Jay Z’s Life Advice Leaves the Crowd SPEECHLESS (MUST WATCH)

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[Music] the goal is not to be successful and famous that’s not the goal the goal is if you have a specific god-given ability to live your life out through that one and two we have a responsibility to push the conversation forward until we’re all equal on this place because until everyone’s free no one’s free and that’s just right that’s just the fact we are all linked some kind of way so if you oppress a certain people everyone’s in danger we’re basically the same once you take away who we are take away where we come from you know we pretty much have the same things you know you ask a person who they love the first thing they’ll probably say is their mother their husband or whomever I mean we all love the same thing we all want the same thing we all have the same fears you know fear failure we all have the same aspirations to treat people as they are no matter who they are no matter where they sit in the world not to like be super nice to someone who added to high position or a mean to someone who they deem to be below them I can’t buy you love I can’t show it to you I can show you affection and I can express love but I can’t put it in your hand right I can’t put compassion in your hand I can’t show you that right so the most beautiful things are things that are visible that’s what the important things lie fairness and compassion and like empathy and a loving heart and those things translate in any environment those are the main base things that you want I grew so much from the experience but I think the most important thing I got is that everything is connected every emotion is connected and comes from somewhere and just being aware of it being aware of it everyday life puts you at such a you is such an advantage you know you realize that someone’s racist toy you’re not even about you it ain’t about you it’s about their upbringing and what happened to them and how they make LED them to this point you know most bullies bully these young men coming from these they’re just in pain you have to survive so you’re going to survival mode when you’re going to survival one what happened shut down right you shut down all the Motions so even with women you’ve got shut down emotionally so you can’t connect and then all things happen from there I’ve been taught everything but emotional intelligence you know that’s not what you thought as a Young Man growing up in projects you taught to survive the strongest thing a man can do is cry to expose your feelings to be vulnerable in front of the world that’s real strength you know you feel like you got to be this guarded person that’s not real fake a lot of people have never been in it our little world was all we knew we didn’t know anything outside of that world so to look and see people that look like you achieving great things it’s like oh there is more you know improve self-esteem and it proves improves on upon self-worth you know because a lot of choices are made are made from the position of you know my life is not worth much and I’m not this sort of living is not much so if I risk my life you know what am I really missing but if you know you know how valuable human life is you’ll have more respect for yours and fathers these things are going to affect real life people when you put in like prison reform like people are going to jail and families are being broke up and fathers away from their children and the family structure is broken so that kid grows up that kid gets into trouble he goes to jail and the cycle is vicious when you look at those situations I had a similar situation with my pop not being around as well you know what crack the code for me was like what was he going through he’s doing this to me and when I looked at it from his position like my dad wasn’t around and you know all these things happened and then when I took a further look things happen and you are a result of those things so you feel you feel that boy that’s not around this would have been told for you to been able to take me to a baseball game and all these things and then life on top of that like he can’t get a job you know the guy at the office is cursing them out making them feel less than a man but he gotta take it cause he needed 6.50 an hour so life beating him down so he comes home he’s defeated he don’t you know he’s supposed to pick you up on Saturday he’s exhausted so you we don’t we don’t Factor those things in we don’t look at things through those lenses yeah seeing things from other people’s perspective and what other people are going through you have to educate your children on the world as it exists today and how it got to that space But my child doesn’t need the same tools that I needed growing up I needed certain tools to survive my area and my child as me being grown up in a different environment but also they have to know their history have a sense of what it took to get to this place and have compassion for others to I identify with everyone’s struggle and to no these people made these sacrifices for us to to be where we are and to push that forward for us sometimes you place in situations of hopelessness in your places situations where you have no other way out but what people would deem wrong what you’re doing it with good intelligence just do things that are true to you most things that I’m involved with are extension of being creative and also have a standard for yourself and have some sort of integrity and try to find some sort of Truth in what you’re doing I think every move made like we’re going to compare to chess I think every move made is to be learned from whether it was a good or a bad move and I think it all sets your you set you on a path so in order for me to take back any of those moves I would I would have to be unhappy with where I am now and where I am now is I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be here so for me to take any of those moves back will be affecting the natural course of where I am now I wouldn’t rather I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else cause there are things in life that you say I could have done differently but knowing that and being aware of that for me it’s helped me every chest move that I made I was like ah he’s gonna do that it was followed up but because I know from that one okay now I have to change my strategy because you know I moved that there he’s going to move there now I have to move this over here you know so at the end of the game I trapped the queen in the corner I have the king in my side so I’m pretty I’m pretty happy with who I am my responsibility is to the culture you know my my job is to show it in a great light so I guess I’m a role model in that way but as far as the way I live my life I’m a human being in the beginning it’s about you and your circle okay right you take your circle you got the people that grind with you every day and share your dreams and slept on the floor with you and then you make it out and then you look and he’s okay what else how else can I be of service you know and as and as you move further and further away from you achieve these goals that you thought were you know unattainable in the beginning and you achieve them and then you look around and you say okay how can we duplicate this you know when you have someone behind you that really believe in what’s right it motivates you to do the right thing you get to to um a point in your life and you like really focus on what’s important you know what I’m saying is that we can’t afford any mistakes at this point and so you’re just really focus on what’s important to you and people you love and that that’s what really just brings me genuine happiness you know just hanging out you know all my friends came I’m pointing that way because then all my friends have the most beautiful things are not these objects the most beautiful things are inside the most beautiful things are the friendships I have are really like gold and friendships that you know most people don’t have you can have all the watches and paintings in the world you don’t have a friend like it’s friends like I had the friendships I’ve Acquired and the compassion and the person I’ve become like that’s that’s what this chapter is I always believed in um the way you live your life you affect the outcome of your life you can’t control the future I mean you could control it up to some point you can’t control what others do you can’t control anything things don’t happen to you they happen for you that’s life



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