Conor McGregor’s Speech Leaves the Crowd SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

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my family name my bread on the battlefield swinging pickaxes on the back of a horse you know what I mean that’s where the McGregor name comes from we come from the Scottish Highlands well Warriors it’s all I know it’s all we know so I’m gonna be doing it for a long long time yet people walk away from the sport it’s not like your physical body lets you down it’s just a mental fatigue of it all you know what I mean Tyson said a quote that uh I was interested in he said what customado say to you now now that you’re coming back he said what took you so long and I agree with that you know what I mean I’m gonna keep going and that’s it you’ll never get rid of me this game this game is a Mayan this City Las Vegas is a mine this world is a mine so I’m just focusing on my own game focusing on my own self I’ve come through a lot you know what I mean it’s been a tough couple of months it’s just a very into the mental block of of the break happening but I feel like you know I feel great to be honest I feel very confident I feel eager to get back and I’ve got truer I’m proud of myself to get through it I look forward to you know inspiring the many people all across the world that face you know tough times in their life tough injuries and you know I hope my story and my journey can motivate them also and that’s that’s a goal of mine too I love the trail of it I love it all I love the fight I love the business about it I love everything about it people ask me that all the time why am I here I’m you know am I too accomplished every year you know but it’s what I love to do it’s all I do you know I’m at a hungry lion I once was you know maybe not it’s certainly different but I’m I’m I’m now the Fat Cat you know what I mean I’m the Fat Cat pulling all the strings around here and that’s an even more dangerous individual so you know and I’m also you know couldn’t wait till I am hungry so you got to get in there and improve all all the people uh you know all my Delta’s wrong and all my support is correct you know I do a lot of this for fans I have to I love to get in and get in and show my appreciation for the fans every time I sit in in an interview it’s oh why are you here you have too much money you’re too successful you’re doing it all blah blah blah you know when the last fight I kind of bought into that you know I was in the press conference and a guy was reading out quote of mine from many years ago where I was like talking about I can’t wait I’m gonna I’m gonna put my mother in a mansion I’m gonna you know my girlfriend’s gonna have a car for it every day of the week and you know I was feeding into that wow I did all this I’m where I am I’m grateful I’m proud of where I am and what I’ve achieved but there’s a lot more left in me I’m still very young I’m very fresh in the game and I’m a dangerous man only 22 years of age fresh fresh is anything I’m ready to go so I’m gonna prove how dangerous I am because trust me in the mindset I’m in I’m really really dangerous Society tells you growing up you should you should fantasize about kicking a ball and dream about that but it didn’t really interest me I tried to maybe pretend that I was interested in it but really kicking the ball straight into a net is pretty cool but what happens if someone runs up behind me and hits me two shots into the Melt then I did so cool so that was in my head as a young kid I had a self-defense mind I was aware where I come from and where I grew up you had to be aware you had to be able to defend yourself so that’s that’s how I got into it Irish Motors will support you no matter what you do my father always jokes that I could be doing anything and my mother would still be my biggest fan so my father was unaware of what the game was what the sport was before me there was no Irish man that had succeeded in the UFC there was no one I could not look to my mother and father and say look at this Irish man look at his successful fighting career because there was no one before me so I was the first one I had to convince them what I was going to do but as far as my father was father was concerned it was I was just fighting in a cage and with no career path or no nothing ahead of me so it was more Woody but I convinced them and now here we are there are many many young kids who are seeing the pot now there are many many parents of young kids who are seeing my path and encouraging their kids into a game of martial arts and whether the kid you put your child into martial arts or whatever it allows them to go and Conquer whatever they want to whether they want to conquer the fight game they can whether they want to go and conquer the business game or whatever route they decide to take training from martial arts will help help them so I am happy that I have put martial arts in the spotlight in my country and showing it for what it is true dedication and beautiful uh discipline it’s just about not translating it into the game you can’t be nice in this business that’s for sure no matter what you know what I mean you’ve got to be rudeless in it I’ve got to stay ruthless that’s that’s what I’ve been saying you know in the most ruthless business of all I am the most ruthless and that’s that’s what it is and that’s where where I am yeah I’m on a nice little path right now with it’s more it’s not so much to the opponents there is a bit of that with the opponents of course it’s more the behind the scenes the business aspects and things like that you know that’s kind of what’s halted it a little bit but like I said I’m on a great path now we’ve got this Trilogy we’ve got big things planned for after and I’m excited about it it’s hard to juggle it’s hard to go face to face I want to tear through a man and then hold your your son or your daughter and give them a bottle you know and feed them and this type of thing so I’ve stayed away from that for for this one and I’ve actually I feel I feel great I’ve not I’ve not switched roles almost I’ve stayed in the in in that mode that I need to be in even if I would say like rest days you know like on a rest day when I would have rest day around my family it’s not really a rest day I’m playing with the kids I’m busy it’s my rest days have been true rest days so then when I go again for my next round of work I’m energized I’m refreshed and it’s you know shown in the in the practice room it’s not even enduring I’m just I’m embracing it my frame is is light I’m a true lightweight frame now I’m Zippy I’m fast I’m powerful I have not only maintained strength I’ve actually gone open in strength and power the weight is on point as it’s ever been and I’m very excited you know moons are fully committed things are easy it’s that simple hard things become easy when you commit yourself fully and that’s what I’ve done so I’m very excited to get in and showcase myself at 155 pounds fully focused I’ll probably never retire from the game to be honest I’ll always be I’ll always I’ll be competing for a long long time yet it has certainly brought out of frustration you know when you’re trying to get these events going you’re trying to get things moving and it’s just not happening it felt like I was shelved almost you know I felt like if I’d have been ran out a couple more times that year not only with my skill set my sharpness everything be in tune a lot more we’d also be talking the goods of 800 million dollars in revenue for the company and you know it just it was certainly out of frustration but it is what it is the past is the past we’re in a great spot now I feel like I’ve got what I needed to get off my chest and I felt like it’s it’s been reciprocated well and it’s come back you know there’s the other side has come back as well so I’m in a great spot and I’m excited to come back and that’s what that’s what we’re at we’re focusing on the positive side of it and we’re focusing on the future wins and losses and all this it means nothing to me if you’re scheduled to fight a man and you’ve gone through build up and there’s there’s history and all of this fight is a fight and fights must take place every fight is different regardless of anything every fight between every man is different and a fighter to take place they must take place you know I mean you can’t Scurry away and not get the fight scene that you were supposed to fight that’s my opinion of it and you know I don’t care how many wins or how many losses you have I mean it’s nothing to me I thought I fought unbeatened everything in in different sports and all I would fight anyone if you want to fight someone you’re supposed to fight them they should happen so you know especially as I get older in life I am you know I feel it’s our duty as human beings to give back I think we’ve all got to give back in this in this world and as I’m getting older right I have so much admiration for the coaches and the trainers and the teachers because if you think about it they dedicate they are it’s all volunteer work you know they dedicate their time to help train the youth and guide the youth I have so much admiration for that you know growing up I would never really think of like the coaches or anything in that in that way that these people are actually taking time they’ve got their own families they’ve got their own things but here they are dedicating their time to help coach and train the youth and give them an outlet a much needed Outlet especially in this day and age so I want to go back and support that I’m going to support people to support people you know support support these these gyms and these these places and that’s that’s what my aim will be for this part of my life [Music]



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  1. I agree…..and Conor backed it up but please keep that nasty skinny Conor McGregor wannabe James Gallagher in Ireland. He’s has more “watch cocky fighters get badly owned” than highlight vids. That kid needs a ton more learning and he has no respect for the game. His fighting IQ is so low it’s embarrassing.

  2. Yeah for money. Not the craft. Never for the craft., The notorious professional McCheater is back😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡. Test McCheater for drugs and roids, im certain hes Positive. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.since he’s Dana’s boy , I doubt they will require testing of drugs….

  3. Yes u will and ul be returning real soon !!.
    Tht synthol oil ur shooting in ur body ,will eat n destroy ur muscle blood flow + clogg ur heart were u think tht oil ends up
    I give u at best u got ???2 yrs left fighting , u keep shooting tht synthol
    Ur done

  4. I couldn’t walk a few months ago hurt my back in a horrible job had no business being in now I’m stronger than ever I’ve bounced back, back into my martial arts and through the fire I’ve forged into a stronger sword I’ve found a passion for a career that was always there under my nose and you know what sometimes through an injury or struggle in life you have to fight past it to find the right path in life! When things get too easy you get unmotivated, lazy and weak, I’m stronger motivated and ready to embrace life it’s gonna be a beautiful now so anyone out there fighting something fooking defeat the problem and and enjoy the rewards life can bring you only get one shot 🙂 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

  5. Well braincells it was nice knowing you. I’d have less brain damage fighting Mike Tyson than listening to this thing pretend to be intelligent and eloquent… Connor McGregor invented Martial Arts in Ireland… wasn’t known before him.

  6. You’re done already pal.
    Khabib was right, you have to live and train every second of your life not just before your fights. You lost already, yiu keep bragging what you want and love but your actions don’t match anything you say.
    Remember, the worst thing to happen to a warrior is to become civilised. And drink

  7. "People walk away from da sport but its not like ya Physical body lettin you down its just da mental fatigue of it all " – He really proves that in Men not only in sport but in other activities 2 that we Men face everyday. Damn I miss the "Notorious Conor McGregor" 🥲.