I AM CONFIDENT — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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self-confidence without that skill we are useless because when you lose sight or belief in yourself we’re done for I use the definition of self-confidence to be the ability or the belief to believe in yourself to accomplish any task no matter the odds no matter the difficulty no matter the adversity the problem is we expect to be self-confident but we can’t be unless the skill or the tasks we’re doing is not novel is not new to us we want to be in a situation where we’ve created we’ve had so much pressure in that and what I mean because pressure builds diamonds we want to be in a situation where hey I’ve done this a thousand times because I make enough mistakes and the newspapers will recognize it and people around me will recognize it and they’ll tear me down and pretty soon I’ll begin to believe it there was a time when my confidence was really low because there are moments and we’ll all experience them in our career in our life and our job hunting and our relationships when we are not feeling good about who and what and where we are how good should you feel about yourself well you know you might say well you should Grant yourself the right to exist like you do everyone else you know that’s sort of like a basic human right as a human being you’re valuable and then maybe you should sort of think you’re about as valuable as other people roughly think you are that seems about right right so the right amount of self-esteem would be your perception of your value within the context of a group how much misery about yourself do you have to have before you’re motivated to improve yourself none well that doesn’t seem right but we also don’t know whether it’s shame or guilt or anxiety or pain or you know these negative emotions that motivate you now it’s clear that if you have enough negative emotion not to paralyze you everyone has the same two deepest fears All Humans I don’t care I’ve dealt with greatest athletes in the world multi-billionaires you know guys in prison you name the kids we all are afraid we’re not enough at some point if you feel like you’re not young enough strong enough old enough but sure enough funny enough Rich enough something enough for someone who you really want to be enough for it brings up an even deeper fear which is if I’m not enough I won’t be loved and love is the oxygen of the soul and you don’t get over it you’ve got Beyond it and the way you get Beyond it is you just train yourself I don’t say in a minute when I’m ready or maybe tomorrow it’s like I say go we go so it’s a mental training as well as it’s a physical training right and when you do that over and over and then you say I’m going to do this your brain doesn’t negotiate you’ve trained your own mind a lot of people these discussions in their own head back and forth and that’s just a habit I think of three things I’m grateful for about a minute each and I live them I don’t remember it over there I get in the roller coaster as it’s going down and feel it and I get Associated to what I’m most grateful for because gratitude destroys the two emotions that mess up your life which are fear and anger and then what that does is it creates a foundation that when Winter’s here you go give me winter bastard I’ll rip through that I don’t care what it is you want to do I’m ready but most people you know they’re living their life in front of a screen a lot of people today they’re living at home right their shoulders are down they’re breathing like this they get distracted by all the things around them there’s no energy really on a vital level and then so what happened there’s no stimulus from being at the office for some people anymore and so what happens is people’s lives have gone down to a low level of energy well I believe that you have to build belief belief is like there’s an after-school special believed where the mom says believe in yourself and that’s all great but there’s also a guilt belief confidence comes from the thing that you built you must build belief you must build confidence until you’re able to really put yourself into that dream but don’t make dreams your master that’s where you truly become what you’re destined to become a lot of people sit back and they dream about being a sports figure or dream about being a seal or dream about being an astronaut and all it is is a dream they don’t put the work behind the dream that dream has become the master when you become the master of dream is when you say I want to go be a Navy SEAL you say okay I’m gonna lose 106 pounds in less than three months the dream was the one thing I thought about and the dream was now gone now what comes in the dream goes away and the laundry list of details and tasks come up gotta do this God do this God do this gotta do this that’s when you become the master of your dream so a lot of people out there dreaming if you’re going to get a new result if you’re going to grow your business if you’re going to be able to support your mom if you’re going to get rid of the anxiety if you’re going to be able to overachieve and not have all that fear inside of you you obviously need to get a new result you’re going to have to get new action we all know that you don’t get new results with old actions doing the same thing what human beings can do is amazing what they will do is usually disappointing it’s not because we’re not capable of it it’s because we don’t have new actions because we get in certain emotional states that dominate us like anxiety like fear of failure right like the fear of the loss of your mother as an example so if you’re in a state of fear you’re going to behave very differently and get very different result and then if you were in a place of being courageous or bold or warm or connected or playful any of those so the most important key to changing your life in any situation is to change results you got to change Behavior but to change Behavior you’re going to change the emotional state you’re in if you take that same person and you change the tempo they move you bring their shoulders back and change their breathing pattern if they make a faster gesture if they speak more rapidly it fires off a different biochemistry in you and in that state you will take radically different actions put both your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman or Superman or that stuff right if you stand like this and you breathe deep for just two minutes what the science found was that you will absolutely increase your testosterone by 20 man or woman you’ll drop your cortisol which as you know is the stress hormone by 22 and you’re 33 more likely to take action with you wouldn’t have before because fear would have stopped you so if you are in a situation you think of the worst scenario your mom dying no my business goes under I never achieve at the level I need to all the things I have anxiety about the minute you focus on them you go into those states of fear and then you behave fearful and you get lousy results and we get lousy results what does it do to your brain you go see I told you I couldn’t do this it becomes this negative Loop if you focus on what you want life has probabilities there’s no guarantees but you increase them when you change your state and that’s really what this is all about learning to change your body and learning to change your focus we have the ability to no matter what our circumstances are get better so as a human why wouldn’t I every day try to be the best version of me you didn’t necessarily live to be a hundred but the time you had on Earth you put in work and then you went and dominated one area and then you started coming over and said now I’m coming to some other areas that are not my errors per se but I’m gonna bring my greatness over here and I’m gonna kill it and that’s all I’m saying to people greatness is in you activated but what you’re activating is the norm this isn’t right that isn’t right I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen get up early get a PhD write a book put a bunch of free videos up online learn a second rank I’ll do whatever it takes to keep this freedom I’ll do whatever it takes there’s enough people that are telling us we can’t do it that we’re not good enough why do we want to tell ourselves that we know for a fact that thoughts influence actions why do we want to say that negative self-talk to ourselves we need to get our own self-affirmations Muhammad Ali what was his self-affirmation I am the greatest there need to be quiet moments in your bedroom that we need to reaffirm I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate that is my affirmation we’re supposed to be different folks and when people look at us believe in yourself



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  1. 🌟 Absolutely on point! Self-confidence is the foundation for success, empowering us to face adversity and unleash our inner beast. It's crucial to believe in ourselves and stay resilient, especially when others may try to bring us down. Thank you for sharing this powerful reminder – let's keep nurturing our self-confidence and rising above any challenges! 💪🔥

  2. I just talk to my family abt how could i be a millionaire and they just tall me m crazy all what I do is thinking abt my future and how to be a billionaire so I deicide to walk in silence so everyone should do his things in silence good luck to all of us

  3. Confidence is a vital ingredient for success and achieving one's goals. It is important to believe in oneself and one's abilities, and to be resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks. Motivational speeches like this can be incredibly inspiring and uplifting, and can help people tap into their inner strength and potential. Ultimately, the key is to take action and apply the lessons learned from motivational speeches to one's own life.

  4. You know if you are around negative people who keep putting you down you never will get up to achieve those goals.
    I see ?
    Sometimes everyone does need that person to push them a little to achieve those goals

  5. When everyone Today "copy and pastes motivational quotes" thinking they're so ORIGINAL. With NO MOTIVATION in actually thinking up something from their own minds. What more having the MOTIVATION to actually DO SOMETHING to improve their own pathetic lives. THAT'S YOU.