GROW THROUGH PAIN — Best Motivational Speech

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if you’re willing to suffer and I mean suffer your brain and your body once connected together can do anything it’s about the grind it’s about the obstacles it’s about the challenges it’s about the pain that you endure along the way for that 30 seconds of being able to either stand on the platform be acknowledged by individuals that are close to you but when that happens your mind has to immediately shift back because now you felt and tasted something that you could only get through winning are you willing to do it again you have to do the process the process is non-negotiable it’s just you have to do it all right so if you have to do something I don’t have highs about it or lows about it I know it has to get done and if I let my emotions get involved in it why it’s not going to get done to its best abilities so if people say you got to love the process and then something comes in the process that you don’t really love because there’s no way everybody loves 100 of any process I mean every day I mean since you know 20 years it was an everyday process and trying to figure out strengths and weaknesses for example jumping ability now my vertical was a 40 it wasn’t a 46 or 40 45. my hands are big but they’re not massive right so you got to figure out ways to strengthen them so your hands are strong enough to be able to Palm a ball and do the things that you need to do quickness I was quick but not insanely quick I was fast but not ridiculously fast right so I had to rely on skill a lot more I had to rely on angles a lot more I had to study the game a lot more and uh but I enjoyed it though so like from the time I was I can’t remember when I started watching the game I studied the game and it just never changed the mentality is a really simple one in the sense that the confidence comes from preparation you know so when the game’s on the line I’m not asking myself to do something that I haven’t done thousands of times before right so when I’m prepared I know what I’m capable of doing I know I’m comfortable doing and I know what I’m not comfortable doing all right so in those moments if it looks like um ice cold or not nervous it’s because I’ve done it thousands of times before so it’s one more time when I said I wanted to win eight gold medal is basically half the people in the swimming World thought I was absolutely crazy and nobody could ever do something like that but for me I was somebody who believed in it and somebody who believed in the process of getting there I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight like I said before but every little small thing that we did was a small stepping stone in order to in order to even be able to have that chance and that opportunity to to do what I did in 2008 because at that time at the Olympic Games that’s a tough I mean that’s where I think the real truth comes out because I think there are a lot of people who are very talented who can make it there there are very few people who can deal with the pressure and the stress that happens when we’re there so that’s why I say we had to make sure that we were physically emotionally and mentally ready because I had to be ready to be able to kind of manage my emotions through that week yeah winning a gold medal is absolutely incredible there’s nothing better than standing on the podium listening to your national anthem play after you just won a gold medal but for me I’m somebody who I knew that I had seven other events after the first day so I have to throw that in the back of my head I got to throw that race out even though if I you know even like you know wait I broke a world record one goal you know won my first gold medal like like I was like cool like things are starting really well so I have to put that behind me to then get ready for the next race when the time comes to focus on the game I focus on my athletic skills and putting it together with the team and somehow collectively going out and doing a job each and every day I challenge myself to be the best basketball player every moment that I’m playing the game of basketball and sometimes that means tricking yourself in your mind to say that you can’t do this or your weaknesses are here but yet you still try to work on improving those weaknesses a lot of people may say well Michael Jordan never had weaknesses Michael Jordan had weaknesses he just had to dig deep inside himself to figure out what they were and challenge himself to improve those weaknesses so mentally I like to challenge myself to go out and play a perfect basketball game although I know you can’t do that is practically impossible to play a perfect game but that doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself to do that understanding there’s no replacement for persistence as simplistic as that is it’s like you know disappointment either destroys you or drives you and you have to decide which one it’s going to be if you don’t consciously decide there’s always going to be more BS for you to deal with if you’re resourceful you can get the money you can get the time you can get the energy you can get anything you want and you’ve got to get over your fear to be resourceful so we do experiences that are so physiologically profound that those fears do not stop you anymore yeah and that’s what that’s how we get people to get you know 10 years later they’re still transformed from an experience that was one weekend we all want to be able to change the way we feel that’s what I spend my life showing people how to do and what most people know is emotion is created by motion the way you move determines the way you feel you have 80 different muscles in your face 80. for most people this is the largest area of unemployment in the country you know they use their May the face the same way they feel the same emotions over and over and over again so what I was saying is I have this deal with myself called priming every day I say look you’ve got to have 10 minutes for yourself you don’t have 10 minutes for yourself you don’t have a life and and I’m not going to hope I feel good I just got back six countries in 12 days I was in India two days ago wow I woke up here and wanting like feeling like somebody ran me over the truck but you got yourself psyched up but the way I did is I do this process since 10 minutes I put some music on I do this massive change of my breathing so it radically changes the way I feel and then I do this three-step process first I do three minutes of gratitude where I think of three things I’m really grateful for and I associate I don’t think of it over there I feel it and the reason is when you’re grateful you can’t be worried it can’t be fearful when you’re grateful you can’t be angry and anger and fear are what screw people up most in their relationships and their life and their business so I wire myself I’m saying to you that most people want to be happy but their habit is to be worried or pissed off or frustrated or stressed and so they’re they’ve got a high way to stress and they got a dirt road to happiness so I wire myself I’ve got a highway to gratitude which changes all your emotions and then I do a three-minute process of kind of a prayer for my family and friends and then I do a three minute process of the top three things I want to accomplish purpose I see it is done and I feel I’m done in 10 minutes so sometimes I go 20 but my deal is 10 so there’s no excuse not to do it [Music]



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  1. The kobe Bryant one made me think of something, he studied basketball and became really good at it, maybe if we just study our own life instead of always being obsessed with others lives… maybe that’s true happiness… I’m not sure though life is so confusing