GET THROUGH THE TOUGH TIMES — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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tough times don’t last always tough people do if you’ve never been in the bottom of some stuff you ain’t never had to know but all of you that have been in the bottom you know it all too well don’t you you have an idea of what it feels like you’ve seen some kids get put in foster care you’ve seen Child Protective Services come to somebody’s house you’ve seen kids come to school with less you might have been one of the kids that went to school with less you have struggled to give your kids a better life than the one you had they don’t hear this but I’m gonna tell you something right now you can be successful without an education you can be successful without coming from a rich family I don’t care what’s wrong with you you can be successful just keep moving don’t start feeling sorry for yourself don’t spend time blaming and talking about what happened to you see whatever you talk about that’s what you multiply and expand in your life experience so don’t talk about stuff unless you wanted to keep on happening to you all right when you decide I’m not going to settle for this this is not going to be it for my life I deserve more than this see that will start making you do some stuff see a lot of people go to work every day miserable and all they do is just talk about how miserable they are but they don’t do anything about it when the challenges of life come your way you’ve got to find ways to increase your sense of self-appreciation because if you don’t you’re bombarded with negative stuff every day that beats you down and you will find yourself unconsciously engaged in self-destructive Behavior if you don’t program yourself life will program you when you know within yourself that there’s something you want to do and I believe that all of us were born with a purpose that all of us have something that we are supposed to do that all of us have some goodness within us and that goodness gives us a responsibility to manifest our greatness and when you know that you can feel it in your guts and you know that you’re deliberately operating below your potential you’ve gotten comfortable you stop expanding you stop stretching you stop challenging yourself let me share something else with you not only is it possible for you to have your dream but it’s necessary even if you put through the most horrible situations either you can come out using that experience as a better human being or you can use the experience to become a horrible mess so whenever something hurts you there are two options you can either become wounded or you can become wise this is the choice the more things hurt you early on in your life the wiser you should have become isn’t it but unfortunately most people become wounded this is simply because they just need an excuse to turn their own intelligence against themselves that’s all especially if the world around you turns against you it’s like a storm that is hitting you you know you lose someone someone that you know dies you are gonna get put into a storm and what’s scary about it is it’s it’s an emotional storm and you have no control over it so you’re gonna break down start crying you’re gonna remember bad things good things you’re not going to be in control of your emotions which is very difficult for adults because we’re used to having some level of control over our emotions so for a period of time you’re gonna get hit with waves of emotion that you have no control over and they’re gonna knock you off your feet and you’re not gonna be able to finish the sentence you’re gonna it’s very very difficult but over time that storm is going to fade a little bit and those those waves are going to get weaker when life knocks your butt down I want you to get up and I want you to go heavy on it when Life deals you a challenge that you didn’t expect I want you to get your butt up and I want you to go heavy on it the lesson was when life dishes you a circumstance that you can’t control I want you to get your butt up and I want you to go heavy on it I just want one thing from you today every single day in the midst of the opposition in the midst of the challenge in the midst of the adversity to first and foremost never forget that we don’t burn out in life because of what we do we burn out in life because life makes us forget why we do it second I want you to get up and I want you to go happy on it at times of hell even the hardest men in times of suffering what we do is we forget how hard we really are because that’s what suffering is suffering is a test it’s all it is suffering is a true test of life this is a race that you run completely alone and you’re all by yourself I’m training my mind and my body my spirit so it’s all one so I can handle what life is gonna throw at me because the life I’ve lived it throws a whole bunch at you and if you’re not physically immensely prepared for that you’re just gonna crumble and you’re good for nobody and then you put a goal in your mind how are you gonna feel man when you accomplish this goal coming from that a lot of people start from a good starting point they have a good foundation what if you can surpass all the if everybody who was way up here started up here and you had you started with no legs you had to grow legs to even start walking and then crawling and then running and then you start passing people and all this given to them I had to use all this negative that was making me weak and horrible as a person I had to use this as a power that now a few of them had to flip it on his head and say hold up this might be exactly what I need the darkness is exactly what I need is how you look at your situation quit tripping during the process oh Lord why me you ain’t the only one oh Lord why me you ain’t the only one that is a blessing in everything behind every moment of adversity in your life there is a blessing and a lesson every moment of adversity has those two things pain always leaves a gift it’s not going to change for you it’s covered for everybody say just you because you got to change your career maybe it was time for you to move on when a dog gets shut all you gotta do is walk up the hall it’s more dose if you look in life and just step outside for a minute and quit tripping it really ain’t no problem enjoy every aspect of life and don’t waste any experience because I feel like for most of us we enjoy the good parts right and for most of us most days are good days right but we often waste experiences that don’t show up or turn out the way that we want them to and I feel like that’s a big mistake because in those experiences are some of the greatest lessons and the greatest opportunities to shape and mold us into beautiful people right and so when I say enjoy every aspect of life enjoy everything UPS down successes failures highs lows like everything right because in the end it’s the culmination of all of that that shapes who they will become and so enjoy all of it don’t waste any of it man when the days where it’s great celebrate it days when it’s not celebrate it might be hard but celebrate it but everything passes with time right and so I just tell them enjoy every aspect of life and don’t waste experiences some people they’re just Fighters man have you ever seen them people with a never die spirit like them people no matter how tough it gets they’re gonna be there and they’re gonna scrap them people no matter how tough it gets they’re gonna show up every single day and be positive those people no matter the opposition and adversity they’re gonna keep showing up day by day pressing the opposition pressing the opposition because the thing about it is we can’t calm the storm we might as well stop but we can come our spirit in the in the storm will stop because every storm has an expiration date and the beauty of it when we look back on this covet period is going to be people that’s going to look back on it and say man because of Corona because of covet I couldn’t produce on a level that I was capable of producing that I couldn’t do this it prevented me from doing this and then you’re going to see people on the other side of it the eight percent that’s going to look back at it and say because of covet I tap into an element of myself that I didn’t even know I possessed



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