Elon Musk’s Speech Will Leave You SPEECHLESS — Best Life Advice

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I don’t even own a home right now um I’m literally staying at friends places I I basically rotate through friends spare bedrooms um I really don’t take vacations there are just times when something is important enough you believe in it enough that you do it in spite of fear if you just if you just accept the probabilities then that diminishes fear so um with starting SpaceX I thought the odds of success were less than 10 percent um and I just accepted that we actually probably I would just lose lose everything um but that maybe would make some progress if we could just move the ball forward even if we died Maybe some other company could pick up the Baton and move and keep moving it forward so we’ll still do some good um yeah same with Tesla I thought the odds of a car company succeeding were extremely low people shouldn’t think I I I feel fear about this and therefore I shouldn’t do it um it’s normal to be to feel fear like you’d have to definitely something mentally wrong if you didn’t feel fair if somebody is doing something that is useful to the rest of society I think that’s a good thing like it doesn’t have to change the world like you know um if you’re doing something that has high value to people um I do not expect to be involved in all these things the five things that I thought about at the time in in college so quite a long time ago uh 25 years ago um you know being you know making life multi-planetary um selling accelerating the transition to sustainable energy um the the internet broadly speaking um genetics and AI I think um I didn’t expect to be involved in in all of those things I actually at the time in college I sort of thought helping with electrification of cars was how it was set up and that’s uh I really was just trying to be useful that’s the optimization it’s like what what can I do that would actually be useful how should someone figure out how they can be most useful or whatever this thing is that you’re trying to create what would what would be the um utility Delta compared to the current state of the art times how many people it would affect so that’s why I think having something that has that’s that has a makes makes a big difference but affects a sort of small to moderate number of people is great as is something that makes even a small difference but it affects a vast number of people what set of actions are most likely to lead to a better future you know in order for one of the things obviously in order to for Humanity to have a compelling future for civilization is that we must have a clear path to a sustainable energy future it takes a very extremely important very fundamental to the future I try to say what I what I think is uh you know a scientifically cogent even if it is not popular some things are risky but if this you know if the stakes are important enough then you take the risk well I think there’s probably a lot of people in this room that do take a lot of risks anyway I literally just try to use a scientific method frankly and you know consider the you know what what is the importance of the outcome and what what is one risking in order to achieve that outcome and but like I said if your outcome is important enough even if the probability of success is low one was I think still still do it some things are very important and if to in order to have a good future and if we don’t do them well they’re in big trouble and so and then then how much the risk really is it because if we don’t take those actions we want to have a good future and I think the riskiest thing would be no action there’s still a long way to go to transition the world to a sustainable energy economy and so so we still have a lot of work ahead of us at Tesla but that’s that’s our goal there and then for SpaceX um I think it’s important for the for the future for the future future to be exciting and for humanities um existence to be insured over the long term I think we must become multi-planet species and a space-bearing civilization we’ve basically just been here for a very brief instant we’re a blink all of human civilization is a blink of an eye if there wasn’t I in in an evolutionary time scale so so I think it’s important we take the actions to ensure that the light of Consciousness continues and because you should we should really view Consciousness as as a small candle in a vast Darkness it’s an easily go out I actually think we’re on a good path um I but at the same time I I want to want us to caution against complacency so so long as we are not complacent as long as we are have a high sales of urgency about moving towards a sustainable energy economy then I think things will be fine um so I I can’t emphasize that enough as long as we uh push hard uh and are not complacent um the future is going to be great the the thing that is actually more more difficult and and that does make sleeping difficult is is that um you know every good hour uh or even minute of thinking about uh Tesla and SpaceX has such a big effect on the company that I really try to work as as much as possible uh you know to to the edge of Sanity basically in fact I don’t even own a home right now I’m literally staying at friends places I if I travel to the Bay Area which where most of Tesla engineering is I stay in my I basically rotate through friends spare bedrooms um I don’t have a yacht I really don’t take vacations uh so um it’s not as though there’s um that my personal consumption is is high uh only the one exception is a plane but if I don’t use the plane then I have less hours to work I really want to make sure that there is a good future for Humanity um and that we’re on a path to understanding the nature of the universe um the meaning of life why are we here how do we get here and in order to understand the nature of the universe and all these fundamental questions we must expand the scope and scale of Consciousness we certainly it must not diminish or go out we we certainly we won’t understand this so I would say I’m motivated by curiosity more than anything um and uh just a desire to think about the future and not be sad you know and are you are you not sad I’m sometimes sad I I mostly I’m I’m I’m feeling I guess relatively optimistic about the Future these days there are certainly some big risks that Humanity faces I think the population collapse is a really big deal that I wish more people would would think about um because the birth rate is far below us much needed to sustain civilization it’s car at its current level you know there’s obviously a and we need to take action on climate sustainability which is is being done and we need to secure the future of Consciousness by being a multi-penet species I I think if you care about the reality of goodness instead of the perception of it filmed throughout philanthropy is extremely difficult SpaceX Tesla neurolink reporting company are philanthropy if you say philanthropy is love of humanity they are philanthropy



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  1. Elon Musk CAN afford a house but prefer to use friends and family for sleeping and resting ..cannot seem to understand that.
    A smaller footprint maybe..?
    Elon builds HUGE factories and using humongeos amounts of land..and still do not have a home???
    I respect Elon Musk..the ONLY question I have for him..is Elon when your life ends now…where are you going?…
    Your sadness and empty feelings is because you need ALMIGHTY GOD to fill you with His love and want you to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior…only then you will have a steadfast reason for living when you acknowledge everything does not make sense untill you take the Hand of Jesus Christ who shed His blood for you on the cross…
    7:46 even though you do not acknowledge JESUS as your Lord and Savior.
    This will
    give you a purpose for living.
    JESUS loves you.

  2. Bla blah. Elon Musk is motivated by curiosity. Is He? I think he is motivated by money. Businessmen like politicians usually talk in way to market their ideas and businesses. But it does not mean that they are saying the truth.

  3. I understand what it’s like to always problem solve and move forward and be very productive as a small business owner myself. Good job Mr. Musk keep at it.

  4. I'm glad he didn't bring his political views here. He is a brilliant man. Period. His departure from being reasonably objective by embracing his own brand of ideology is not based on empirical data. In fact, it's more than that. This is the world's first trillionaire. In less than 20 years his wealth will exceed the GNP of the USA. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What would you have done if you could travel back in time and crossed paths with baby hitler?

  5. 😲😒. I hate this Generation they don’t appreciate the best an brightest so backwards. PS. I am Homeless working on getting a New Apartment with a job that I hate may have to get a New one soon.