How To Be Fearless Under Pressure

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  1. He asks what the dogs name is in order to redirect the conversation from his situation, controlled by external factors which should be roadblocks, to his thoughts and feelings, which are controlled by him. This is a linguistic technique used to alert those who are attempting to assert dominance through external factors that your internal state remains unchanged. There is a you that is unstoppable in the face of challenges, and this redirection directly subverts the "absence" in your sutuation and places the emphasis on the "presence" of the internal you (or series of yous (pl) if youre a platonist). Tommy isnt asserting dominance, hes reducing external attempts at dominance over him to nonexistent realities. Essentially, he is saying "there is no state of You that will or can disrupt the state of Me."

  2. 9 Ways To Deal with High-Pressure Situations-

    1. Understand Your Cutoff

    2. Identify Your Triggers

    3. Focus On The Task, Not The Result

    4. Don’t Try To Avoid Pressure

    5. Establish A Prioritization Plan

    6. Break Down Your Tasks

    7. Don’t Procrastinate

    8. Change Your Outlook About Pressure

    9. Try Mindfulness Practice

  3. Beside the exposure therapy thing, it is superficial stuff. 
    Exposure therapy makes you calmer deep down. People should expose themselves to fear by mentally and emotionally allowing themselves to feel uncomfortable. The key is to PERMIT the fear to come to you. Experiencing a bit too intense fear without permitting it can brig trauma.

  4. To be honest I suffered a lot of trauma a the hand of my father. And one of the positive thing is that I build up a resilience to very tough situations and violence. Once I am in a similar situation I become calm and I am able to think on my feet. And usually the agressor is very emotional themselves and stupider for it. Trauma then becomes a superpower.

  5. I used to tell my roommate whenever she was upset or depressed," I want you to think of everything difficult, upsetting, or terrible that you have ever endured. Is this any worse? Even if it is, is it new? Even if it is, you can handle this." She would calm down, usually.