Charisma Coach Reacts To Ridiculous Pick Up Lines

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all right welcome we are ready to do another react to some pick-up lines we did this last time they were the cringe East now I have a file that says best worst craziest so I don’t know what’s in there but here we go are you Peter Pikachu cuz you are shockingly beautiful the end that was so good because you are shockingly beautiful that was so good I do you think that one’s good yeah that is good especially if you’re going to some sort of a video game thing cuz she was dress up in cosplay I think that’s excellent just don’t bail on the final two Oh was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world can I get your number that’s also just a load of uncomfortableness that that person does not text back the direct and number thing is so weird to me was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world can I get your number oh heck yeah are you going first cuz he’s got nothing else to say other than that one so this is actually a teachable moment the number is just a symptom of a good conversation instead of like something you’re hunting down for sure no that’s a good that’s a good piece of advice which is don’t ask for someone’s number ask if they would like to do something with you right would you like to get coffee would you like to go dancing sometime later do XYZ awesome if they say yes great give me your number I’ll let you know when’s a good time and the number becomes not the main goal but just the facilitating thing to seeing someone again so teachable moments yeah do you know where it it’s like always on the same color of the clothes but like what’s your number I just always thought you’re like hotter than the balloons itself so I just decided that I should probably get your digits what’s your name I’m Cody nice to meet you yeah yeah well number only takes like a couple of every now and then so Haley yep what’s your number seven one for you okay well I’ll just see on the everything so I give him credit for sticking with the bit that’s well that’s well done that person is not gonna text back but that’s the last you’ll ever see of Haley but still excellently executed pigtail yeah are those pigtails there is space fun okay whatever I’m Jack what’s going on yeah it’s a little bit tight can’t afford a Mac hoodie so okay whatever I’m Jack what’s going on yeah it’s a little bit tight can’t afford a mattress great you shine brighter than any diamond I’ve ever seen thank you yeah let’s start a relationship what’s your name nice to meet you my name is Cody thank you I am I’m just stuck in awe right now it’s taking everything in me not to just hold you and hug you right now I know so weird I think you’re feeling the same way but I don’t know me that’s why and he’s not rushed I think a lot of these have been really rushed and he’s a bit more comfortable with the space I actually don’t know oh but I mean I want to yeah what’s your name saying I feel like a lot of people’s nervousness is betrayed in their eyes you know that they got the darting eyes when they’re speaking to someone that they never spoken to before and when you can have sunglasses and it’s just nobody can detect that and they can see that rock-solid cool guy look it helps he’s well dressed what do you think of my attire it’s pretty good cool shirt yeah I look like a or what yeah sure I would be honest I don’t have a pick-up line so well yeah I could take my number that way too but I mean we’ll fall in love one day all right I’ll grab a quick and Ray he’s trying to go on a date with this girl but this is a symptom of thinking that the number is the entire point of the interaction which is she’s like I’m gonna leave he’s like no no I definitely let’s get number she’s like I’ll give you my number never speak to you at all and so if you do find yourself in this kind of a circumstance where you have had the guts to go up and speak to someone and you’re talking what are you up to today the very basics of like what brings them to whatever place that they are currently at you know and and as lame as it sounds what year are you is totally fine in college like just getting to know you logistical questions then what do you like to do and you can fight there’s something that you know you like I used to ask people if they like salsa dancing almost every time the answer to salsa dancing was I’ve never done it but I really want to great they have a lesson this Monday night at 7 p.m. over here if you’re interested I sometimes go and I would love to go with you okay great take my number lot easier that way tell you I wouldn’t go lesbian for you she’s dust oh yeah hell yeah I’m Laura by the way [Laughter] abracadaniel I know right I’m Laura Laura yes can I take you out sometime yeah you can’t a lot of these and again I don’t think this is the point of why these people are uploaded to YouTube but these are people that will not text you back will not see you again so I think that if you’re watching it – laughs excellent if you’re watching it to learn what is likely to have you bump into someone that you think is attractive speak to them go on a date with them maybe start dating them this there’s something missing here and the biggest the biggest thing is Matt kudos for the courage to go speak to someone in any sort of a circumstance but don’t brush for the numbers speak to someone find out what they like see if there’s an event that you guys can go to together and then once you’re out of that weird first interaction and get to know each other and a little bit less of a pressure cooker environment but yeah not every phone number given means that they liked you sometimes it’s just a way to get out of an uncomfortable situation Oh most of the time I would say at least from watching my census most of these are are yeah I don’t have to answer you all so I think that there’s something to say is that we’ve been talking about the close circle of the college campus which is if you’re in any sort of scenario that is close circle people are going to be friendlier and that close circle can be a party that is hosted by a mutual friend it can be a college campus as opposed to an open I guess it’s not an open circle which is a city or a nightclub or something like live in a city you can do that a hundred times in a college campus if you do that ten times you like a reputation for being a creep yeah one little announcement that we have here we are actually looking for someone to work with me in writing not these kind of videos but the breakdowns that probably brought you to our channel in the first place so if you’re interested this is an opportunity to work directly with me this is going to be a full-time position so if you do wind up getting the job the salaries gonna be way better than a lot of other people who are working online for places like BuzzFeed and that sort of stuff though we would begin on a per script basis just to make sure that know what you’re doing so if you’re interested you want to work with me you want to write for potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to see your stuff and if you have a really good grasp of social skills charisma all that kind of stuff go ahead click the link in the description you can find out more about how to apply to write for us that is going to be it for today hope that you guys enjoy this video I’ll see you the next one [Music] [Music]



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  1. The best thing I picked up from this video ,his beautiful smile ( I just love when he laughs ) .I got distracted from the point ' cause I was watching him laughing again n again .

  2. I HATE lines. If somebody wants to be real with me, that's ok, but lines are kind of fake to me. When a person uses a line on me, I want to get away from them as soon as possible

  3. Ohhh man I really hate those space buns but girls thinks it's cute lmao if you're girl and u do your hair with space buns on first date that immediately kills you're attractiveness ,seriously don't do that .

  4. I did get a number and nearly a date at the beach. I threw a football up to myself and landed on the ground catching it near a group of girls. Asked if they were locals and they said they were visiting. After getting one number they texted me asking if I could show them the local clubs. I was only 17 at the time so I responded "sorry I can't, I have a Yugioh tournament tonight" then they never got back to me.

    It was fantastic. I came second last in the tournament.

  5. Don't use pick up lines. They are cringeworthy and are not useful to create a connection or some attraction. If you are looking for some advice in approaching someone, I would like to say these:

    1) It's really important to have some female friends. You should learn to interact and understand women as people, so you can better interact with them when you like them. You should try to enjoy the actual interaction with a person and not to interact with them just to get something out.

    2) I would like to emphasise that women often find this kind of interaction really uncomfortable, so you should really try to be understanding and back off at the first sign of rejection. For you the most worrying thought is to be rejected, for them is to be murdered.

    3) when you approach a random person, you should aknowledge that you are only interested in them because of what they look like. Expect the same thing and respect it. If you are not comfortable with being judged like that, remember that they are not too.

    Obviously these advices are also valid for women.

    Don't be that nice guy. Don't use pick up lines. You are talking to a person, remember how must feel for them to be approached by a random person

  6. interestig how Charlie comments these situations from the perspective of a man. The majority of the moments he said "charisma approved" I felt sorry for the women on screen. Having a guy give you these horrendous pick-up-lines and not hesitating 2 seconds before asking repeatedly for the number is seriously annoying.
    I bet at least a third of the numbers given where wrong ones.
    lovely the guy with the weird shirt and the "I don't have a pick up line" + "take my number!" and she goes "I'm actually late for class…"