I CAN DO IT ALONE — Best Motivational Speech

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[Music] if people are impeding your development you sacrifice your relationship with them it’s a very very rough rule let’s say you’re miserable and unhappy okay here’s a cure find what’s valuable and Let It Go so we could say well maybe it’s a relationship that you have maybe it’s a relationship with your parents right and the relationship is pathological but you’re locked into it you value it and no wonder because it’s a relationship with your parents and you’re suffering terribly because of it what do you do maybe you let it go it’s a sacrifice and the idea is that well that’ll clear the future for you well very frequently when people are suffering terribly not always because sometimes you just suffer stupidly blindly and without recourse you know you get cancer and then you die so we have no idea how to deal with that but sometimes the reason that you’re suffering is because you just won’t let go of the thing that’s biting you and I’ve had clients like this I can’t stop communicating with my mother who phones me three times a day every day of my life it never says anything that isn’t unbelievably critical and demeaning I can’t let that go that’s not such a good idea the funny thing too often when people let something like that go it goes away sorts itself out and then comes back so they don’t even end up losing it but unless they’re willing to let it go to sacrifice it they make no Headway whatsoever and I’m not saying I’m a great man but I’m telling you this hero I ain’t what I was you might not think all that much of me but you would if you knew what I was though if you’d have saw me when I had a severe stuttering problem and I couldn’t talk outside my house you would think much of me if you saw me when I flunked out of school I’m on my third marriage you would think a whole lot more of me if you knew me when I was living in that car for three years because see what I what he turned me into was something I never thought I didn’t think I’d ever be this people come to me from everywhere I meet with kings and queens I was in Botswana with the president and the first lady of Botswana then I met the the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi he came out of his chair at the race to come meet me you know I came to meet me just simply because of my gift I make people laugh it put me in the presence of Great Men that’s what my gift has done for me that’s what your gift will do for you that scripture is talking about you look man identify that god-giving gift and get to pursuing it maybe you here cause you need to hear this here maybe you hear me maybe you need to explore your imagination maybe you just need to identify your gift so you can quit tripping in your own life trying to figure out what you can do there is a statement I think it was Pascal he said you know all of man’s problems arise because he cannot sit by himself in a room for 30 minutes alone and it’s very true I always needed to be stimulated and when the iPhone came along Odom was dead I would never be bored again even if I’m standing in line I’m on my iPhone and I thought it was great and when I was a kid I used to try and overclock my brain be like how many thoughts can I think at once the answer is only one but I would try to like think multiple thoughts at once and I was proud of that I was proud that my brain was always running this engine was always moving and it’s a disease it’s actually the road to misery and now that I’m older I realize like you actually want to again rest your mind you want to learn how to settle into your mind now I look forward to solitary confinement you leave me alone for a day it’ll be like the happiest day I’ve had in a while and and that is a superpower that I think everybody can attain the superpower of learning to be alone and enjoying it yeah as much as you want people to agree and you want the people around you to be supporting your dreams and all it’s not going to be like that all the time you got to do it alone and people will help you and when you when you get the ball rolling people will jump on but if you don’t believe nobody else is going to believe people come along because your belief is so insane that your belief is so strong that makes people be like yo this crazy following your dreams is a lonely solitary scary dangerous Pursuit you can’t wait for somebody to think you can do it because they don’t think you can do nothing they can’t do it’s a lonely scary dangerous Pursuit and you got to be willing to risk everything to become that seed of what you believe it’s in there you gotta be Fearless you got to be relentless you have lots of reasons to be God there’s reasons to be resentful about your existence everyone you know is gonna die you know you too and there’s going to be a fair bit of pain along the way and lots of it’s going to be unfair it’s like yeah no wonder you’re resentful it’s like act it out and see what happens you make everything you’re complaining about infinitely worse there’s this idea that hell is a bottomless pit and that’s because no matter how bad it is some stupid son of a like you could figure out a way to make it a lot worse so you think well what do you do about that well you accept it that’s what life is like it’s suffering that’s what the religious people have always said life is suffering yes well who wants to admit that well just think about it well so what do you do in the face of that suffering try to reduce it start with yourself what good are you get yourself together for Christ’s sake so that when your father dies you’re not winding away in a corner and you can help plan the funeral and you can stand up solidly so that people can rely on you that’s better it’ll be a damn victim of course you’re a victim put yourself together and then maybe if you put yourself together you know how to do that you know what’s wrong with you if you’ll admit it you know there’s a few things you could like polish up a little bit that you might even be able to manage in your insufficient present condition and so you might shine yourself up a little bit and then your eyes will be a little more open then you can shine yourself up a little bit more and then maybe you could bring your family together instead of having them be the hateful spiteful neurotic infighting bats that you’re like doomed to spend Christmas with so when you fix yourself up a little bit kind of humbly because you know God you’re a fixer-upper if there ever was one and then you gotta figure out well can you figure out how to make peace with your Idiot Brother and probably not because he’s just as dumb as you so how the hell are you gonna manage that and so then you’ve maybe you get somewhere that way and your family’s sort of functioning and you find out well that kind of relieved a little bit of suffering although it reduced the opportunities for spiteful revenge and that’s kind of a pain in the neck and so then you get your family together a little bit and you’re a little clued in then at least a bit because you’ve done something difficult that’s actually difficult you’re a little wiser and so then maybe you could put a tentative finger out beyond the family and try to change some little thing without wrecking it it’s like our society is complex and we teach our students that they could just fix it it’s like go fix a military helicopter and see how far you get with that it’s like you’re going to get a dude you’re like a chimp with a wrench whack oh look it’s better it’s like no it’s not better things are complicated and to fix things is really hard and you have to be like a golden tool to fix things and you’re not and that’s the other message of the West it’s like how do you overcome the suffering of the of life and I’m not saying it’s only the message of the West how do you overcome the suffering of life is be a better person that’s how you do it well that’s hard it takes responsibility and I think you know if you said to someone you want to have a meaningful life everything you do matters that’s the definition of a meaningful life but everything you do matters you’re gonna have to carry that with you I get you know worried sometimes I get these feelings and so what I decided to do was create a 90 second rule for myself where I would end suffering as it arises because anybody tells you an Anne suffer is full of crap the reason is your brain is a two million year old brain it’s not designed to make you happy it’s designed to make you survive but there’s no saber-toothed tiger for you to react to anymore so now we worry about what are people thinking about us do I have enough money over the last two years what I’ve done is play this little 90-second Rule and if I feel tension in me I go okay that’s suffering where’s it coming what am I stressed about what are they concerned about and what I immediately do is I realize the stressful thought what I really do now is I dig in and I notice that the only time you have stress or suffer is when you believe a stressful thought



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  1. The idea of self-reliance and independence can be appealing, but in reality, no one can truly succeed in a vacuum. We all benefit from the knowledge, experience, and guidance of others, and there's no shame in asking for help or seeking out resources when we need them.

    At the same time, it's also important to cultivate a sense of self-reliance and resilience, so that we are better equipped to handle challenges and setbacks when they arise. Striking a balance between independence and interdependence can help us lead fulfilling and successful lives, both personally and professionally.

  2. Always nice to hear these stories, but what do you do if your purpose and your means gets taken away from you by every single one around you? When your government destroys the infrastructure, health, services and security you need to produce something and place laws that prohibits you from getting employment and from owning a company, When the economic powers that be, have convinced those they can to completely boycott you with business, financing, and any opportunities, an display such a confidence in destroying you that they have a life insurance on you that covers you for suicide and benefits them, When the rest around you are so desperate to find happiness that they will tread on you daily to get there, When the ones you love do not love who you are, but who they want you to be, and When your health has left you at the mercy of people who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.