A Simple Trick To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

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we’ve all had conversations that feel forced or boring or are filled with awkward silences it can be almost painful like this next clip so like country music or do you like country yeah cool so in this video we’re going to go over five steps to make small talk with anyone we’ll do so by breaking down some tricks that joe rogan uses on his podcast to connect with everyone from academics to athletes to celebrities some will be mindsets and some will be word for word questions you can steal these habits are a big reason why so many of joe’s conversations end like this bob sagan i love you i love you thank you buddy thank you it was a lot of fun this was great this was great thank you very much thank you i really enjoyed this man i really enjoyed it tell people i always appreciate you man really do thanks and i really appreciate you too most people have their guard up when they first meet you they aren’t sure if you’re going to be competitive or try to put them down in some way so the first trick you can steal from joe is to grease the wheels early with a compliment this isn’t something you have to do to make a small talk go well but it helps you start the conversation with a positive vibe there’s a lot of potential compliments you could give someone that said there’s three easy types you can focus on for small talk their work their energy or a platonic physical complement with those three options you should be able to complement almost anyone you meet here’s a quick example of each thank you very much for being here i’m a really big fan so this is an honor i love being around people like you my guy people around you you people like you you’re you’re going for [ __ ] all the time and it’s infectious it’s like you’re you you give off energy nice to meet you good to meet you too by the way congrats on the mustache the mustache lower piece combo that’s uh the anarchist guy with that guy that who’s the mask oh the guy fawkes that’s right yeah perfect right people make three common mistakes when giving compliments that you’ll want to avoid the first is making the compliment too sexual second is making a compliment you don’t mean which makes you seem manipulative the third is dwelling on the compliment a compliment is great but especially with people of high status who hear compliments all the time you’ll want to transition off of it fairly quickly in general transitioning off of an introduction and into an interesting conversation is one of the hardest parts of small talk the best way to do this is by transitioning between topics using reminds me of thinking for example with josh barnett joe starts the conversation in his standard way by complimenting his beard how long have you been drawing that [ __ ] that’s a real one after josh responds joe does what most people would do and starts talking about his own hair but very quickly he uses that to toss out a new potential topic probably 35 i started growing like serious back hair i’m not like who’s that russian wrestler dude is this one oh uh well there was this guy uh victor zangief who who actually did professional wrestling that guy was just coated in it oh yeah right there’s another guy solomon hashemica most people make the mistake of thinking very linearly during small talk so they’d simply comment on their own hair and then stare over at you hoping that you would take the conversation somewhere interesting just by tossing out that his back hair reminds him of a russian wrestler joe and josh are able to spend the next four minutes talking about various wrestlers and mma fighters it’s a simple habit to build and makes a huge difference in the quality of your small talk here’s another quick example with rob lowe rob asks joe a question about baseball which joe doesn’t seem interested in talking about most people here would just say something like no not really and let the conversation stall instead joe uses lateral thinking to transition to something else are you a fan of the of the baseball with the crowd noise and crowd noise no i’m not a fan of fake noise i i hate that some cars do that they put fake engine noise through the speakers oh jesus exactly because he didn’t just answer the question but instead asked himself what fake sound in a baseball stadium reminds him of they were able to transition to cars a topic it turns out they both love so next time you’re in conversation and can’t think of anything to say it’s as simple as asking yourself what does this remind me of and then branch off in whatever direction first comes to your mind in both those cases you see another common habit of joe’s he pings for topics of mutual interest joe is infamous for doing this by bringing up dmt in every conversation good dmt dmt dmt dmt emt dmt dmt when a guest doesn’t know what it is it just goes by the wayside but when they do it’s an immediate connection this will keep you genuinely interested in the conversation joe is a master at doing this in the other direction as well he has two tricks to get other people excited about the conversation they’re both super easy to do but most people don’t do them which is why small talk feels so painful at times for example here’s a common small talk conversation where are you from originally i’m from wilmington delaware wilmington delaware i don’t i don’t know many people from delaware thank you yeah what is wilmington like nice town yeah it’s great where are you from is it nice there these are boring questions that no one is going to be excited to answer unless they already like you it’s very similar but watch what joe asks instead why utah man why you live in utah what’s that about joe peels the onion he goes one level deeper by asking why questions that get someone talking about what they value this may seem hard to work into a conversation but it’s actually quite simple you just do it in two phases where do you live that’s cool why do you live there what do you do for work interesting why did you decide to do that even if the person doesn’t love where they live you’ll get to hear what’s important to them maybe it’s their job their family a passion whatever it is now you know what’s important to them and can ask a question about that which they’re much more likely to want to talk about this ties directly into the second trick joe uses he asks questions that are fun to answer for example an issue you might run into with small talk is that some people don’t have anything interesting going on in their lives to share about one way to get them past that block is to ask a fun question that removes the constraint of having to be realistic here’s a few examples if you had a magic wand and someone said you could do whatever you want to fix this what would you do you were the king of the world said ed what are we going to do let’s say you become president pulling both tricks together a great decision tree of questions to get an interesting conversation going can be what do you do then as a follow-up do you like it if they say yes you can ask why and elicit their values if they say no you can ask well if you had 100 million dollars what would you do instead joe also has two habits for creating a connection with people while listening the first is he laughs easily this makes it more fun to talk to him because it makes you feel good for being funny even when you aren’t trying to be for instance watch him react when elon musk talks about selling flamethrowers through the boring company how many did you make twenty thousand and they’re all gone here’s another example where joe laughs at what dan balzerian is saying even though dan isn’t trying to make a joke and i was single and i was just like you know what [ __ ] i’m just kind of kind of like do bucket list [ __ ] like whatever like whatever i wanted to do when i was a kid i’m just gonna [ __ ] do it he’s able to find humor in the absurd and in both cases you see the other person light up a bit as they get a laugh from joe for another example watch david blaine’s big smile after he accidentally makes joe laugh choked out as euphoric right yeah exactly except this one’s even better and then you have all these dreams no no it makes it sound exciting the goal here is not to fake laugh what you want to do is allow yourself to laugh every time you find something funny laughing is a habit that gets easier the more you do it so if you struggle to laugh when you’re out with friends or in conversation with strangers a good habit is to watch something you know will make you laugh right before going out this will help you be in a better state to laugh in conversation the second habit joe has when listening is mirroring there’s several ways to mirror but joe’s is most similar to ex-fbi negotiator chris vos’s method the mirroring that i teach is much more simplistic and interestingly enough has a great impact on how the other person interacts with you and it’s just repeating the last one to three words that they’ve said word for word one to three words or it’s repeating a selected one to three words here’s a quick example where he mirrors to make you feel heard it’s not like i wanna like take over the world i just wanna like make a good living doing what i love that’s all i want you know and it’s it’s [ __ ] hard i know it’s hard here’s a different example this time he mirrors to build rapport with jordan peterson before taking control of the conversation or king what’s it what do you call him prime minister trudeau that fella the caster lover the castro lover i was just gonna say that this [ __ ] guy don’t do this after every sentence but if you find you want to make someone feel heard or you want to interrupt without making the person feel ignored mirror their last three words also it’s worth noting while joe does mirror people’s words he is not a chameleon he stays true to himself and his style for instance jordan peterson is a polite guy who wears a suit and chooses his words carefully but you just saw joe chatting with him in a hoodie dropping f-bombs in the first minute so you want to mirror someone’s last few words as a quick hack to build a bit of rapport but you don’t want to copy everything about someone stay true to yourself and have confidence in who you are if that’s something you’d like more help with i think the fastest way to build true social confidence in yourself in a meaningful way is with our program charisma university it’s a step-by-step guided program guaranteed to give you more charisma and confidence in 30 days now you can read all about the details in the link below but i figured the strongest way to let you know what it’s all about is just to let the members speak for themselves so here are just a few of the things that cu members have written in the first is from a guy who was interviewing for new jobs he says i interviewed at dozens of places for jobs after medical school at the end of one of my interview days the doctor pulled me aside and said that hands down i had the best interview out of everybody and that they would love to have me at their program they rank me number one and it’s my current job another person wrote in about their social life saying it has truly been incredible i’ve instantly had results that seem insane so many more meaningful connections my friendships have improved and my interactions with total strangers are a new exciting fulfilling thing i want to recommend this to everyone this should be in our basic education system and this last one is from someone who says it’s been life-changing your course has been life-changing to the point where i wake up in the mornings feeling like i’ve transferred to a new person’s body the person i kept dreaming about becoming before i found charisma on command it is incredible i found myself and i found what makes me happy you’ll see more success stories like these in the comments if you decide to join the course if you do join it comes with a day money back guarantee which is 100 for any reason at all i make it 60 days even though the course is only 30 days because i want to make sure that every single member truly feels like they’re getting a ton of value from the course so if you want to check the course out go ahead and click the link on screen now or below in the description we’ve had thousands of members go through this course and get a ton out of it and i’d love for you to do the same either way i hope you enjoyed this video and i look forward to seeing you in the next one you



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  1. Me watching this while riding wild thing/first roller coaster I’ve ever went on in my life and shaking myself thinking I dislocated my organs and explaining to someone who’s riding with me in line how fricken scary it is

    How the flip is YouTube this accurate on my life 😭

  2. So the list is
    1. Compliment with positive vibe. eg. on work, energy, platonic physical genuine compliment(beard, etc)
    now to not to be overly complimenting
    2. Transition between topics using “reminds me of” thinking. than to give any experience or any reminders to another stuff, than to other reminders in recurring. if you said "no", say why of no and get things to new topics.
    3. Ping for topics of mutual interest. Immediate connections. deeper connections
    4. Make people exited for stuffs ;-
    a. where do live? why ?OR what you work ? why? deeper understandings.
    not any interesting in conversations
    b. Fun to answer questions = you had magic wand? you are king of the world? to the answers that are "no"
    5. a. Laughs easily on other persons stuff… b. mirroring words = make them heard by last 3 words, and for rapport to take control of conversation. BUT dont be a copycat. Be Authentic true to yourself.

  3. 1. Compliment lighlty
    2. transition "This reminds me…"
    3. topics of mutual interest
    4. ask "why" questions.
    5. laugh
    6. Mirror – occasionally say some words the other person said.

  4. 4 reasons why I'm so awkward:
    1) I don't want to make small talk. I loathe it, it's usually inauthentic, I can't feign interest, and people think I don't like their presence.
    2) Not everyone has depth… some people almost exclusively just small talk or gossip. (Party people who just talk about other people or watch reality tv.)
    3) I'm more interested in ideas / things / concepts, not in people.
    4) My parents punished me as a child by social deprivation (no playing with your friends! no going to that birthday! dating was illegal.), so I'm under socialized.
    5) No one want's to talk about dinosaurs.
    6) Sorry I know I said 4 points.

  5. So basically, know a bunch about random interesting trivia, be able to pull it up on the spot without stumbling, and be an interesting person, the kind that wouldn't need this vid and instead get people to watch THEIR vid. I don't know anything about wrestlers or that some cars fake their engine noise.
    Also, be talking to other interesting people interested in keeping a convo going. In a setting like a podcast that warrants asking bizarre and philosophical questions. So many times lately I've asked and listened about peoples' days and their problems, asked follow-up questions and really listened, but they never turn the conversation back to me, never ask how im doing or whatever, like they used to

  6. You would have better luck advertising on Reddit, if you have enough karma lol such a lame site. You would probably make a killing. Also, when you say you made it a 60 day program because it feels like more value than a 30 day program, makes me further not want anything to do with this channel

  7. These are all great tools but I think people would miss the point if they just focus on these individually. The underlying theme is empathy, practice that and the rest will come. For example the why? (You are genuinely interested in them), the laugh (you genuinely connect with them), the mirroring (you agree with them), the complements and so on. It’s all about them and less about you, making them feel comfortable, listened to and connected and then the rest will come. As someone that once believed was an introvert and socially anxious to someone that feels can connect with people my progress was to focus too much on myself. To get better at socialising what I did was outside the social setting I improved and focus on myself to feel more comfortable and secure, then to treat social interactions as a skill and not a quality some people have and some don’t, and then draw my attention to the other person speaking instead of myself when engaging in social interactions. Lastly being awkward is normal and happens to everyone if you just pay attention so don’t over think it and don’t be too harsh on yourself. A conversation is between two people if it doesn’t work it might not be you (this is not to draw blame but to ease off pressure on yourself)

  8. "… and I look forward to seeing you in the next [video]."
    I don't think you mean what you said, at least not the way you said it.
    Me? You really want to see me in the next video?