Khabib Nurmagomedov FINALLY Reveals His Secret To Success [EYE-OPENING]

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in this sport you have to be very hungry or other way like someone gonna come and hurt you when you have family kids when you have all life ahead you know it’s like this is this is not easy like like I remember I grew up in a very small village with very poor life you know and my father he bring us from Village he sell his house he sell our house and he bring me my brother my cousins like it was like almost 15 people from Village to Capital City he rent very big house and we all was living together we was eat together it was like going School come back training come back just father try to invest everything what they have time energy money he invest us he investors in from this house he’s become sixth world champion UFC champion you know a lot of Champions and very good people because father invest everything what they have he give us good education and you know I was like he gave us good opportunity to learn in good schools University you know he invests everything what they have all his life he was doing he was investing people and you know this is very big motivation for me even now when I’m finished like right now I’m trying to invest people invest my close people because this is best investment you know I can live I can live for myself I can do whatever I want in the world I can buy any house in the world you know but this is don’t give me good energy this is like this is not who I am this is not what my father teach me you know and I’m very happy about this because like I remember like 10 years ago my mind was completely different oh I’m gonna become Champion I’m gonna become rich I’m gonna buy everything but every like everything what happened last two years this has changed my mind and the change the way I was thinking you know it was 3rd July 2020 two years ago almost two years ago after a couple years it’s gonna be two years father is not with me you know it’s very hard time right now staying here and talk about him you know it’s very emotional for me I have very good amateur career I become two-time Russian Champion two-time world champion in combat I was competed everywhere I remember when I grew up father father make me compete like Freestyle Wrestling great karuman pancreation grappling immature MMA combat even hit he make me like wrestle with the Beards you know this is like this is this is how he teach me this is how he tried to teach me because he always tell me when you’re gonna go to big arena you can handle any any pressure you can handle any pressure when you go to the big arena bath right now you have to work hard and I remember when I asked him when I was young I was very young maybe like six seven years old I remember it was like listen for all my life I ask him money he said okay I’m gonna give you money but you have to deserve this you think I’m gonna give you everything what you want no you have to deserve this you know it’s like it was very big lesson like any people anybody in the world who who just come out from poor life and he becomes success let’s say like not only in sport like and like anywhere he becomes success he’s gonna be humble because he he what you see like other life and see his this life like they can he can compare you know he watch he can like if he’s not crazy of course like a lot of people underestimate one things when they become famous when they become rich when they become success they all beginning talk about oh you know this is because of my mindset this is because of I work hard this is because my business mind is very smart you know I’m very strong guy I can’t handle anything in the world you know that’s why I become like very success you know for example they all talk talk about this but what about other millions and millions people around the world who work so hard but they don’t have this position what I have it’s been this is test from Allah this is test from God he give you this he want to taste you how you’re gonna handle this you know and don’t make this mistake guys everything come from God you know you guys have to show by yourself by yourself what is this like be example for your kids this is very important a lot of a lot of parents like a lot of others they just told their sons okay don’t go there don’t do this do this be on this way no you have to be on good way and your son gonna follow you or your daughter gonna follow you your kids gonna follow you just be example for your kids you know this is my advice for All fathers and mothers and it was very difficult time for me you know I remember when I was talking with my father maybe it’s like maybe I’m gonna maybe maybe I should like retire it what do you think like because I’m tired again again surgery Soldier you know and he said like if you want to give up you can give up this is your choice you can do whatever you want but how you gonna give up like so many years we were working together like and you like only 26 years old I remember myself when I was 26 and 33 this is too different you know like my prime time it was 32-33 your time’s Gonna Come but you cannot give up you know and this give me like crazy motivation I never gave up I never even remember I give up on training tab or like an amateur career professional career in the gym never in my life a lot of people ask me you proud of something I’m very proud of I never give up I don’t want to be example and I never try to be like to be example for people you know I have small community around me like my kids my family my brothers I try to give them example and of course because I’m famous I cannot do nothing with this you know but it’s not easy you know I already improve myself I’m working like everywhere like grappling striking wrestling conditioning um like if you guys watch my every fight every fight I improve you know if you want to be Champion if you have if you want defend your title you have to become high with the MMA because MMA every day like grow up like go high high because Lara tough young hungry guys coming and you have to be ready for everybody and that’s why I keep going you have to learn every day something every day you have to learn and like even if you talk about grappling I don’t show everything what I can do and I’m working on my hip position I’m working on my Mount position you know it’s like take break like my job is defend my title you know number one job it’s my defend my title if I won’t defend my title I have to spend five hours every day in the gym you know that’s why everything is together if you lose something everything goes down that’s why I try to control everything because I know the history of MMA I know uh this history of Champions a lot of Champions when they become champion and a lot of guys like uh when they win they a little bit change like Ronda Rousey like this is not about the bad people this is about like sometimes you can control everything like if before when you become Champion if you train every day two time when you become Champions sometimes you train one time on one day like you can train maybe a little bit running and you think you’re training but when you go to the cage you you know need for running you need spotting you need grappling you’re not wrestling you need hard work like before when you become Champion you work because you’re hungry you need this and you have big motivation then you become Champion you’re a little bit lose your motivation but you and you forget about other guys yeah a lot of guys coming like training so hard very hungry and you have to understand this I know this I know this way I know this stuff and that’s why I keep training keep working thank you [Applause]



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  1. these russian fighters are not that good. they have an advantage of hind sight silly. today's modern MMA, we all understands what works and dont work. they combine the 3 most effective fighting arts; roman greek wrestling, japanese ju jitsu and thailand's muy thai (kick boxing) give it a russian name like sambo and take full and all credit for it – the world is not so dumb. give credit to china, asian fighting arts starting in china 5000 years ago and branched out to other asian nantions, then to the world. understand history, facts & truth!

  2. His dad realized at some point that his life would suck no matter what so he may as well push all of those kids up above the water so they can climb. Beautiful story.

  3. Tons of respect for his father, a great visionary, a man who is morally educated n compassionate, just imagine spending everything to educate 15 aspirant martial artist how big his heart was at the same time he knew what he was doing investing wisely. πŸ™ Thats called a sacrifice and only a spiritually motivated person can achieve this remarkable fleet…

  4. Masha Allah you are the best. Don’t pay attention to those ignorants that have mouths the size of the sky. No one could have done what you have achieved in your saga of fighting those opponents cannot even hold a candle to you. You are a legend and I do not ever think that one would be able to accomplish what you have done. God bless. Sami

  5. I'm a Connor fan but how can you not respect this man's mindset, attitude heart and soul what a role model nothing but respect for khabib if there were more men like this the world would be a better place.


  7. What good is it if a man gains the whole world but looses his soul? This is what Jesus said. Message to Habib, Islamic religion will lead you to hell with Satan. Repent and accept Jesus Christ for he is the true God revealed in human form. Jesus said that no one can enter the heaven but only through him, for he is the way the truth and the life.

  8. One big mistake made when you edited this video. AT 5:03 , When Khabib speaks about god, you show the image of an ancient arabic idol, and this is neither fair to Khabib nor the viewers of this video whom you can induce into error.

    Please, reconsider your editing in your upcoming videos, as there is no image to be associated with Allah.

    Sincerely yours, And thank you.