DON’T LOSE FOCUS — Best Motivational Speech

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you paid attention to every freaking detail when people say don’t sweat the small stuff sweat everything every little detail matters everything you ever thought you would not make it through you got past it now if you’re currently going through something right now guess what you’re gonna get past that too it always works that way you always do manage time manage Focus so what happens is when you try to when you try to manage time the clock is always against you you’re trying to finish off something and time goes by so quickly when you’re in that moment when you’re so focused when you’re so focused you don’t know if you’ve been added for it 30 minutes or you’ve been at it for an hour will you just go time creates distractions literally time if you’re like managing time you get all these distractions that are going there what does Focus do it blocks them out so don’t worry about managing time manage your focus be in that moment when you’re in that moment and then you’ll get so much more done during that time you know time tells you to stop Focus tells you keep going when you focus what do you do you just keep going you just keep going you just keep going you have to make sure that your dreams your aspirations and goals are so big that not accomplishing them is not an option it’s just not an obstacle through all the things I’ve gone through in my life I’ve had a lot of a lot of downs how did I keep the faith it was a couple of reasons I know from living that if you quit whatever you’re trying to accomplish can never happen there’s not even a remote possibility if you quit there is no chance of it popping back up again coming back later quitting is guaranteed failure now when you’re trying you’re going to fail that was the number one thing I understood and then number two you have to watch something so big that it wakes you up in the middle of the night you have to want something so big that you think about it all the time you have to want something so big that it drives you to wake up when you don’t want to it keeps you up at night when you long been sleepy it makes you show up do things you wouldn’t normally do it requires extra if you want to be extraordinary and not ordinary if you want to be ordinary live your life but if you want to be extraordinary you have to be extra if you put extra on top of ordinary that word is extraordinary it requires an extra effort I think it’s smart to focus on one thing primarily because I’m too many can be overwhelming other people it’s good to focus on multiple things it depends on your personality so I wouldn’t presuppose but then the answer would be whichever thing your most desirest of changing what everything is giving you the most pain if you change the body you’ll change the emotions you could change the emotions you’ll change your decisions you’ll change the quality of your life because the quality of life is your emotions is that what you get and you have a billion dollars and commit suicide people have done it right you can have beautiful relationships and commit suicide you can have people loving you and be sad all the time our pattern of emotion is our home and you have to upgrade your home you have to train it and one way to train it is the emotion comes the way you move the way you breathe the way you speak you have to understand why you’re going through the period that’s causing you to make you want to give up see the devil the devil has one mission One mission only is to rob you of your destiny that’s the devil’s only job if he can get you to give up you have been robbed of your destiny if he can get you to become a criminal he robs you of your destiny if he gets you to never follow your dream Chase your dream he robs you of your destiny if he causes you to think that this is all my life is he has caused you to rob you of your destiny when you have thoughts that are negative that’s not God that’s Satan he’s doing everything he can to keep you from being who God made you to be you got to get focused man you got to understand that this hard time that you’re going through everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you what you ask God for you cannot name one single thing that God has not brought you through if he hasn’t brought you through it he’s currently pulling you through it right now imagination is everything it’s a preview to Life’s Coming Attraction everything you’ve ever imagined is real see I tell young people like this first of all this is how your imagination works you got to grab this concept it is impossible for you to think an impossible thought that is impossible you can’t think something that ain’t possible you ain’t that smart so if it’s in your head you gotta ask yourself how did it get there that’s God showing you a preview of a Coming Attraction he has for you what happens is through your childhood and he may be on even later in life something happens to you there’s there’s some kind of decision you have to make there’s some kind of obstacle that came in your way something that you have to deal with and how you dealt with that situation pretty much determines how everything else is going to go did somebody handle that for you or did you own up to it and say I’m going to take I’m going to take care of this I know those individuals if you look at all their stories every individual that spent successful you know Bill Gates Jeff Bezos if you look at everything that they’ve done some kind of something happen in their life early on in their life they put that in this Relentless mindset to just be an overachiever set unrealistic goals because they saw something and they did not want to go back in that direction so when something happens you have two options you can either curl up and just say yeah you know make excuses after excuses or you can own up to it and turn around and figure out how to do it the biggest problem people have is they think they’re not supposed to have any and problems are the fuel for growth right and so it’s like you don’t have any problems you’re either a liar or you might call them challenges it feels better I understand that but you know anybody doesn’t have problems he’s either totally asleep at the wheel or they don’t have much of any kind of a life you know no responsibility nothing they’re building so I think the first thing is this misnomer that if I have a problem there’s something wrong with me or my life I think the second one is this delusion we’ve sold people on that getting what you want is going to make you happy so you could call success getting what you want I I don’t Define it that way but that’s how most people do but then there’s fulfillment and fulfillment is living What You’re Made for it’s like I think the biggest challenge people have and the reason they’re not able to respond to challenges they’re just thinking about themselves and it’s not that hard to meet your own needs and it’s nobody’s fault I mean these little things in our pocket these little mini computers we used to call phones I mean they’re constantly conditioning you to instantly get what you want and that’s not how human relationship works and that sure as hell not how you build a business right it’s not a straight line and so I think the problem is that people don’t have something that they’re wanting to serve more than themselves that’s where my energy comes from I don’t have to work in a day in my life and then I think the next problem is that P it the know-how I call it the Tyranny about you get all excited I’m gonna do this and then your brain goes I’ve never done it before Oh my God what did I say I don’t know how to do this Martin Luther King had no idea how when he did his I Have a Dream speech in fact his wife was the one that pushed him because he was uncertain right you know the real history is pretty interesting but the bottom line is he gets up there and he gives his vision of how it can be done he talked about what needs to happen and why if you can figure out what you want and why you want it and you get strong enough reasons reasons that’ll drive you late at night it’ll get you up early in the morning and the reasons are different right so you gotta find your reasons but if you know what you want and you’re good and big enough why now you’ll figure out how to do it but if you start with how you know the small brain the fear brain and I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to go I don’t know what to do 90 of time either I know what and why and then I try some it doesn’t work I try something else but it’s something else now I speed it up by learning from the best so my life is really about learn from the best but I don’t start with the hat I start with the what and the why and I think that’s the mistake most people make good times create weak people people weak people create bad times bad times create strong people strong people create good times I like winning I like being the best at what I do so I’m not going to settle for less than that why would I



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  1. Problems are the fuel for growth!
    Bad and negative thoughts come from satan. Get successful requires discipline. Figure out what you want and WHY you want!! Get strong enough reasons.