If You Feel Boring In Conversation – Watch This

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yeah do you blue the bargain how do you think I got this job is so damn funny alright guys welcome today we have one of the most charismatic people in the world that we’re gonna be looking at that person is Craig Ferguson he had the Late Late Show before James Corden and he was exceptional because every other talk-show host even today has this thing called a pre-interview they would sit down and they would plan out their questions and the jokes are often rehearsed and while there’s some time for spontaneity it’s minimal Craig at the beginning of every show would rip up the pre-interview questions and basically ad-lib and his confidence to trust in his own ability to connect with anyone without knowing ton about them it was it was legendary and he would often make for some of the best interviews so what we’re gonna do today is look at that and what we can learn from him when bringing this sort of idea of spontaneity to our own conversations in our life man I hate lawyers you know a lawyer are you before you were an actress who didn’t sneak in about a law and did you what’s in that what’s in this confidence [Laughter] I mean that’s everything he’s just got a very different agenda than most people do when they’re interacting which is to exchange information and look cool he is job out there and he feels it clearly is to be playful have fun and make the other person comfortable is it theirs yeah pomegranate they got one of them there’s one of them look this is a little bit like your name tea wanna know what’s the key one oh it’s a very enigmatic fruit man I mean it’s very popular and the girls enjoy it but no he’s so good one of the things that you’ll see here and you can apply this to your own life as well is that he has an extremely low filter on what he says so he often starts off what becomes a really funny joke with just some sort of sidelong thing that pops into his head oh that’s kind of like your name Kiwi kiwano and then this is another principle which he applies so well he is not literal with probably more than 50% of the questions that the guests might ask of him so waffles sometimes say hey where are you from and they can exchange literal information he recognizes that in these interviews and in a lot of the first impressions that you’re going to be making on anyone in your life it literal information exchange is not the most important piece what you’re trying to do early in an interaction is enjoy yourself is laughs and by answering not literally to a lot of the things that are asked what kind of fruit is that and instead talking about kion oh it’s it’s excellent and then he goes on even further to complement him while cracking a joke so we’ve often talked about how I have so much to say about Craig I can’t handle we’ve often talked in our videos how you want the subtext of your jokes to be complimentary and so he takes this and says this is something that the girls like very popular not a lot of people know it’s on about it this is very very kind of a subtext and it’s it’s it’s awesome Tarot medicine so all our work is done indoors [Music] what does that mean internal medicine this this is actually a great joke format which is just to purposely misinterpret what is being said purposefully misinterpreting oftentimes makes for incredible funny little moments like this I don’t think I’d have made a good doctor always would I like to because I think I’ve got quite good hair for a doctor here kind of like gonna help you you’re doing you know I think I’m good doctor here so I could commend my hair inspires confidence in people so that they could there’s nothing about you that would inspire that kind of calm so he doesn’t bail on the joke either this is important he tells a joke he doesn’t get the laugh there and without rushing it he continues so this is tough to emulate but he is simultaneously not reaction seeking in the sense that he do I didn’t get my laugh I have to push push push right now but it doesn’t bail on the joke it’s his level of comfort with whatever people say in response and his willingness to remain in the present moment responding spontaneously that is so attractive it’s tough to step into this especially in a situation where you’re feeling a bit uncomfortable but it is so damned attractive yeah harmonicas how do you think so one thing we’re not getting that he’s very good at his callback humor and so he manages to stay present with what’s being said while having a seemingly sort of a Rolodex in the back of his head of beats and topics that they’ve touched on if you watch the full’ and it’s worth your time him and robin williams is a comedic master class but both of them it’s a little bit high energy for normal interaction but the principles in there are amazing if you want to check that out really really cool nice it’s nice – it is nice thank you just did what no go to touch myoma see what i’ll do you know that’s a man secure in his own manliness yeah and also that was me flexing so one way to accept a compliment is with the gracious thank you and and that is a perfect way to accept the compliment another way is when somebody compliments you too playfully self-deprecating no I’m an idiot actually I’m really weak you are making a joke of the competent which is exactly what he does here because clearly he doesn’t work out just one arm so that’s one way you can just go with thank you sincerely totally works or you can accept the compliment but playfully disarmed and this is this is exactly what he’s doing here very nice to meet you and may I compliment you on your amazing shoes he’s always complimentary he says the same thing ho compliment either their dress or the way that they look and he does it with guys too that they’ve got a good sense of style that they’re looking great he’s very very giving with compliments that’s really something you got going on there I notice I do from time to time and it’s enthusiastic even if a bit over the top it’s is enthusiasm is is what connects here that’s that’s an amazing show is that the the romance and all that going on this is sort of dominatrix yeah oh I knew I’d seen it somewhere quick the funniest people with rare exception have certain joke types and joke principles that they leaned on heavily and so it makes them look completely spontaneous even though there’s only a handful maybe a dozen of types of jokes that they just reference over and over and over again what’s up guys Charlie from the future here so I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you would like a proper breakdown on Crais go ahead let me know in the comments I know he’s not super popular in the news right now but he truly is a charismatic wonder so I hope that you guys have enjoyed this video if you would like more on this you might want to check out our course charisma University so charisma university is a 30 day program that is all about maximizing your confidence and your charisma so that you can turn it on in the moments when you need it the most know if you’re like me during this lockdown period you probably haven’t been socializing too much so this can be an excellent way to get back into the world on the right foot this course covers lots of important things in your interactions whether it’s in the working world or with your friends but it starts with first impressions right how do you make an impression on someone such that they remember you for a long time to come over all the other people that they might need we go into confidence how do you feel confident and around superior’s people who might make you nervous right now then we go into how to have a conversation so that it flows and you’re not going oh my god what do I say next we go into body language we go into how to be a leader we cover all of these skills in 30 days with just 20 minutes a day because the course really is built around doing one small action every single day such that you’re building habits that become unthinking by the end of the course so if you’re interested in checking it out you can do so with the link below it does come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and that means that you can actually go through this 30-day course twice before you decide if it’s not for you you just let us know and we give you every single penny back so if you’re interested in Chrisman Aversa tea you want to go deeper into the stuff and apply it in your own life I highly recommend you click the link below now this is just one little addendum for those of you guys who have been asking where I have been I have been allowing men to take over the breakdowns for a while creatively I feel like I’ve said a lot of what I have to say so I could want it to step away from the channel a little bit I’ve also been really interested in this other course that we’re working on emotional mastery I’m developing the content for that right now but I’m alive I’m well I’m happy I’m doing great I appreciate the concern and I will be back on the channel once I wrap up with this other project which is basically filming everything for emotional mastery either way hope that you guys are great see you soon [Music] [Music] you



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  1. Before meetings these days I come here to get my charisma where I need it to be for meetings. It helped me much in the past and continued use I’ve seen nothing but positive results.

  2. Another One thing that makes CRAIG FERGUSON the most attractive for women :

    He is NON-NEEDY !!

    He NEVER touches the women until he is invited or asked to do so

    Even after touching the Women, he keeps things as Calm and Normal

  3. I love the point where for someone to seem spontaneous and full of humor and quick witted they actually practice only 1 kind of joke, and apply it to many situations as it becomes habitual.

  4. oh my, don‘t try to put fergusons inner attitude to a scheme for everyone to learn. it‘s not possible for most because it‘s simply him. there on the screen he is what he is characterwise. life has made him that way due to his own individual environment. you cannot learn it in short. most people would fail miserably in doing it the same way. it would always be a poor copy. it’s a fine line between exactly ferguson and overdoing it. that‘s why you‘ve never seen it before and after on talk shows. you must have gone through something very special and individual in your life to be like him and to be able to reproduce the atmosphere of a ferguson show it would help to have some special english accent by the way. so just leave it, bring him back and become yourself so the world gets more diverse and not full of boring copycats. in ferguson’s case it simply comes too natural so as to copy it. anyone who would follow exactly craig‘s path with system would be very annoying i guess. sitting vis-á-vis doing conversation most people feel the copycats and won‘t come again so often.

  5. The other day I was in class and we were talkinig about Motif (pronounce Mo-teef) and we were talking about what it was, I really wanted to say "Is it a pair of dentures?" But knowing I was in a class with a bunch of homeschooled kids (homeschool co-op) I assumed they wouldn't get it, so I didn't say it. Really a bummer.

  6. Hi Charlie, I have been watching your videos a lot these days. Never actually saw your face. I didn't know I was getting some charisma advice from a Playboy front page model

  7. It's all wrong, if you don't FEEL confident and happy, nothing of this will work. Just have a lot of confidence and well-being, and be present and enjoy the moment, and be yourself, and then, You can use this stuff, a little bit

  8. A proper breakdown on Craig Ferguson would be amazing!!!!!! Have you made one yet that I’ve somehow missed??? Even if you decided to do multiple breakdowns on Craig Ferguson, I would watch them all!! Please let me know!

  9. Responding to questions or statements with intentional misunderstanding is one of the best things I’ve started doing. Started practicing this around people I’m close with so if it falls flat, it’s not too embarrassing, and have expanded from there.

    It’s good advice and really makes a difference.

  10. Charisma:
    0. Speak Loudly and clearly that the person can understand you on the first try
    1. Lower your filter be open to be knowing and being known
    2. Be playful and relaxed
    3. Playfully Self-deprecate

  11. funny how the charisma "coach" with a channel named charisma on demand
    is not really charismatic at all
    now i know why you dont show your face in your newer videos
    not meaning to drag you , you were probably really awkward as a kid or something and are doing much better now
    just meaning that you still have ways to go

  12. Its funny, before I saw your videos, I was watching a lot of Craig Ferguson clips. Not just because he's funny, but because of his easy rapport with beautiful women, who seem to lap it up. Then I noticed your clips, and how perceptive you are with social interactions. Here, I discover you're a Craig fan too, so I know I'm on the right track!

  13. In some of your videos, you discuss being boring and predictable, but Craigs interviews are scripted and repetitious. Not just to a one time situation but to a world audience again and again. He is charismatic but surely, how does he get away with this as unpredictable and not boring. Great as an example but do you not keep repeating yourself in your videos also? Not being negative – I like your excellent videos and find them really helpful. But doesn't just follow "Win friends and Influence people"? Saying that, is it not complete manipulation? Isn't he narcissist/sociopath? Food.