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have you ever woken up 3:00 to 5: in the morning you may think it is insomnia or you are suffering from something and can’t get back to sleep no it is a special gift to you from God you are one of the people among the specially chosen ones you have to use this precious gift wisely in this video I will tell you how to use this special moment and what to do at this time lesson one pray to God and ask ask for what you want in the quiet early hours when the world is still asleep take a moment to connect with the Divine it’s a peaceful time between 3: to 5:00 a.m. in the morning where your heart and mind can speak freely Begin by finding a comfortable spot anywhere you can feel the early morning Breeze or simply in a place that feels sacred to you now close your eyes let your breath slow down inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly feel the calmness enveloping you in this Serene moment open your heart to God the universe or whatever higher power you believe in it’s time to pray but not just any prayer this is a special kind of prayer where you ask for what you truly want in life but how do you ask it’s Simple Start by clear cly picturing what you desire maybe it’s happiness health love or peace perhaps you’re seeking guidance strength or courage to face the day’s challenges whatever it is imagine it as vividly as you can feel it in your heart then speak to God as you would to a friend there’s no need for fancy words just be sincere say something like dear God please guide me to find find peace today or help me to be strong and kind in whatever I face remember it’s not about the exact words but the feeling behind them feel your desire deeply as you speak it why do you this because these early hours are powerful your mind is clear your heart is open and it’s believed that the veil between our world and the Divine is thinnest by praying for what you want you’re not just sending a wish into the universe you’re aligning your spirit with the energy of creation setting the stage for your desires to manifest after you finished your prayer take a few more deep breaths sit in silence for a moment basking in the peace and the connection you’ve just experienced carry this calmness and Clarity with you as you slowly open your eyes and prepare to greet the day remember every day is a new opportunity and starting it by asking for what you want sets a positive tone for everything that follows lesson two show gratitude and affirmation after you’ve taken the time to ask for what you want in the Silence of the early morning the next step is to cultivate a heart of gratitude gratitude transforms how we see the world and ourselves within it as the day begins to break and you feel the first rays of sunlight take a moment to reflect on the things you are thankful for find a comfortable position once again perhaps where you were during your prayer or move to a spot where you can witness the early signs of the day open your heart to the abundance already present in your life think about the blessings you have no matter how small or significant they might seem it could be the roof over your head the food on your table the people in your life or even the air in your lungs recognize that every day every breath is a gift now express your gratitude you can speak out loud or silently in your mind say I am thankful for this and that and fill in the blanks with what what ever comes to mind it’s not about making a long list but about genuinely feeling the warmth of thankfulness for what you have this practice of acknowledging your blessings helps to shift your focus from what’s missing in your life to the abundance that’s already there this way you will attract more abundance into your life subconsciously after expressing gratitude affirm your ability to face the day affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to build confidence and reinforce your intentions they can be about your strengths your capabilities or your goals for instance you might say I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way or I choose to see the positive in every situation these affirmations are your shield and strength of your life reminding you of your own resilience and the positive mindset you aim to maintain let them be your Guiding Light guiding you through the day with determination and optimism as you finish this practice take a few moments to breathe in deeply letting the feelings of gratitude and strength fill you visualize yourself going through your day with a calm and grateful heart ready to embrace whatever comes with courage and positivity slowly open your eyes carrying this sense of thankfulness and empowerment with you as you step into the day ahead remember each morning is not just a start to another day it’s an opportunity to acknowledge the beauty in our lives and affirm our strength to make the most of it by starting your day with gratitude and affirmations you pave the way for a day lived with purpose joy and resilience lesson three plan your day and set an intention after you’ve taken the time to ask for what you want and filled your heart with gratitude the next step in your early morning routine is to plan your day and set a clear intention doing this helps you focus and decide what you really want to achieve today it’s about taking control of your Day from the start first find a quiet place where you can think without distractions this might be the same place you’ve been sitting in or maybe you’d like to stand by a window to look outside take a deep breath and clear your mind of any clutter you’re about to think about your day ahead think about what you need to do today start with the most important stuff it could be something big like a project at work or school or something personal like making time to talk to a friend don’t make a huge list just think of a few key things that are really important to you today now decide on one thing that’s the most important ask yourself what’s the one thing I really want to get done today this is about setting an intention a main goal for the day it helps you stay focused on what matters most write it down or just say it out loud for example my intention today is to finish my project without any distractions or I intend to be kind to everyone I meet today saying or writing your intention makes it real and gives you a clear goal to aim for why is this important it’s because starting your day with a clear plan and intention helps you use your time wisely and keeps you focused on on what’s really important it’s like drawing a map for your day you know where you’re starting where you want to go and what you want to achieve this doesn’t mean everything will go exactly as planned but it gives you a direction and a purpose after you’ve set your intention take one more deep breath feel confident about your plan and your goal for the day imagine yourself moving through your day doing your best to stick to your plan and work towards your intention with your day planned and your intention set you’re ready to start moving you’ve already done three powerful things this morning you’ve asked for what you want filled your heart with gratitude and set a clear direction for your day now with a heart full of thanks and a clear goalen mind you’re all set to make the most of your day now before ending the video I want to ask you are you one of the chosen ones from God if yes write an inspiring comment on your story I will feature most inspiring comment in our Channel along with your name if you like the video do subscribe to this Channel and press the like button so that this message is shared with a WI community



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