I MAKE MY DESTINY — Best Motivational Speech

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I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul I am living the dream [Music] and I want you to live the dream because I’m not living the dream because I’m special I’m living the dream because I was obedient to the call of the dream so often we spend our lives wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing and Desiring things this is what I know for sure you don’t get what you wish for you don’t even get what you hope for you get what you believe so what is it you believe and know to be God’s dream for you so I’d live in the dream I’m living in the space of the dream and dreams good dreams good the dream is greater than anything that I could have imagined I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life I am responsible I am responsible so obviously I grew up and was better able to articulate what those words really mean and I discovered in physics class the third law of motion in physics says for every action it’s called Newton’s Law and it says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so what does that mean that means everything that you are putting out into the world every action bam there is an equal and opposite reaction it means no matter what you do the energy of what you do what you say and most important the energy of who you are is going out into the world into your home into your relationships and that energy is always coming back to you you are responsible for the energy that you are pulling out into the world because that very energy bam is coming right back to you every single time whether you believe it or not because it is law it is law it is law that what you put out into the world is coming back you have an intention for the thing and that the intention is going to determine the outcome in this Twitter tweet meme mean world that we’ve created for our children the least we can do is consider what we’ve done and think about the young people the future and individually collectively do the best we can to try and turn this thing around I blame no one I look in the mirror on the other side of it what an opportunity we have because tomorrow’s the first day of the rest of our lives everybody wants to fulfill the highest truest expression of yourself as a human being that’s what you’re looking for the highest truest expression of yourself as a human being and because I understand that I understand that if you’re working in a bakery and that’s where you want to be and that may be the that may be what you’ve always wanted to do is to bake pies for people or bake cakes for people or to offer your gift then then that’s that’s for you and there’s no difference between you and me except that’s how that’s your platform that’s your show every day so my understanding of that has allowed me to you know everyone to reach everyone and and there’s no way that you wouldn’t because that’s that’s what I truly feel so I was torn between what the world was saying to me and what I felt to be the truth for myself it felt like an unnatural act for me reporting although I knew that a lot of people it was glamorous and I started to just inside myself think what what do I really want to do what I really want to do and I will say this knowing what you don’t want to do is the best possible place to be if you don’t know what to do because knowing what you don’t want to do leads you to figure out what is it you you really do want to do overcoming failure or even life in general for this whole process is an inner journey and I’ll explain what I mean by that one of our biggest challenges with failures is that we start worrying about others approval and validation that we’re worried about breaking the moment because of what people would say we’re worried about taking a risk because we don’t know how someone’s going to react he said what’s the most difficult thing you’ve ever overcome in life through my head ran sports injuries ran health challenges ran emotional challenges you know all these different thoughts ran through my head and the answer came to me and I said to myself it’s not even something I’ve overcome but I felt it was the right thing to share I said that one of the most important things or one of the most difficult things that any of us can overcome and I haven’t overcome it is living for the perception of others that’s actually one of the most difficult things we can overcome when we forego the voice of our ego and tune into the voice of our intuition right our voice of our ego says what will people say the voice of our ego says is what if you don’t make it the voice of our ego says this part will be safer this path is better trodden on and the voice of my intuition is saying but you don’t love that you love this this is your heart’s calling this is what’s going to make you happy every day this if you can make this work it will be phenomenal and that’s why I always remind myself and I’ve been saying this to myself for years when I’ve done jobs I didn’t like when I’ve done jobs that were okay and I’ve done jobs over here I always said to myself I’d rather die trying to make a difference and not succeed then don’t try at all because what’s exciting is the Journey of everyday growing and becoming the person I think I need to be to attract the goal that I want that’s more exciting to me than even reaching that goal believing every day that it’s possible believing that it’s possible looking at the Limitless possibility and working in that way therefore a lot of the challenges we have are simply to give us responsibility for the success that we’re about to take on I hate Plan B and I tell you why because we have so many doubters we have so many of those people that say no and you can’t do it that’s impossible that is okay because we just turn off as I said earlier and we listen and we hear that no being a yes you can’t do it do it you can’t do it and all of that so that that is possible to do that amongst all the negative people around you but when you start doubting yourself that’s very dangerous because now what you’re basically saying is is that if my plan doesn’t work I have a fallback plan I have a plan B and that means that you start thinking about Plan B and every thought that you put into Plan B you’re taking away now that thought and that energy from plan A and it’s very important to understand that we function better if there is no safety net because Plan B becomes a safety net it says that if I fail then I fall and I get picked up and I have something else there that was that will protect me and that’s not good because people perform better when there’s no safety net people perform better in sports and everything else if you don’t have a plan B I’m telling you I’ve never ever had a plan B I say I made a full commitment that I’m gonna go and be a party building Champion I made a full commitment that I’m gonna be in America I made a full commitment that I’m going to get into Show Business and I’m going to be a leading man no matter what it takes I will do the work I would do the work over and over and over until I get it said to me it is very dangerous to have a plan B because you’re cutting yourself off from the chance of really succeeding and the reason one of the main reasons why people want to have a plan p is because they are worried about failing what is if I fail then I don’t have anything else well let me tell you something don’t be afraid of failing because there’s nothing wrong with failing you have to fail in order to climb that ladder there’s no one that doesn’t fail



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