BIGGEST Life Mistakes That Are Costing You Time — Jordan Peterson (Motivational Video)

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every time you try to learn something you’re going to make a mistake when you make a mistake you don’t get to beat yourself to death with a club it’s a bad strategy you know no one’s perfect so people make their mistakes as they stumble uphill it’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are and certainly many young men are in that category what do you do with messages of error and that’s a tricky issue okay so here’s a solution to that here’s what not to do I am a bad person I might as well just go jump off the bridge it’s like no that’s not good every time you try to learn something you’re going to make a mistake because what do you know so you’re going to make mistakes and if the rule is every time you make a mistake you’re gonna go jump off the bridge then that’s not a useful problem-solving strategy I don’t care what you’re gonna do but go out there and make something of yourself for God’s sake be an honest person and work and get to the top of whatever it is that you want to get to the top of you know and and and and stand up for yourself like a respectable human being and be a bit of a light on the world instead of a blight you know and you can tell young people that and they haven’t been told that by anyone now the tragic sense of being is there with people all the time and and it’s also the case that my in my experience like I rarely meet someone who says hey you know I’m doing everything I possibly can I’m a hell of a guy and I can’t see how I could possibly improve you know but most people don’t feel that way they feel like they could do a hell of a lot better than they are and they’re quite acutely aware of their faults and they don’t feel that they’re what they should be when people become self-conscious if at least that’s how it looks to me they get thrown out of paradise and then they’re in history and history is a place where there’s pain in childbirth and where you’re dominated by your mate and where you have to toil like mad like no other animal because you’re aware of the future you have to work and sacrifice the joys of the present for the future constantly and you know you’re going to die and you have all that weight on you and to me again that’s just how can anything be more true than that that’s just as far as I can tell that’s just how it is for unless you’re naive Beyond Comprehension there’s something about your life that that that is echoed in in that representation and people make mistakes that they know they shouldn’t make and make anyways they sin right and that’s to miss the mark right because that’s an archery term to sin and that means maybe they don’t even specify the damn Target which is really you’re not going to hit it unless you specified or having specified it they just say oh to hell with it it’s not that important it’s like you got to be careful when you say something like to hell with it it’s not that important because one of the things that might happen to you if you say to hell with it it’s not that important is that you might actually end up in hell for a pretty prolonged period of time or maybe for the REM remainder of your miserable existence because it’s certainly the case that people do exist there and I’ve seen them exist there and once you’re there it’s no simple matter to get the hell out and so it might matter that the things that matter get addressed perhaps there’s another way that you could look at the world in a number another way that you could act in the world so what it would reflect back to you would be much better than what it reflects back to you now if people got their act together and really aimed at it because you know my my experience is with people that we’re probably running at about 51 percent of our capacity and so if your life isn’t everything it could be you could ask yourself well what would happen if you just stopped wasting the opportunities that are in front of you you be who knows how much more efficient 10 times more efficient 20 times more efficient that’s the Pareto distribution you have no idea how efficient efficient people get it’s completely it’s off the charts well and if we all got our act together collectively and stop making things worse because that’s another thing people do all the time not only do they not do what they should to make things better they actively attempt to make things worse because they’re spiteful or resentful or arrogant or deceitful or or homicidal or genocidal or all of those things all bundled together in an absolutely pathological package if people stopped really really trying just to make things worse we have no idea how much better they would get just because of that no one can tell you how it will work for you it’s the thing that your destiny is to discover that and you have to make you have to make the decisions to begin with It’s like because you can’t do this without commitment you have to commit to it first that’s the act of faith that that Kierkegaard was so insistent upon you have to say I’m going to act as if being is good I’m going to act as if truth is the pathway to Enlightenment I’m going to act as if I should pursue the deepest meaning possible in my life no matter what you do you’re all in so I think you might as well play the most magnificent game you can while you’re waiting because do you have anything better to do really Why not pick the best thing possible that you could do why not do that the answer is right in front of you and if you can’t see it it’s not because life has no meaning it’s because you’re blind you’re blind to your own weaknesses but you’re also blind to your own strengths and so then I think well if you’ve got your act together it’d be better for you and instantly it would be better for your family assuming they wanted you to get your act together and not everyone does but if you stopped wasting time and if you stop lying and if you oriented yourself to to the highest possible good that you could conceive of and you committed to that how much good could you do well I would say why don’t you find out so that’s what I think you should do you should find out there’s nothing in it but good it’s really something to see constantly how many people are dying for a lack of an encouraging word and how easy it is to provide that if you’re careful you know give credit where credit is due and to say you’re a net force for good if you want to be this is something I learned from studying the behaviorists is like watch the people around you like a hawk whenever they do something that you think is good you tell them that’s wisdom man you’ll get so far with that you cannot bloody well believe it because most people you know they’re afraid any number of things but one of the things they’re really afraid of is that now and then they’ll creep out of their cynical shell and try to do something good you know it’s like they’re it’s like they’re popping out this thing that’s unbelievably vulnerable try to do something good and creep right back into their Persona and they’ll look around see if anyone noticed and sometimes they’ll get punished for it and then well then they won’t do it again so don’t do that but then now and then you think hey I saw you do this it was actually that was actually pretty good wow someone noticed it looks like wow and then they’ll think yeah I could maybe I could do that again



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  1. Bruh this shit is like a priest attempting to exorcise my demons (fruitless/diminishing beliefs-thoughts-feelings-desires-actions)…

    This feels like its going to be a very difficult journey