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love is one of the most beautiful things in the world it gives us power strength happiness and fulfillment in life but what if love makes you sad unhappy and depressed yes if you are with the wrong person she can totally destroy your life in this video I will tell you about the seven signs if you see any of these signs kick them out of your life life is too short to hold on to your happiness for someone who doesn’t understand and love you sign one being treated like an option feeling like you’re just an option rather than a priority in your partner’s life is a significant indicator that the relationship lacks the commitment and respect it needs to thrive when someone truly cares about you they make time for you and treat you as an essential part of their life however if you often find yourself waiting for your partner to decide if they have time for you or feeling like you’re always the backup plan it undermines your value in the relationship for example if you’re your partner consistently cancels plans at the last minute for other opportunities or regularly chooses to spend their time elsewhere without considering your feelings it sends a clear message that your needs and time are not being respected this Behavior can leave you feeling undervalued and insignificant when you’re treated as just an option it’s a direct contradiction to mutual respect and love if you’re feeling like you’re always on standby waiting for your partner to decide if they want to spend time with you or include you in their life it’s crucial to address this issue everyone deserves to feel like they’re a valued and integral part of their partner’s life if your relationship leaves you feeling more like a convenience than a cherished partner it might be time to reconsider its Dynamics in your place within it sign two you feel ignored or disrespected when you consistently feel ignored or disrespected by your partner it’s a serious red flag that the relationship may not be healthy respect is a Cornerstone of any strong relationship and without it the foundation starts to crumble if your opinions are constantly dismissed your feelings overlooked or your boundaries violated it creates an environment of negativity and disrespect that’s hard to overcome for example if you’re sharing your thoughts and feelings but your partner is always on their phone not really listening or Worse mocking what you say it’s a clear sign of disrespect this kind of behavior can make you feel undervalued and insignificant which is the opposite of how a loving partnership should make you feel feeling consistently ignored or disrespected is not something you should accept as normal in a relationship it’s important to address these issues directly with your partner however if these patterns continue despite your efforts to communicate your needs it may be time to consider whether this relationship is truly serving your well-being and self-respect sign three consistent unhappiness happiness isn’t just a feeling it’s the foundation of a life well- lived when we’re happy we’re at our best we are able to connect deeply with others and pursue our goals with power but when happiness is absent in a relationship it’s a sign that something fundamental is missing this lack of joy in your relationship directly contradicts the essence of happiness it turns love and happiness into heartbreak and sadness instead of experiencing the uplifting moments that love brings you’re faced with a persistent feeling of discontent this stark contrast is a clear indicator that the love you deserve is missing this ongoing sadness does more than just make you feel bad it affects every part of your life it’s like you’re losing yourself bit by bit it’s not just about a bad day here and there it’s a sign that something fundamental is wrong so stop letting someone else’s actions dictate your happiness you deserve to be happy and if that means ending a relationship that brings you more pain than Joy then end the relationship it’s not just about ending things it’s about choosing your own well-being over staying in a situation that makes you miserable sign for lack of reciprocity in any healthy relationship there’s a balance or a give and take that makes both people feel valued and respected but when you’re the only one putting in the effort and constantly bending over backwards to make things work and getting nothing in return it’s a glaring sign that the balances off this one-sided Dynamic is not only unfair but it’s also unsustainable this lack of reciprocity drains your energy and leaves you feeling unappreciated and invisible it’s like you’re shouting into a void hoping for an Echo That Never Comes and when your efforts go unnoticed it chips away at your self-esteem and makes you question your worth epicus another stoic thinker famously stated it’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matter matters this wisdom applies here too if you’re in a relationship where your efforts are consistently unreciprocated it’s a call to action stoicism teaches us to focus on what we can control so take a stand refuse to be the only one rowing the boat relationships are about Mutual effort mutual respect if they can’t meet you halfway then maybe it’s time to dock your boat elsewhere you deserve to be in a relationship where your efforts are matched and your presence is acknow knowed and cherished sign five conditional availability in a genuine relationship being reliably present for one another is fundamental it’s what builds trust Fosters emotional intimacy and creates a sense of security however when you notice they are only available when they need something from you it’s a clear sign of a deeper issue senica once said life is long if it is lived well were’re reminded of the value of each moment and the importance of spending it with those who truly value us if your partner’s presence in your life is temporary and dependent on their mood or needs it’s a stark reminder that they may not value your time or emotional well-being as they should remember a meaningful relationship requires both Partners to be fully invested available not just when it’s convenient but consistently showing up for each other through all of life’s ups and downs if they can’t offer you this basic level of commitment it might be time to question whether this relationship is true serving your needs you deserve someone who is there for you consistently and unconditionally sign six they don’t seem to care about your life when the person your with stops asking about your day or doesn’t seem interested in what’s happening with you it’s a big warning sign in a good relationship both people care about what the other is doing feeling and dreaming about when these caring stops it feels like you’re just not important to them anymore think about it like this if a friend never asked about your life or seemed bored when you talked about What mattered to you you’d start to think they didn’t really care about you right it’s the same in a relationship when they don’t cheer you on when you’re excited about something or offer a shoulder to cry on when you’re down it’s like you’re more alone than together the philosopher Aristotle once said that the best kind of friendship is when both people wish the best for each other if your partner doesn’t seem to want the best for you or even know what’s going on with you it’s like they’re not really with you at all you deserve someone who’s not just there but really with you cheering you on listening to your stories and caring about what happens to you every day if that’s missing it might be time to think about what you really want in a relationship sign seven feeling better alone than together when you start feeling more relaxed and happier by yourself than with your partner it’s a clear sign something’s off a relationship should add to your happiness not make you breathe a sigh of relief every time you get a moment alone if being alone feels like a break from stress and tension it’s worth asking why think about it like this your home and relationship should be your safe havens the places where you can let your guard down and truly be yourself but if the thought of spending time with your partner makes you feel uneasy or stressed it’s a sign that the relationship isn’t giving you the comfort and support it should Aristotle once said that no yourself is the beginning of all wisdom if you’re finding more peace and Solitude than in your partner’s company it’s a crucial moment for self-reflection it’s about listening to what your feelings are telling you and considering what’s truly best for your well-being everyone deserves to be in a relationship that makes them feel supported understood and genuinely happy if you’re consistently finding more joy and Solitude than in your relationship it might be time to consider what changes are needed to find the happiness and fulfillment M you deserve now before ending this video I want you to take control of your life don’t just watch motivational videos stop depending on others take responsibility start right now give me a promise in the comment section say I will be the best version of myself at any cost I will love myself and I will not depend on others for my happiness I am taking responsibility for all aspects of my life I will read your comment and publish the most inspiring and comment on our Channel and if you want more unfiltered and uncensored words of wisdom hit the subscriber button



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