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hello how are you the video I want to talk about today is 13 places where women want to be touched it’s about how and where you can touch a woman so she feels the fire of passion for you burning deeply inside her and this conversation is real it’s not amazing it’s magical it’s wonderful and it’s one of the main reasons we want a relationship it helps us connect and experience love in a magical and exciting way if you are a gentleman looking for a decent girl it is important to know how and where to touch a woman correctly right you don’t want to seem totally terrifying however without any touch it would be extremely difficult to generate attraction therefore it is something you must be cautious about if you want a relationship where both partners are happy understand each other and are very United and the woman is sweet and kind knowing how to touch her and which places are preferable becomes essential watching this video from beginning to end will show you how you can become an expert in your Conquest in a matter of minutes I will share with you something that can give you more pleasure than ever using only your hands if the topic is intriguing and you are committed to learning this skill stay tuned to the complete video where you can get some valuable tips don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and activate the not notification Bell here we are well let’s talk about the 13 points where women want to be touched in this video I will divide them into two stages as there is more than one stage involved there are two stages I can mention the first stage is when you are not yet dating her the second stage is when you are already in a relationship with her when we are in a relationship we must learn the proper ways to touch a woman instead of waiting to be in a relationship to do so you need to know the benefits and drawbacks of each phase the main reason it would be good for you to know these two stages is the fact that if you are in stage one and act as if you were an experienced person everything would surely fall apart if you want to take an inappropriate attitude as soon as you approach her I advise you to think it through because remember strange attitudes will drive her away so abstaining seems to be the right decision well let’s go through this first part are you ready you are following me right we can start now in this first part we will talk about touching the hands although this does not mean she would like you to hold her hand it would probably be better to reserve that gesture for when you are already involved in a romantic relationship however there is no problem with touching her hand occasionally for example if you are handing her something let your fingers brush against hers or let the palm of your hand lightly touch hers this will surely give her butterflies in her stomach and make her think how do you know if a woman is interested in you first of all you should look for a sign that she allows you to touch her hands this is significant and will be evident in her conversations with friends as she will celebrate it for days if she feels comfortable with you and has a sense of connection it means she is happy talking about touching another area a woman may enjoy attention to is the arm there are countless ways you can lightly touch her arm such as during an intimate conversation or while having fun together when trying to break the contact barrier and get closer to her in a romantic sense a non-intimidating and undeniably Charming place you can touch is her arm it will surely help you Converse more easily the next place a woman wants to have contact with is her back you can find some places that offer this but her back would be the best option if you touch too high or too low it definitely will not work well it is not recommended at all it’s a bit scary if the value is too low it should also be avoided therefore the general rule is the height of the shoulder blade or slightly below the shoulder blade for women it is very pleasant to feel the touch of a man’s arm or hand on their backs providing them comfort and reassurance you can act this way if you are walking beside her or bending down to discuss something for example this will have an exciting effect on her she will be sure she is protected and well taken care of and this factor is undoubtedly attractive this is one of my favorites in fact it is extremely powerful the next place where a woman wants to be touched is not necessarily a physical area but an implication she simply wants you to sit beside her if you are not in a relationship avoid putting your arm around her this is more appropriate when you are in a relationship you don’t want to seem scary but it is perfectly normal to sit beside her and have physical contact like touching the shoulders or knees it is something she will definitely notice without any words from you it is captivating and sweet it makes her think ah maybe he likes me he is sitting beside me and that is charming therefore do not be afraid to get close enough for incidental touch between you when you ask where a woman wants to be touched there is no single answer as advice I can suggest she would love to be hugged securely a sincere hug remains a delight even in relationships there are profound effects when being embraced that science explains so let this bring you pleasure right don’t hesitate to hug her and this is something you can do even when you are not in a relationship but it will surely generate intimacy connection and Signal interest another suggestion for making physical contact with her would be to to offer her your arm it is not something many people do but they should because it is really Charming this works especially well if she is wearing high heels or if the ground is a bit uneven it looks cute and once again shows that you are protecting her this demonstrates that you are manly secure and strong she can even rest her arm on yours which would also be great think about it but don’t overthink it just offer her your arm it is beautiful Charming just keep in mind that a gentleman is always associated with romance it is intriguing yet not practiced by everyone so you can be unique when you are kind and courteous you stand out gentlemen are the most attractive to her to have such a man the woman wants to spend her life with love that is why the act of offering the arm is something very pleasant therefore I would like you to keep in mind that when discussing this list of places where a woman likes to be touched it is equally important to know how to touch her and where to touch her the first step you must take is important but you also need to discover the small steps that lead to this point of touch right you need to know what makes her interested in you how to create desire and attraction and what makes her want your touch otherwise everything will seem terrifying and that is not what you want but how do you get to the point where a woman wants contact and how do you make her fall in love with you if the woman is exactly what you desire and with whom surely the previous method does not work you must master the skills to capture her attention talk to her increase the level of attraction and eventually make an attempt at intimacy being touched all these things are what make her desire it it is challenging I know there are many variables and a margin of error this is especially true if you have had experiences in the past where you felt embarrassment rejection and heartbreak that is why I made this video for you at least now you have a place where you can learn how to find the sweet and gentle love of your life she must fall in love with you so that she always returns to your loving kisses and stays by your side all the time I leave no room for ambiguities so you don’t have to worry if it is right or not what you should or should not do we already had our previous conversation on the subject of touching a woman in a relationship next we will discuss when and where to do it and what you should consider this only applies if you are in a relationship not yet married but dating the first place to touch her when you are in a relationship is her hair a man playing with her hair or gently stroking it moving it away from her face or tucking it behind her ear can be quite captivating these simple actions can make her feel more feminine and attractive you should be able to assess how she feels based on her response so remember do not overdo it not all women enjoy having their hair tousled there is no doubt that they really made an effort to make it look amazing when they went out with you her face is the next place a woman wants to be caressed let me give you an example when you are kissing a woman try touching her cheek also you can put your hand on her cheek it is very tender those small caresses on the face are a complete loving Bliss I mean they really make a girl feel loved the next part where it is possible to touch a woman is the waist so if you are together simply put your hands on her waist if she hugs you wrap your arms around her waist even when kissing placing your hands on the woman’s waist provides Pleasant Sensations this helps her feel closer to you and also increases her femininity since she sees you as more masculine if you create the feeling of femininity for her she will see you as even more masculine another thing that can be done is hugging her this may seem obvious but as I mentioned earlier the hand should not be too high when placed on the back the exception is hugging with the arm you are not saying hey old friend instead all you are doing is hugging her with the arm it is surely acceptable if she rests on your shoulders or the upper back while you hug her this again is a very cozy signal the next step is not a a relationship but it will be disastrous if you do not have one she will not like it because that place is the knee imagine a situation where you are sitting together and you put your hand on her knee as if it were the area around the kneecap it is very tender it is as if you want to show her that you are still with her while enjoying such an intimate moment and it is adorable it is incredible how such simple things can be so adorable underestimating the power of touch is not recommended to increase attraction touching the knee is something cautious some women like it Others May find it uncomfortable so know the right moment when you touch a woman the second preferred area to be touched is the neck however grabbing her neck is not an option that is not good and should scare anyone away from trying but imagine a situation where you are for example fixing her hair and at some point you put your hand on her neck and suppose you are kissing or something like that surely there are cute ways to caress the neck that still make her feel feminine and attracted to you it is surprising now let’s move on to the next place where you can touch a woman although it may seem very obvious it is her mouth of course kissing is what people would immediately consider as something that can be done in this case if you are in a relationship you should probably kiss her however this does not necessarily mean only kisses at some point we have all seen that movie scene where the guy takes a bite of something puts it in his mouth and gently touches or wipes her mouth so far this has really become a cliche now shown in many movies but not without reason just because it seems so cute it is a very nice and fun way to break the touch barrier and make her feel closer and more attracted to you okay we have talked about phase one when you do not have a partner and another phase when you do have a partner pay close attention to anything beyond what I have shared with you it should only be reserved for after the wedding day and this is another truth that I know many people will not like but still there is much more I want to tell you but we can discuss it later after the wedding and there are some factors involved here the first and most important factor is if she is a high quality woman a classy woman someone with so much love to give that she seeks to give that love only to her husband then if you try some of these things before marrying her it is a red flag this makes her say I don’t want this guy another advantage of this approach is that it not only guarantees that you find the right woman for your needs but also makes her feel safe and protected so ask yourself as you always would what kind of woman you are trying to attract is she a classy woman or not if what you want is an elegant woman you should use tactics that allow you to attract her type and and keep things outside of marriage until then the only approach is to capture the attention of a woman who is very loving kind caring and loyal this woman would also be loyal even before becoming your wife and this means she reserves herself for marriage if you are attracting these toxic and fake women this is often one of the main reasons why you need this video you need to establish these boundaries be calculative from the start and if you are wondering but how do I find a good loyal woman how do I find an appropriate loving kind and amazing woman learn more by watching our videos and also in our ebook this way you will be sure to discover the great and wonderful love that your life deserves you deserve true love it should be mentioned here that every woman is unique and has individual preferences for intimate touches what may work for one woman may not work for another because they are different characters the most important element in this physical connection is communication and consent between two people which would strengthen their relationship based on trust and respect when it comes to discovering the areas of a woman’s body that are most desired to be touched always remember to obtain consent it is very important to check with your partner if she wants and feels comfortable before making any physical contact now proper open communication is a way to create good understanding however some areas are particularly sensitive and pleasurable for most women the neck has always been one of those zones a delicate kiss warm breath or even a small touch with a finger can send chills throughout the body Additionally the lips are very soft and sensitive kissing them passionately but tenderly can trigger an overwhelming emotional connection carefully Explore her body including the back abdomen thighs and breasts among others respecting your partner’s limits and preferences should always be on your mind besides commonly known erogenous zones like the ears scalp and feet do not forget other sensitive areas like the hands touch can be great but it does not constitute all the components of a real physical Connection in any healthy and satisfying relationship emotional intimacy trust and mutual respect are equally important so my love use this knowledge to build the intimacy you desire in your relationship but always keep in mind what they want and their limits lastly the real magic happens when both feel safe loved and desirable to each other well here are some options a man can consider to make his relationship more interesting with the woman he is deeply connected to there are countless ways to promote healthy communication the first is open and honest communication make sure to build an environment where both can easily talk about their desires fantasies and needs in fact open and honest communication plays a fundamental role in building emotional intimacy between two partners the second point is to surprise your partner which can be achieved through unexpected acts and surprises to show how much you are by her side this can include INE a romantic dinner a weekend getaway or even small gifts or sweet messages throughout the day the third point is to make sure to also discuss sexual fantasies and encourage openness in sharing them it is vital to establish a safe and non-judgmental space where both can share their intimate desires experience new experiences that help increase the value of your relationship the fourth point is love make sure to keep the flame of Love alive in your partner make an effort to have romantic dates exchange love letters offer genuine compliments and demonstrate how extraordinary your partner is to you the fifth point is to experiment with physical contact identify and experiment with the sensitive parts of your partner’s body take the time to touch caress and discover her body in a way that makes her feel comfortable and stimulated keep in mind that each individual is unique so remain receptive to to discovering what satisfies her I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior



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