“Emotional” Mike Tyson Motivational Video (MUST WATCH)

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I’m a [ __ ] student of War I know all the boys from in that from Charlemagne Achilles the number one Warrior of all war of years from then Alexander and Napoleon I know them all I read the more I studied them all I know the ought to fight I know the Art of War that’s all I ever studied that’s why I’m so fit that’s why they feared me when I was in the ring because that’s all my I wasn’t Annihilator so I was born for and now those days are gone it’s empty I’m nothing I’m working on being the art of humbleness can you be with me that’s the reason why I’m crying because I’m not that person no more and I miss him because sometimes I feel like because I don’t wanna I don’t want that person to come out because it comes out hell that’s coming with him and it’s not funny at all it sounds cool I got my tough guy I’m scared of him life is beautiful but you have to accept the good and the bad as being beautiful you can’t can’t accept the girl then we lose some of our life sucks Life is Beautiful because life gave us the ability to just know them in our journey in life we met them we love stuff we cared about and they cared about us that’s that’s the purpose of life just enjoy what we had while we journey through it because sometimes we don’t understand like what is this thing what is my purpose why am I here well I have to go through this pain why do I have to go to this field all the time why can’t it just be peaceful all the time then there wouldn’t be life I wouldn’t be lying we have to we have to take life at its term life on life term not all life on our terms you know we have to live life on life terms I’m aware that a lot of people next to me and watch me and may look up to me and think I’m a certain kind of guy I’m a good guy but they have to understand that I’m not worthy of praying only God is worthy of praise and they they make they do these things you look at YouTube and I see guys have Mike Tyson Immortal Mike Tyson God and um I’m not worthy of that you are like hey stop I know me you could think what you want but I know not for somebody that would praise me anything now I’m always just Mike I was one of those people that worshiped people because I had nothing imagine how low I had to be the worship but nothing somebody that’s nothing and I worship them and that’s why I live the life that I live now because um you knew me 20 years ago you knew me 20 years ago and that guy’s kind of dead now you know but that wasn’t easy you know that guy didn’t want to leave he wasn’t leaving easy he fought it he fought screamed and cried and scratched all the way till he died you know and I’m very grateful in order to succeed they have to be flawed they have to experience some kind of shame in their life that won’t allow them to be in the position they believe was overwhelming to them psychologically and emotionally and physically even to this day right now I have to check myself always check myself yeah and I want my wife is my consciousness why is my masculinity in a woman my mother because my wife my mother [ __ ] me up that’s what my masculinity is in a woman why am I so overbearing to my wife how much my wife might say this is a little bit better and as long as you love me but it’s too much I know she must think that you have to be spirited and haven’t gone but never give up and you’re still with life is just a long line of puzzles that need to be solved and then without that um competition spirit people are not going to do well and they have to know about competition because without competition to train them they give in under the slightest struggle I’m very happy and I’m very proud of myself I I never understood my accomplishments as a human being until last year perhaps I never took myself serious and last year I tried and it turned out really well but especially now no one’s gonna fight people like talking now they get on the stage they get on YouTube and they start talking yeah and that’s why some people some people are not made for handling credit handling criticism they just not made some people go off the deep end when she criticize them yes some people just can’t handle it and some of the problem most powerful people in the world you can’t handle it they’re not mature enough to handle criticism my adversity inspired me to be more than what I’ve truly was without getting my head and think I’m somebody and then I’m easily offended when I know I’m nobody I could never be offended bag for this and this is what he gave me it’s not like someone gave me something I didn’t acquire I wanted this life I prayed for this life and I received it something like this is all about change you know you listen you can’t continue to being a comedian if you’re not sharpening your um your psychic up even when you’re doing it right here you’re practicing your comedian act you know you have to continue to practice the more you practice it it say if you practice it every four year you’ll be better if you only practice it for a month so the more you do it the better you become listen the belief that you’re going to come back is magnificent yeah I believe to know that we’re going to wake up in the morning imagine we went into life like that greatness is the willingness to die that’s greatness like you see these guys um you know forget about suicide guy forget about the guy just people your thumb there’s a decent people just decide to kill themselves you know what makes the person does that and they do a young age 15 and it’s just um how do you say it this is a 15 20 years um you experience enough life to realize hey I don’t want to be here no more um it’s something about yourself that you just hate so bad any kind of killing is a form of self-hate if I’m killing formations everything I say about if I call my dirty okay that’s because I’m a dirty maybe that it’s because I’m a [ __ ] we reflect with one another that’s why people Inspire about the second we get inspired because there’s a reflection of one another and they allow us to know what we can be every person every everybody was in that asking for help is walking too long needs Warriors oh god oh we call whatever whoever now whoever created that word God that’s what the person they owe this oh god oh this help me please I don’t care I fit that all my life yeah I said that when I was in the stages of not believing I said that yeah but I don’t care all the non-believers all the atheists when it’s the last moment of our life we say oh God please help us or whatever we call girl oh God please help us or whatever we know that’s bigger than us we say please help us even we don’t believe please help us the moon the sky the birds help us never stop believing in yourself so there’s never the power belief is just invariable and Pregnant probably confidence breeds success and success breathes confidence confidence applied properly with the path of Genius it’s not like the belief it’s real [ __ ] I’m only here because I believe I’m not nervous I’m scared ah I’m scared yeah because I’m a scary guy because I’ve been picked up in my life I’ve been abused all my life people did anything they wanted to me so I have natural fear of not being safe yeah that’s just my that’s who I am natural it’s no it’s in my life that’s who I am so now I got it with this weird self-confidence and violence and stuff so now I’m sadistic because I’m afraid I’m gonna get hurt yes animal now you have to do have to do it spectacularly for more people who want to see me do it again and more people did the more I heard them and the more spectacularly I hurt them the better my life would be yep and that’s how my mindset was and never run away from love when love calls you have to answer because if you don’t you’d be miserable for the rest of your life that’s just how it is you’re trying to defend yourself from life it doesn’t it doesn’t have work or you why not making it fool of yourself what’s going to happen is going to happen don’t take life too serious you stress too much you’re doing something good thing



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  1. I love this Mike!!! I mean don't get me wrong I liked em as a fighter (the early Mike) but I love his openness and how he's so comfortable being him… & Being Mike is ok jus like being u is ok and being me is ok

  2. His life has molded him into this self reflective and intuitive human being… he has so much to offer thru his words that are forged in iron like his name …Iron mike tyson…how fitting

  3. One of the best motivation video edits I’ve seen on YouTube , thank you for this whoever put it together this is true inspiration from iron Mike Tyson

  4. No matter what Mike thinks.. "that guy" is not dead. He forever lives on.. I'll always remember this GOAT as the greatest and most menacing in the sport of boxing. I feel like in some way, Mike's shared experiences taps into an animal in all of us.

  5. Everyone's scarred on being on streets, homeless, penny less, everyone working for them on pay, no love, no life, everything going wrong, ant even eat much, where's water from.
    Some tigers just fight like…

  6. I've been made to fight I'm a 30 yo gangster disciple but I'm so tired of fighting now I'm facing charges and the people I fought for aren't here I wish I could talk to Mike and see if being a conqueror is worth it

  7. We are truly in a era of future History right here, he's inspired me because I connect with and have always admired him. He will be in the books along with the Greats he's studied.