Justin Bieber’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS (Must Watch)

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it’s hard sometimes to look in the mirror and really have to realize maybe you’re not the person that you necessarily thought that you were that’s just a result of trauma and in life circumstances have been so just very public about my faith journey and how my relationship with Jesus has helped me to not be so hard on myself it’s discouraging out here sometimes you know life smacks you in the face and it can be hard to get back up God knows what we’re going through and just wants us to be the best versions of ourselves and uh so that for me in that perspective has really changed everything I think relationships for anybody are they’re hard to navigate you know it’s a constant um you know dance if you will and uh yeah I think being inspired by my relationship has you know definitely produced some some great music and you know sometimes you get out that writer’s block or whatever but um you know I I said it before but love is kind of like the foundation of life and love being the foundation of like kind of like music in general so like it’s important to me that like I’m singing about kind of what I’m living basically for a while there I feel like I kind of lost my purpose or felt like I lost my purpose and um and I feel like I finally got my purpose back and I just want people to be encouraged by that and be inspired by that and know that hey maybe I lost my purpose or maybe I’m don’t know what my purpose is but that just that word is so important in life just to have something to reach for and have that purpose and I don’t know I have this platform to do so much and I want to be able to yeah our people what is your purpose I think my purpose is uh to inspire people and use my use my platform to help people because people want people to win when they’re making an effort themselves to one oh and of course before I wasn’t making the effort to want to win I was just like Iceland isolating myself and making myself feel our seem like I was unrelatable people love vulnerability yeah because showing that you’re human and showing that you’re like you make mistakes and you are human and you just relatable their strength and vulnerability though right yeah there’s strength in you coming out and explaining how vulnerable you are yeah for sure and it takes a lot as a Man Too to be able to suck that Pride up and not and because for a while I just like you don’t want to say sorry you don’t want to feel like you’re weak you know because a lot of times when you show like your emotions you just feel weak or people tell you that that’s weak when you cry or when you do this I’m like I’m a really emotional guy so I’m like I’m a crier I’m someone who’s like really open with my emotions yeah and for a while I felt like I couldn’t be and I felt so guarded that I wasn’t being able to be my true self a lot of celebrities and a lot of people lose their ability to communicate with normal people and it’s because they get to a point where they don’t have to engage and respect someone else’s thoughts and respect because it’s all about them and people around them and laughing at jokes that aren’t funny it’s yes yes yes yes yes yes and I had those people around so I know and I thought oh I must be the funniest dude ever because everyone’s always laughing at everything I’m saying but um it got to a point where I was just like I could feel it I could feel like I don’t feel happy all these people are smiling around me and making me feel like I’m but it’s unauthentic that’s not what God is like if God is based on love it’s I love you first regardless of what you do rather than you do this and then I’ll love you does that make sense he loves you no matter what yes yeah it doesn’t mean you can go do what you want but it’s like you’ve developed a relationship with God so that you don’t want to do that other stuff yes you don’t want to be judgmental you don’t want to hurt people because you’re like oh like God loves me but when it’s about religion and about the works and about all this other stuff that’s just kind of irrelevant as soon as I could understand my worth and knew that like hey people aren’t giving me what I need like yeah people are always wanting something I can never tell if something’s really authentic but when I really sit in my room and I’m alone and I can just like God are you there like I feel this connection with something that’s a higher being it just and picture it as being a perfect thing yeah it just puts an ease to my soul that’s like can’t describe I think you know sometimes as challenges come at us in all shapes and sizes um you know sometimes it’s reflecting on the blessings in our life that get us through those chapters and so yeah sometimes it’s like you know if someone who I’m going you know is going through some stuff and I’m dealing with whatever issues I’m dealing with on the day-to-day like thinking back to you know wow like I prayed for a wife I wanted you know that consistent consistency in my life and here I have this beautiful blessing in my life that often can just be overlooked because we’re just you know living together day by day and you know challenges come up and insecurities come up and you start to kind of take for granted the person that is with you but if you can remember like hey I I pray for this moment I pray for this person and here they are I think just becoming an adult and realizing what is really important in this life and you know if I’m going to continue to do this thing that I’m doing releasing music and and facing the scrutiny that comes with it you know what is my what is my reason what is my why why am I continuously putting myself on the line to be criticized and you know there has to be an ultimate goal that far exceeds the the painful reality of of people’s opinions so um I think for me that is identifying my why here I have this opportunity to go to the studio and make something with this gift that I’ve been given you know I don’t have the gift of you know I I didn’t really I don’t have much of an education so it’s like but I do have one gift and that’s to make music and so like if I can use that to bring people some sort of rest and reprieve and um you know escape from their day-to-day struggle like that’s ultimately what I wanted do and I think a lot of artists they they have their own whatever their reason or their meaning is behind their stuff but for me I I want I want to just be in the people business and I want to keep connecting with culture and as long as people want to hear from me then I want to continue to give them uh records and content whatever that looks like and so like I want to keep evolving with the times and I want to keep being uh connected to what people are into and um and I just want to continue to grow as an artist and give people what they want but also um make sure that it is connected and makes sense to what I’m I’m going through and that kind of whole thing



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  1. Justin has always kept it real with his music and I appreciate that. His projects from last few years have been designed to help others through music rooted in his own personal experiences

  2. The advice shared in the video was both enlightening and empowering. Your unwavering commitment to spreading positivity is truly inspiring, thank you so much, Motivation Mentors!