How To Be More Attractive (no matter how you look)

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not feeling attractive enough can be a source of insecurity but luckily being attractive is less dependent on genetics than many people think so in this video we’re not going to touch on things outside of your control although genes do have an impact you can make yourself more attractive with the way you dress your attitude and your actions so we’ll go through three easy ways you can instantly be more attractive no matter where you’re starting from and for fun since season five of lucifer comes out this week we’ll use his character to show these attractive habits but that said we’re only going to include what will actually work in your real life and leave out any scenes where his devil powers magically make women want him hello there i’m lucifer lucifer yes to what anything still got it one of the very first things you’ll notice about lucifer is his style you see him and instantly have an opinion of him during this next clip ask yourself if your first impression would be different if this was how he dressed all the time or was she poisoned too why did she survive perhaps the killer simply ran out of thermometers while actor tom ellis is certainly an attractive man he does lose some of his sex appeal without lucifer’s style but that doesn’t mean to wear a suit all the time after all anyone can wear a suit and it doesn’t automatically make you a sex symbol the trick is no matter what your style is focus on wearing the right fit for your body type and add at least one stylish accessory in lucifer’s case he has a few things that separate him from looking like your average working suit a tight fit a pocket square rings a watch cufflinks a five o’clock shadow people may not notice it consciously but when you add a few little touches like that it will change how someone perceives you now that said you don’t need to copy lucifer’s particular style to be attractive instead apply those two rules to whatever your own personal style is and this doesn’t have to be excessive for example if you normally wear collared shirts it’s as easy as throwing a 10 pair of suspenders over top before heading to the bar i want to talk about the episode that you’re shooting now because you look very dapper the second thing you can steal from lucifer to become more attractive is his mindset that flirting is about having fun lucifer doesn’t take things too seriously when he flirts he’s playful and focuses on amusing himself here’s a quick example but if this little clue thing of yours doesn’t pan out these are going back on and they’re gonna stay on is that a promise i know some people will comment that this only works because lucifer is a scripted tv show so here’s two quick examples of craig ferguson being playful in the same way interpreting something non-sexual as sexual i’m southern we’re handsy we’re handsy in the bib face i’ve been south of the mason decks and i know what you’re talking about oh yeah i i kind of dropped the ball craig i don’t think anyone would mind just pick it up keep going now sexualizing a conversation does run the risk of seeming creepy but it’s also super easy to be playful without being sexual this can be especially attractive when you first meet someone most people dread the standard boring small talk like where are you from and what do you do so a good trick when flirting is to answer someone’s first small talk question playfully and at least 25 percent of the small talk questions after that here’s another quick example from craig this time messing around with the often asked where are you from i’m from scotland jersey if you can make someone laugh by saying something playful and unexpected they’ll instantly like you more for making the conversation more fun this will get annoying if you never take anything seriously but most people go too far the other way they take too many things too seriously so being around someone that makes conversation playful is a welcome break from the norm and it can even create a sense of uh i wish i could be like that how long have i been out three years what you’re such an ass thank you as a quick side note if someone is flirting by fake insulting you like that and your mind goes blank a smiling thank you is an easy go-to response this can even be an attractive comeback when someone really is trying to insult you you are a mockery of everything divine thank you you got some balls on you pal oh thank you very much but they’re really quite average when you respond like that you show that you’re confident in who you are and you aren’t affected by them don’t do this if someone’s giving you genuine feedback it’s just a nice one if your mind goes blank while someone is teasing you while flirting it’s playful and it also shows you aren’t particularly sensitive and that you have confidence in yourself that unshakeable confidence is another attractive aspect of lucifer’s attitude the quickest way he projects that confidence is by approaching people without hesitation whether they’re beautiful women or dangerous criminals lucifer this is a ruthless drug lord with who knows how many armed thugs you can’t just walk in there with your three-piece suit and say hello drug dealers i would never do that i’m young mike song in your own life avoid the dangerous criminal part and just steal the fearless approach part approaching someone you’re attracted to without hesitation is a very quick way to display attractive confidence the mistake most people make when they see someone they’re attracted to is they go stand near them and say nothing hoping that some circumstance will magically lead to them talking to each other by contrast lucifer walks right up and starts a conversation oh hello again my little cannonball sorry i didn’t introduce myself earlier lucifer morningstar one of the reasons people hesitate before approaching is because they can’t think of anything to say spontaneity is nice but if you find yourself at a bar or social event and aren’t sure how to start a conversation a good go-to phrase is hey i don’t think i’ve met you yet and then introduce yourself this sub communicates that you either already know most of the people there or have met a bunch of people already so it’s a nice way to establish that you’re social and not a creep having that in your back pocket will help you approach someone with confidence don’t mind if i didn’t if you want the fastest path to building that kind of unshakeable confidence you may like our 30-day program charisma university it’s a step-by-step program for building your confidence and charisma as quickly as possible over 5000 people have joined the program so far here’s what just a few of them have had to say about it first i am way more confident now having gone through the daily action guides and i can see a big difference in the intention and respect that i get it makes life so much more fun i don’t think it’s an overstatement to say charisma is literally a gateway to getting anything you want in life so thank you for making charisma university another member wrote my biggest breakthrough has been gaining more confidence if you knew me a year ago you’d see a socially awkward guy but that same guy had hidden confidence and charisma that has now been unleashed if you’re reading this or listening right now think about who you want to be in a year this course will teach you how to be that person and this last one comes from a guy who says chrisman university helps his dating life he says firstly loving the course i have cherry-picked a few things for example the filter lesson in the conversation module this one lesson completely changed my life i’ve liked a girl for over a year now but never thought much of it because i thought she was too pretty took your lessons gave things a shot and now we’re dating the program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which is for any reason whatsoever and it’s 60 days even though the course is 30 days just so there’s absolutely no risk on your part at all either you become more confident and charismatic or you get every penny back if this interests you and you want to unlock your confidence and charisma then click the link on screen now or in the description below and you can learn more about charisma university either way i really hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you do join i look forward to seeing you inside see you you



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  1. I agree mostly, however I see a big problem forming… cause if I adapt this, it's not gonna be my everyday face cause this is not how I normally act especially on auto pilot mode. I'm a working class male and I already got a lot on my mind.

  2. attracting too many woman not always a good thing, You can have 5 girlfriends, one for each day of the week, maybe just take saturday and sunday offπŸ˜‰πŸ€”πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  3. this is BS your either hot or not.girls with make up are usually more gross that a pretty girl without it. a girl can be hot in sweat paints and does need to were anything else.

  4. I said and acted exactly like lucifer and one girl got so mad at me so much so that she yelled at me at the club, accusing me of sexual harassment, making a huge deal about it, then I got kicked out of the club. Not only that but when the lady bouncer pushed me to kick me out of the club she said " you are coming with me" and then I answered : "with pleasure"(in a playfull way) then the female bouncer slapped me in the face and said "LEAVE MY CLUB PERVERT I DONT PLAY LIKE THAT". Holly moly some girls are sooo uptight and square like a pilgrim. WHAT THE F*** just happened 😳 πŸ˜„πŸ€£. Omg…..

  5. I'm sorry. Is it just me or did anyone else think picking Lucifer/Tom Ellis was the easy way out? OF COURSE he is attractive. There isn't a gene sequence in his DNA that isn't perfect and Lucifer is a smart a** all the way. I mean, this video topic would have been better proved using an individual with fewer "in your face" hotness points. Tom Ellis or Lucifer Morningstar could literally dress like a chicken…in public…and women would swoon and men would want to be him.
    **Disclaimer: confidence and charisma do not insure three half dressed women in your bed. Tom Ellis and Lucifer Morningstar can.