If You Don’t Respect Jamie Foxx, Watch This — Jamie Foxx’s Emotional Speech

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they put my father in jail for 25 worth of illegal substance they put him in jail for seven years oh wow this man was an educator in the hood in the inner cities educating kids the judge that he would have come to the school and talk to the kids presided over his case and put him in jail and what they didn’t understand was their father taught me everything told me how to throw a football of basketball told me how to play tennis and I was like why am I learning how to play tennis he’s because I don’t want you to be limited I told my Pops I I can’t come see you because I see you as a king I wrote him a letter I said hey you know things have gotten good for me when you get out I saved your life and he’s been living with me for 20 years now no matter where you start you got the opportunity to change if something great happens just be prepared for whatever is going to come along I tell people all the time appreciate the failures the real ones never trip you look at Hendrix you look at Elvis they have to have something because that’s God family yeah God’s gonna give you something incredible but he’s also going to give you something to Anchor that because I believe this is what I believe in and you tell me if you believe this I believe in the yin and the Yang of everything meaning like when there’s absolute light there has to be absolute Darkness to balance it out and that’s what everything that we do it’s sort of like We’re Not Gonna Get Away with anything like anything that happens to you in life you have to pay for it like it’s like the grocery store okay I got the career got to pay for that okay I got the money okay I gotta pay for that then here come the family yeah I need that money yeah you you well I’m going I’m going I’m gonna release a story about you so it’s all of these different things that you got to pay for but at the end of the day and I tell fathers this all the time no matter what you do is how your your kids turn out that’s what’s the most important thing in the world that makes you happy what makes me happy man is seeing the result of you creating something in your living room or in your bathroom my idea a joke a song and then seeing the whole world repeat it I wake up and do like this mental check system I’m in this situation I’m in a in a situation where I’m able to create and that’s my job and then I look at what I could have been doing so I turned my light on I said I’m going to turn my light on no matter where no matter if I’m tired or if I’m right whatever it is I turn my light on and that saves you because a lot of people turn their lights off when I wake up I said I’m not gonna be afraid to be goofy I’m not gonna be afraid to be but I’m not going to afraid to challenge myself and it’s just a mental thing that you do when you wake up and then once you do that and once you learn how to tap into it you don’t need any of the other stuff I am having a ride in my life it is so great I wish I could take what I’m feeling right now and put it in the Water Systems and everybody could drink it and we will all love each other a whole lot more I’m telling you I’m going to thank Ray Charles I sat with Ray Charles and I was sitting and I was playing with him and I hit a wrong note and he said no why the hell would you do that and I said I don’t know he said the notes are right underneath your fingers he said life is notes right underneath our fingers all you got to do is take the time out to play the right notes and what I tell people is we have to be Fearless we have to stand up to these bullies we cannot allow people to condone this type of uh a behavior and we cannot let some people uh say that these people are somehow good people you know they’re they’re not and you know we have to be we have to be steadfast in it and it’s going to be scary I predict in these next few years the way things are going it’s going to be scary man but good people good white people good black people good Hispanic people Asian and everything in between my Muslim Brothers I Jewish Brothers all of our brothers man and sisters if God Allah Buddha whoever you believe in said that we should be here on Earth that means we’re supposed to be here no one is here because they’re not supposed to be so therefore um give them that respect because you never know when you may be in that situation be looked at or belittle because of who you are so we gotta adjust our satellite just a bit and I don’t want to sound like the old dude saying Young Folks anything like we all have to figure out a way to not become too used to what’s going on right now and that’s just the truth if you can in your music if you can in any of your entertainment if you can try to sneak a message in there I’m not saying that we that we can stop everything but we gotta figure something out



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  1. There is a new memoir written by a prison system insider that everyone needs to read called Penitentiary Chances. It echoes the spirit of Jamie's message that needs to be heard by everyone.