspectives of the critic often unjust criticism has more to do with the critic’s perceptions insecurities or internal struggles than with you by understanding this you can see the criticism for what it really is is a reflection of the critic not of you analyze it objectively is there something valuable you can learn something you can improve according to the stoics reacting to unjust criticism can disturb our inner peace and lead us to a state of agitation contrary to emonia or the well-being of the soul for example Marcus Aurelius advises when someone hurts you you can decide not to do anything not to say anything and not to feel any resentment this quote reflects the idea that the response to Injustice doesn’t always require external action sometimes strength and dignity reside in Stillness and internal reflection to practice this verbal response exstension stoic psychology proposes exercises in self-control and reflection for example one could take a moment to consider the possible reasons behind the other person’s criticism leading to a deeper understanding of their perspective and possibly a more peaceful resolution of the conflict furthermore cognitive behavioral psychology influenced by stoicism suggests techniques such as cognitive restructuring to change the way we interpret negative events thereby reducing emotional reactivity and promoting a more measured and thoughtful response Daniel goleman said emotional intelligence is the ability to identify understand and manage our own emotions as well as those of others staying calm in the face of unjust criticism is the best way to protect yourself maintain your self-esteem and promote peace and Harmony remember what I told you when I talked about staying calm and not fueling the Flames when someone insults you apply those principles when someone unfairly criticizes you situation number five in which you must stay silent when dealing with loss it hurts I’m really sorry loss is never easy you’re a warrior today because you’re fighting this great battle known as grief however this practice is based on the notion that silence allows for deep introspection and prevents the impulsive expression of emotions that may not reflect our true feelings or that may cause more harm as stoic philosophy teaches us we shouldn’t base our happiness on the outcomes of our actions but on our own will and conduct in the face of life’s events loss is an unavoidable component of human life whether it’s the loss of a loved one or Rel relationship or even an aspect of our identity it’s a harsh reality and can be extremely painful however in the midst of our suffering stoicism stands as a Beacon of Hope and resilience in Psychology especially in cognitive behavioral therapy it’s recognized that managing emotions through reflection and pausing before speaking can lead to a better understanding and management of our emotional reactions acknowledge the pain that company’s loss but don’t force yourself to suppress it stoicism reminds us that although we can’t control what we lose we can control how we react to that loss imagine you’ve suffered a significant loss and feel like the world is crumbling around you this is where stoicism encourages you to stop and take a deep breath allowing yourself to feel your emotions and cry remember that your emotions are natural responses and not commands you can feel sadness anger or confusion without letting these feelings dictate your actions or Define your future look at loss as an opportunity for growth every loss no matter how devastating contains the seeds of new beginnings new strengths and new Wisdom ask yourself what this loss can teach you how can it contribute to your growth it’s not about finding immediate answers or forcing positive aspects it’s about being open to the possibility that even in loss there are lessons that can enrich your life situation number six in which you must stay silent when someone talks to you about their problems sometimes people just want someone to focus on their problems to help them feel better they may not be ready to Simply accept advice at the moment and just want someone to listen think about it when you want to talk about your problems do you expect someone to scold you or criticize your actions don’t try to solve their problems sometimes we just need to listen if you’re not sure if someone wants you to help them solve their problems or just listen I suggest you ask them before the conversation starts asking them beforehand helps clarify misunderstandings and allows you to help that person as best you can this is a good time to stay silent because you can help others with your silence psychology appreciates silence as a therapeutic tool that facilitates the other person’s expression without interruptions which can be crucial for the emotional healing process staying silent doesn’t imply a lack of participation but a conscious and respectful presence to achieve this it’s recommended to practice mindfulness and active listening techniques that help focus on the present moment and on the person speaking without judging or interrupting as Nasim Nicholas Talib once said the wise man listens to meaning the fool only gets noise knowing when to speak and when to be silent is an art pay attention to the signals the person gives you if they’re receptive to advice you can offer your help but if they just need to be heard your silence will be the best way to support them situation number seven in which you must stay silent when someone demonstrates their ignorance do you know about the Dunning Krueger effect various studies conducted by psychologists have revealed a human tendency to perceive ourselves as more competent than we really are in certain social and intellectual areas a phenomenon that will be detailed later in essence we tend to inflate our own abilities and skills according to researchers this tendency to overestimate is largely due to the fact that individuals with limited abilities face a complex dilemma not only are they prone to making wrong judgments and wrong decisions but their lack of competence prevents them from recognizing their own errors in judgment and action this lack of metacognitive self-awareness prevents them from recognizing their own incompetence we’ll see many people talking about topics that we through much dedication to studying the same Master this will make us feel uncomfortable and eager to correct their ignorance but think about this does a person who has the audacity to speak confidently about topics they don’t Master expect someone to correct them will it be you who proves it will it be you who dedicates forces to change the opinion of someone who didn’t have the decency to inform themselves better before speaking publicly about a topic they don’t master or know staying silent in the face of others ignorance can be a way to avoid unnecessary conflicts and preserve inner peace senica advised we must take walks Outdoors so that the mind can be nourished and refreshed by the open air and deep breathing this implies a focus on self-care and personal reflection instead of confronting every display of ignorance we encounter to apply these teachings in everyday life one can start by recognizing that each person has their own learning path and that patience is a virtue when faced with ignorance further more it’s useful to remember that silence can be a powerful response and that it’s not always necessary to have the last word the practice of reflection and introspection recommended by the stoics can also help us better understand our own reactions and develop greater empathy toward others even when their perspectives differ from ours situ ation number eight in which you must stay silent during negotiations the Strategic use of Silence can Infuse an air of mystery and Authority as it can lead the counterpart to think that one is willing to withdraw rather than accept something inferior to the expected outcome silence is often uncomfortable for many and its application in negotiations Can Be an Effective method to reaffirm our expectations Express Yourself clearly and then remain silent this act demonstrates confidence in your words and respect for the interloc giving them space to express themselves furthermore silence gives the other party an opportunity to reflect and possibly make mistakes in their argumentation by remaining silent we facilitate the counterpart revealing more than benefits our position to apply this strategy it’s important to be mentally prepared to resist the pressure to speak one can start with a friendly greeting and questions that generate Affinity then give the floor to the interlocutor after presenting a condition or receiving a counter offer it’s essential to pause and allow silence to work in our favor thus avoiding unnecessary concessions or the perception of insecurity moments of Silence can be tactical benefiting both personally and those around us and the last situation in which you must stay silent is when you don’t have something good to say just because you feel obliged to include something doesn’t mean you should instead it might be agreeing with what another person has said it can be difficult to say that you have nothing to add allow yourself to admit when you have nothing to say instead of speaking for the sake of it and making things worse staying silent allows for deeper reflection and prevents rash judgments or actions that may not be beneficial silence is more than just the absence of sound it’s a form of communication a tool of influence a symbol of strength and wisdom as it was once said silence is a source of great strength in our noisy world the power of silence is often overlooked from fostering better relationships to aiding personal growth the Strategic use of Silence can truly change the rules of the game for more advice like this you know what to do if someone else shares your fondness for stoicism invite them to stroll through the channel well that’s all for today I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you liked the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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