Imagine Focusing on These 100 Life Lessons for the Next 6 Months

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don’t ruin your health to earn money you will end up spending your money to recover your health and that is not reciprocal be kind to people without allowing them to take advantage of your good nature you came into this huge world alone and will go out of it alone hence you can make any impossible thing possible by yourself only if you punish the truth expect to be lied to efforts never go in vain how others see you is not important how you see yourself means everything the only way to live like a king is to work like a slave just let it be if it’s meant to be it will happen your past was never a mistake if you learned from it once you feel free someone avoids you never disturb them [Music] again perceive failure as a vulnerable teacher and a stepping stone to success celebrate small victories and Milestones because they pave the way for bigger [Music] achievements whoever brings you the most peace should get the most time some things are meant to cross your way but are not meant to stay your direction is more important than your speed [Music] never fall in love with the same person twice because the second time you fall in love with the memories not the [Music] person you need to stop the habit of doubting yourself you can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him your heart will tell you where to go your head will guide you there safely use one without the other and you’ll get lost never be afraid to treat people the way they treat you just be real it saves everyone’s time never think twice about investments in yourself they pay dividends for a long time life will only come around once so do whatever makes you happy you can do big things if you are distracted by small things if you’re not happy with yourself you’ll never be happy in a relationship being lonely and being alone are different things overthinking ruins you it ruins the situation twists things around makes you worry about fule questions and makes everything much worse than it actually is just trust your instincts gut feelings can sometimes save you from big troubles you don’t get extra marks for putting up with people you dislike life is unfair don’t moan don’t complain learn to be thick skinned make the most of what you can [Music] most people are a complete waste of time a lesson never ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to [Music] know don’t let people know too much about you you don’t have to be great to start but to become great you just have to start the moment poverty walks in through the door love and peace toss themselves out of the window keep your mouth shut whenever you are happy keep your mouth shut whenever you are sad stop comparing yourself with those who started 10 years before you focus on your own Journey you can go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending don’t be emotionally attached to anyone people change even your best friends May probably turn into strangers one [Music] day no one cares except you do what lifts you up in your eyes what people say does not matter if you waste money you can earn it again if you miss the moment it can never be returned live life with open eyes ears and heart strong people are always simple you spend your first 20 years worrying about what people think about you your next 20 years swearing that you don’t care what people think about you and the next 20 years realizing that they aren’t thinking about [Music] you think before you act you can take a second to do something you haven’t properly considered that isn’t a true reflection of your character and it can undo a lifetime of kindness and generosity life gives you lemons pepper salt and sometimes cold water but they don’t come together or in a certain order so keep struggling until the lemonade is ready if you can do it now you won’t do it ever never let others know your weaknesses instead always try to show up your positives don’t tell your friends that you’re happy don’t make them angry don’t tell your enemies that you’re unhappy don’t make them happy time flies one day you are 30 the next you are 50 plan now for what you want 50 to look like regretting won’t change your past and it will end up your future if you continue to do that don’t make hopes hopes will create expectation and expectation makes you weaker some people just won’t admit they’re wrong don’t waste time trying to get them to accept it sometimes you just have to let stupid people be stupid don’t read a quote and say this is wise but read a quote and say how can I relate this to my life there are times when you see someone for the last time and don’t even realize it watch out you’ll never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory never expect too high the more you expect when it doesn’t meet your expectation the more it’s going to hurt it is indeed very hard to move on but once you do you’ll realize it was your best decision never make a promise you can’t keep stop letting other people take advantage of you learn to say no and understand your rights you might regret your speech but you’ll never regret your silence learn to let go even if you are right life is a boxing game defeat is not declared when you fall down it is declared when you refuse to get up breathe it’s just a bad day not a bad life things will get better just wait you will be disappointed and heartbroken multiple times but it’s how you respond that matters don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you [Music] want no relationship is worth damaging your mental health depend on yourself never on others being too nice breaks you you’ve got to do what’s right for you even if it hurts some people you love the days that break you are the days that make you time never Waits it only urges you to catch up or get left behind trust yourself you’ve survived a lot and you’ll survive whatever is [Music] coming you grow mentally weak when your life is too comfortable sometimes loneliness is the price you pay for growth Embrace every opportunity for regrets come from the chances we didn’t [Music] take if you can dream it you can do it you are who you are nobody’s approval is [Music] needed learn from what people do not from what they tell you expect nothing and you will never never get disappointed stop telling people more than they need to know you meet every single person for a [Music] reason find something you love something you can lean on to something that would keep you going you need something to fall back on when you get depressed nothing is complicated not as much as you assume it’s just your mind playing tricks with you if you get down to it it’s all really simple and clear saying no is important people don’t get offended as much as you think never awaken a woman’s love with no intention of loving her when talking to people look them in the eye and on the face this will make you more confident in front of others time is your most valuable resource there are no refunds or second chances for the time you waste in order to love who you are you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you be impatient with actions but patient with results remember 5 years ago you dreamed about being where you are now think about it not everybody wants to be your friend and that’s okay you really don’t want everybody as a friend anyway give back even if it’s donating your tag sale leftovers or handing a dollar bill over to someone less fortunate do it it’ll make you feel good everything happens for a reason always you will look back at your life with much more regret for the things that you didn’t do than for the things that you did things don’t make us happy experiences do [Music] do not fear getting hurt you can grow if you don’t hurt the walls you build to keep things out are also keeping things [Music] in passion is super awesome but it doesn’t cure all your problems passion can go a long way in your life but it doesn’t mean it’s all unicorns and rainbows you are not unique there will always be someone else equally attractive fun and qualified to replace you [Music]



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