How I Manage To Start A Conversation With Anyone

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  1. Starting one is easy. Making it engaging that last for more than 5 minutes to 30 is hard. And even if you pass the 30 mark, be hopeful that you don't extinguish all the topics you can think of when you talk to the same person the second time after a small time gap of not talking to each other.

  2. Idk about "I know this is totally random." I feel like it's similar to when silence comes about in a group and someone goes "awkwardd silencee" and just makes it 1000x worse than it needed to be. Calling attention to your actions and labelling them as weird or random might make them seem weird or random when they otherwise wouldn't? Not sure just my thoughts

  3. Don’t be a creep and approach someone minding their own business in public. I don’t care what line you use. They won’t appreciate it. Unless, you’re The Rock or Ryan Gosling. We’re living in a dystopia, the landscape is different now, and people are more on edge. Don’t do it. Of course, it’s different if you’re in a social situation where people are expected to make small talk, then try those lines, there’s a slim chance you’ll be successful. Let me tell you, it’ never about what you say, but who you are that matters to others.

  4. I tried this but realised that u can make a best friend out of someone when u randomly start a convo over a random thing like randomly over a project or something else,rather than introducing urself first coz I tried and no one was interested to listen,they were like yes whatever

  5. I've always thought the one about walking into a bar and asking someone about "fun things to do" is an awful opener. If you're not there to have fun, then why are you there? If you're not having fun, then why are you still there?

    It's just always struck me as being counter-productive.

    The rest are some great ones. I'd never heard of the "Ben Franklin Effect", so that was pretty interesting to hear about.

  6. 3 principles for introverts:
    1. When u realised that other ppl also focus on themselves, it becomes comically easy to feels confidents.
    2.Ask question to start a conversation.
    3.Simplify words. Dont pre planned. Say what on ur mind.
    4.Conversation is all about making the other person feels special. Keep eye contact.

  7. I went on holiday to Spain with my ex and her family once, when the train we were on stopped at the station due to what we later suspected was an emergency.

    While the passengers were looking around, visibly confused, and we all fell victim to a very awkward silence, my ex didn't hesitate to point out to a random man on the train about the book he was reading, and asked if he was a psychologist. This sparked a very interesting conversation and led to the rest of the cabin opening up alot more so we could enjoy this unusual event. This man also turned into a friend which they are still in contact with to this day.

    She dared to start a conversation about something she noticed about someone, in a foreign country, not knowing if that person even spoke a word of english. Never in my life have i been more impressed with someone, ever.

  8. Would you happen to have any tips on feeling nervous upon meeting someone in person for the 1st time, despite having built up communication online only prior?

    It tends to weigh heavy w/ the pressure of having invested norms to overcome. Thanks for the content as usual