GET UP AND DO THE WORK — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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those days when I’m tired or worn out or just basically sick of the grind what do I do on those days I go anyways I get it done even if I’m just going through the motions I go through the motions I don’t really want to work out I work out I I really don’t want to hammer on a project I hammer on the project don’t really want to get up and get out of bed I get up and get out of bed you need to get things done yes it’s possible that you can choose your future and direct the course of your life as you run towards your dream it’s necessary that you have goals that you write those goals down that you plan that you think constantly of how you can begin to improve what it is that you’re doing if it’s your presentations if it’s your recruiting skills whatever that is it’s also necessary that you look for ways to always find a way to pull it out when everybody else thinks you would defeated that you’ve got to take personal responsibility to know that in order to become successful you’ve got to make it your personal business to do it it’s not easy it’s hard changing your life you can live your dream it was hard ladies and gentlemen it was very difficult to pick myself up each day believing and I could do it there were times that I doubted myself I said God why why is this happening to me I’m just trying to take care of my children and my mother I’m not trying to steal a rock from anybody how did this have to happen to me it was very hard and here’s what I want to say to you for those of you that have experienced some hardships don’t give up on your dream no one could have convinced me by Holding On by continuing to push forward by continuing to run toward my dream that one day I would have my own talk show the way to become a millionaire if you could think of how to become a millionaire you do it by Friday you don’t have to go that far all you have to do is think of your god-given gift all of you can do something somebody will pay you ten dollars to do I don’t care if it’s cutting grass doing their hair painting the wall babysitting taking care of the elderly teaching tutoring everybody can do something for ten dollars this is how I got to this place of success my jokes were 25 a night I made that for a long time whatever you do to make ten dollars this gift that God has given you at Birth because God never created a soul he didn’t give a gift to all of you have one I don’t care if it’s fried chicken some of you fried chicken better than anybody else baked pie do have something do whatever it is for ten dollars after you make the ten dollars I want you to do it 10 more times you’ll now have a hundred dollars if you make a hundred dollars whatever you did to make the hundred dollars that ten dollar idea I want you to do it ten more times you’re gonna have a thousand dollars now it’s gonna get a little more difficult but after you make a thousand dollars whatever you did to make the thousand dollars I want you to do it ten more times you now have ten thousand dollars now now we gotta Focus now whatever you did to make ten thousand dollars that started off with your ten dollar idea what I want you to do is focus I want you to do it ten more time you now have a hundred thousand dollars now this is where it gets very very difficult you’re gonna have to hire some people you’re gonna have to pay some people some money but you take that hundred thousand dollars and you reinvest it and what I want you to do is whatever you did to make the ten dollars that you did a hundred times and turn into a hundred thousand dollars all I want you to do is take that same idea don’t change nothing do it ten more times I got news for you you have just made a million dollars all right I’ll never forget the day I was like yo I’m ready like for real I’m ready to go Global I’m ready to change people’s lives I will never forget the day I was like whoa I’m ready to take my game to a whole other level I remember I remember now you gotta remember I’m a man of faith and so I was praying and I heard it it was crazy I heard it I was like all right what books do I need to read I’m ready what conference do I need to go to I’m ready just show me the book I’m ready show me the conference take me to the guru I’m ready just show me what I need to say you know my resolution my goal My outcome for this month this week this year is to lose X number of pounds that’s okay but it’s not very compelling it has to be a compelling Vision it’s got to have something has the power to pull you not something you have to push yourself to do those are two different kinds of motivation push requires willpower and willpower never lasts what will last is pull having something so exciting so attractive so something you desires so much that you have a hard time going to sleep at night you get so up early in the morning do a rocket and take it to the next level that’s what you’re looking to create that wasn’t easy to get but one of the reasons we do seminars and events and we say you know why do that why isn’t why not just read a book or something is because when you get an environment where you’re with people that are being put in a peak State like when you’re going to a sporting event if you watch a sporting event at home it might have a certain level of excitement but when you’re in a stadium with 50 000 people suddenly it has a whole different level of intensity when we feel that and the bottom line of our follow through comes down to our emotional intensity in a different state of mind you’re going to come up with a much better and more exciting Vision than if you’re sitting on the couch going okay what are my new resolutions for this year and you’re doing it the morning after the new year is started and you’re a little inebriated and the football game’s on the background probably not going to have the power of focus there probably not gonna have to power the energy to create something that’s going to pull fool you for this year and you got to do that you don’t let the fear take you over if you’ve got strong enough reasons those reasons can be positive or those reasons can also be negative they can be if I don’t do this it’s going to cost me and if I do do this this is what I’m going to gain in my life reasons come first answers come second if you get a compelling vision and you got strong enough reasons that will push you through the tough times you’re going to do things other people don’t do instead of collapsing even if you get off Target you won’t go oh I blew it you’ll get right back on target make the change make things happen and I know you’ve done this in many areas of your life just think about it again I’m I’m not teaching you something really new here today I just want to remind you of what your soul knows you gotta change you gotta improve and you’ve got to go through a simple process fundamentally to make that progress First Step Vision that’s compelling Second Step make sure that they’re strong enough reasons to follow through third step you gotta review it and feel it every day I mean anything have you ever had this happen in your life has there been anything in your life that you’ve ever wanted so badly you were so desirous of it you had such a hunger for it that you couldn’t stop thinking about it could have been a career move could have been when you’re a kid a car it could have been a relationship it could have been anything but you were obsessed you wanted to make this happen you wanted to track this to your life you want to you just wanted something and you didn’t even know how to get it but it was so compelling to you kept thinking about it every day envisioning and imagining it feeling it and then stuff happened and suddenly you started to attract people or situations to your life and it just came together like you don’t even have a total plan it was just that it was so a part of your focus with so much intensity and emotion so often that it sensitizes you to notice anything that could get you there


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