DEDICATION — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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you have to sacrifice them to get some we want a new car we want a house we want an apartment they want everything but they don’t really want to put in the work and I got to where I got to by putting in the work I’m sacrificing a lot of things and I knew that eventually that my hard work and dedication will pay off and I will be at the Pinnacle and no one would stop me from getting no one would stop me from getting to where I was trying to get to no one could stop me I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented where I excel is ridiculous sickening work ethic you know while the other guy’s sleeping I’m working while other guys eating I’m working greatness is not this wonderful esoteric elusive god-like feature that only the special Among Us will ever taste you know it’s something that truly exists in all of us it’s very simple this is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it period it’s that simple the separation of talent and skill is one of the the the the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel who have dreams that want to do things talent you have naturally skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft I realized that when you to to have the level of success that I want to have is difficult to spread it out and do multiple things it takes such a desperate obsessive Focus you really gotta focus with all of your fiber and all of your heart and all your creativity let me explain something to you when you go out and try to do anything outside the norm and I’m talking anything outside the norm you are going to be faced with negativity you’re going to have people misunderstand you and because they misunderstand you and because you are doing something that they don’t do whether they agree with what you do or not is irrelevant they’re just not familiar with it okay what do people do when they don’t understand things they usually attack them they usually put negativity towards it they usually project their own insecurities and their own reservations about what it is they are incapable of doing and they put them on you and so when you start out in business or you start out on a weight loss Journey or you start out to be a better person you are going to face negativity and I don’t give what any of these frou-frou fluffy Guru Partners out there tell you okay everybody likes to Pretend This is an ideal place they like to think that everything’s really going to be nice and it’s going to be easy and it’s going to be this and I just had a really hard time telling you guys because it’s not true if you can become someone that can transfer negativity into productive action you are literally Unstoppable by outside circumstances and outside elements the only person that can stop you when you’re able to do this is you and the way you stop you is you can burn yourself down right you can get too negative you can get too hot you can get too frustrated so it’s something that you need to learn how to Pivot on but also control in a productive way everybody has dreams and and and as much as you you want to be able to listen a little bit because somebody’s gonna give you a gem but you nobody knows but you you can’t get advice on what you should do with your life right nobody knows what you are like even even sometimes you don’t really even know what you what you are you got to take your shot and it’s like as much as you want people to agree and you want the people around you to be supporting your dreams and all it’s not going to be like that all the time you got to do it alone and people will help you and when you when you get the ball rolling people will jump on but if you don’t believe nobody else is going to believe people come along because your belief is so insane following your dreams is a lonely solitary scary dangerous Pursuit you can’t wait for somebody to think you can do it and it’s like they they because they don’t think you can do nothing they can’t do exactly you know what I mean it’s like it it’s a lonely scary dangerous Pursuit and you got to be willing to risk everything to become that seed of what you believe it’s in there you gotta be Fearless you got to be relentless life and the way it works and no matter what you want to do when I say this you can get mad about it you can argue with it you can say it’s not true it doesn’t matter it’s no different than gravity you go take a step off the building you could say gravity’s all you want but you’re gonna crack skull on the ground and if you think that life doesn’t work in a very simple equation which is what you put in you will get out you are gonna [ __ ] lose you know why the results are never there because you can think about it you can wish for it you can hope for it you can think all about it all as long as you want but unless you get out every single [ __ ] day and put in the work inch by inch you will never get there I’m not the smartest guy in the [ __ ] Earth not even close but I figured out one thing that when you follow the plan as it’s supposed to and you work to build the skills that it takes to actually adhere to the plan meaning your disciplined your fortitude your ability to endure okay your grit your determination your self-esteem your self-worth your confidence that you can achieve what it is you want to achieve these are all [ __ ] skill sets when you learn to develop these skills even if you don’t have the talent I don’t have any Talent you guys all think I have talent because I’ve been doing for a long time I do not have any Talent I grew up just like you but what I learned was when I developed these skills and when I invest in these skills and I continuously sharpen these skills the ones I’m talking about I can achieve great things and if I could achieve great things and I’m a regular dude who grew up on a [ __ ] Gravel Road who is a fat little kid that everybody made fun of I’m pretty sure you can too that which you do not hate you will eventually tolerate and I think that identifies most people’s lives in other words they average becomes sort of like this slow asphyxiation it’s almost like an anesthetic and that over time we become kind of immune and dulled to the average that we’re becoming you’re going to get out of your life what you’ll accept that’s really difficult for people I think to understand is look what you think you’re worth and what you’re going to tolerate is absolutely what you’re going to bring into your life and what the outward part of your life is going to look like and so I live by that like I let myself sort of feel the pain and the difficulty of of being not where I want to be and whatever that area is whether it’s my spirituality my relationships my money I let myself feel that pain because as you know there’s two motivators right there’s the gaining of pleasure right wanting to go get something chasing the dream but then there’s the avoidance of pain and for a lot of Champions that’s a pretty big driving force for them and so at least for me I I leverage both of those things on me to get myself to take action so that’s what that means to me



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  1. So is that your religion? It is nothing else, but shouting out words one after the another, nothing more! There are no equal chances, and anyone who says otherwise is lying! Totally unnecessary this long rambling cry out, because it is not true! There is no meaning at all.

    The will is not enough, this is a fairy tale, you need the relationship, the location, because this is what they show us in every movie! Nothing will be true if I believe it strongly enough, and nothing will be false if I strongly deny it. The human family is indeed a family, and there is no one without a family!

    It's a nice thought to desire something and do something for it, but if I don't get the right situation, then there's no chance.

    I've been an athlete all my life, I know what I'm talking about! There are things I can do myself, but there are things I can't do anymore, but both are needed together for the result.

    Forced, fake, unrealistic. Whatever you want, you have to consider your limitations, and that's not what the video talks about! But it matters too!

    In terms of evaluating human performance, only that matters, what makes the world a better place! Any other acts are only a selfish glory.

    Motivation is also interesting, because it doesn't matter at all what the basis of the desire is! What do I want? Why do I want this? What do I achieve with it? Do I even need this?

    A mortal human being's thoughts and actions are fundamentally influenced by what he believes about the origin, value – and meaning of life! We must live knowing what really matters!

    The fallen angel of the Creator similarly longed for his own glory, and what became of it? Cursed!