Dave Chappelle FINALLY Reveals His Secret To Success [EYE-OPENING]

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planning for your future is a good thing it’s a necessary thing even even though it’s uncertain you have to remember the sun does rise every morning yeah so just keep moving I just hope that all of you guys transcend whatever you see as your obstacles and that you live outstanding lives and that you stay connected to your communities because you have so much power there and that you grow your communities and you diversify your communities and that you don’t let anybody anybody tell you you can’t or to be afraid it’s okay to be afraid because you can’t be brave or courageous without fear the idea of being courageous is that even though you’re scared you just do the right thing anyway my mother and my grandmother were freaked out you know I was the first person in my family not to go to college that had not been a slave right so I was really breaking from tradition and uh it was like a graduation lunch we were having and they had my dad come and talk to me and my dad takes me outside and he’s like listen and this is some advice that applies to all you acting students he says to be an actor is a lonely life everybody wants to make it and you might not make it and I said to my dad well that depends on what making it is there it says what do you mean I said well you’re a teacher I said if I could make a teacher salary doing comedy I think that’s better than being a teacher and he started laughing he said if you keep that attitude I think you should go he said but name your price in the beginning if it ever gets more expensive than the pricey name get out of there the worst thing to call somebody is crazy is dismissive I don’t understand this person so they’re crazy these people are not crazy they’re strong people maybe the environment is a little sick you have no idea what I put this woman through if you were just giving birth to me that would have been more than enough with the fact that she raised me and raised me well he had a real oral tradition in our house I knew the word griot when I was a little boy agrio was a person in Africa who’s charged with keeping the stories of The Village everyone would tell gril the stories and they would remember them all so that they could tell future Generations when they got old they’d tell them to someone else and they say in Africa when agrio dies it’s like a library was burnt down and my mother used to tell me before I ever thought about doing comments she said you should be a Grio and she’s fill me with every story of black life you know she’s educated in African-American studies and she would let me understand the context that I was being raised in that I’m being raised in a hostile environment that I have to tame by the time I was 14 years old I was in nightclubs mastering in adult worlds terrifying crack epidemic was going on and my mother would hear gunshots outside and be scared of death maybe it’s my son but early in my career if you remember Mom you used to sit in a club with me she’d do a full day of work you’d be back there falling asleep just waiting for me to go on she would watch my show every night do you know how long that car ride is home how many of you have ever heard your mother say jokes for a little too much tonight son that was a soft tent I was sensitive I cried easy and I would be scared to fist fight and my mother used to tell me this thing I don’t even know if you remember but you said this to me more than once you said Son sometimes you have to be a lion so you can be the lamb you really are I talked this like a lion I’m not afraid of any of you when it comes word to word I will gab with the best of them just so I can chill and be me and that’s why I love my art form because I understand every practitioner of it whether I agree with them or not I know where they’re coming from they want to be heard they got something to say there’s something they notice they just want to be understood love this genre it saved my life it’s okay to be afraid because you can’t be brave or courageous without fear the idea of being courageous is that even though you’re scared you just do the right thing anyway you know it was funny I was talking to a guy he basically said to me that comedy is a Reconciliation of paradox and I think that that was a irreconcilable moment for me that I was in this very successful place but the emotional content of it didn’t feel anything like what I imagined success should feel like just didn’t feel right Fame is a horrifying concept when it’s aimed at you you know at the end of the day you don’t have that much control of it you just try to conduct yourself as best you can this guy named JT news he said you know folks everybody starts somewhere tonight this young man is still stand up comedy for the first time he goes and who knows we may be witnessing the birth of a star please welcome Dave Chappell that was it I’ve been pretty good ice cream and it’s like that’s all for you kid that’s all for you but they were treated like you know like I was in the Make-A-Wish Foundation or something they just wanted to give me a little boost but it was encouraging man and and it felt so good you know you’ll go through a million bad nights comedy’s weird the line moves it changes but I think a lot of especially in comedy a lot of it has to do with intent to make people laugh to reconcile Paradox I’m like just openly sometimes I’m just openly been I think that when you get to a certain altitude there’s more scrutiny over the things you say because the platform is so powerful I go to a comedy club and check it out Live Comedy is the most incredible thing in the world to me like the first time you see a dude just standing there talking every joke he’s saying just hitting is working every weekend I would go I get a little money and to the point they started knowing me I just sit in the crown I just be watching and then on Tuesdays they had an open mic and I go on Tuesday to see why people won’t work weekends were to see why people were working Tuesday I was figuring out what’s wrong with these people to watch a comedian bomb is is one of the greatest things in the world I love it and then at that point I was talking to a comedian after one of the shows and uh and the owner of the comedy club and they were both saying you know if you want to be a good comedian you gotta take acting classes and they didn’t explain it but after that I went home and I said Mom I gotta take acting place I had never bombed let alone got good off stage and bombing was horrifying nobody wants to bomb people say you do comedy what happens if nobody laughs I don’t know so that night was liberating because I failed so far beyond my wildest nightmares of failing that it was like hey they’re all going my friends are here watching my mom this is not that bad and after that I was Fearless I just like having fun when I’m on stage I get real happy up there like maybe that’s the only time in my adult life that I feel like myself is standing up there you know I mean like a gladiator and the mics is on him and you look down and it’s just all these Smiles around you and they get dressed they put perfume on and stuff and they’re going to see your show that feels good man these people you know they love you even if it’s for a minute they really do they they love you man you know it’s not good I love fast yeah it’s the best feeling man I love standing you got to make life interesting like that because flimsy life is flimsy you think you’re gonna live with it but not gonna live forever it’s dangerous out here we know what’s going on



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  1. Thank you so much for everything you do helping us to improve our lives in so many ways, I listened this a few times, I felt so good listen to you all the time! You are one of my inspiration!!!

  2. Hard work truly pays off! No matter the obstacles and challenges, putting in the effort and dedication to achieve your goals is what sets apart the successful from the average. Keep pushing and never give up, the results will be worth it in the end.