Live Life To The Fullest | Alan Watts | Spiritual Journey

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there is no past and there is no future there is just now we’re being told what I ought to believe I’m tired of being told how I ought to see how I ought to behave how I ought to feel let me find out to myself Who I Really Am when a person reaches a certain point in life when he says now look here I’ve had enough of all this I’m simply tired of making life not in the least bit worth living by going through the Horrors as to what might happen after going through all this in the name of efficiency and membership in the community led me for a while get away from it all and about the scores for myself only suckers put hope in the future so when we say to ourselves you must go on the reason is you see that we are not living in the Eternal now where reality is we are always thinking that the satisfaction of life will be coming later don’t kid yourself the only place to begin is now because Here’s Where We Are so why put it off a lot of people say well I’m not ready what do you mean you’re not ready what do you have to be to be ready you look at yourself honestly you’ll find that inside you’re actually a quaking mess of sensitivity so that this desire to be the great Mystic is nothing more than a symptom of your quaking mess it’s self-defense running away from the quaking mess caping there’s nothing you can actually do to transform your own nature into unattached selflessness because you have a selfish reasons for wanting to do it no suppose there’s nothing we can do to change ourselves Psychotherapy religion all this is absolutely insane there’s nothing nothing you can do about it by trying as I said about your own teeth what does it mean that you can’t do anything about it singing loud and clear the reason you can’t do anything about it is that you don’t exist that is as an ego as a soul a separate will just isn’t there when I say you as you concede yourself to be that is your ego your image of yourself isn’t there exists it’s an abstraction who is pushed around by its fate because it’s all together disappeared and so in likewise the illusion of the ego who pushes fate around has also disappeared there’s a Happening by dying to yourselves by having become completely incompetent and found that you don’t exist you’re Reborn see our problem is we don’t really know how to stop we’ve got something started and we see it’s going in the wrong direction and I think the difficulty is when the wrong man uses the right means the right means work in the wrong way in other words there’s something wrong with the way we think and while that is there everything we do will be a mess now what is it that’s wrong now as far as I can see the basic mistake is that we’ve invented this wonderful system of language and calculation and that it is at once too simple to deal with the complexity of the world and also we are liable to confuse that system of symbols with the world itself just as we confuse say money with wealth a lot of people are in business to make money instead of wealth when they make the money they don’t know what to do with it the Civilized man tends to be a mistake of chronic Wally and fear and anxiety because he’s always confronted not with the simple actuality of what is happening beforehand but with the innumerable possibilities of what might happen and since the cause of this is emotional existence tends to be in a chronic state of anxiety and tension he loses increasingly the ability to relate the two the concrete world as it manifest itself to him we are all amazingly involved in the process of being human and playing our game and taking our side and therefore our victories and defeats our sicknesses and our healths [Music] are things we get Mighty partisan about and therefore we cannot see that human behavior is just like everything else it never makes a mistake only it’s never making a mistake must include the feeling that mistakes can be made all people are manifestations there are not any mistakes in the world when you look at patterns on the phone of the breaking waves on the seashore when you look at the outlines of mountains the Grain in wood and the markings on marble you notice that it never makes an aesthetic mistake never life happens changes go on too rapidly for that because you see in the world everything is happening all together everywhere at once and meanwhile we with our myopic little minds are working it out step by step because we are greatly assisted by the rapidity of the computer but even so the computer is still looking at things in rows as the Magnetic Tape goes through and is scanned by the computer it’s still all going along in a single track and I suppose there are difficulty is that we have lamentably one-track minds and an infinitely many tracked universe and we may have to come to the alarming conclusion that the universe is smarter than we are when you study the records of these self-discoveries the fascinating thing is that there seems to be such a common measure of agreement between all those who find the option themselves and yet always the way in which she has to find out is not through seeking agreement with others not trying to find what others have found but only to find what his own senses and his own direct experience tell him when he as it were goes into his inner covet goes into his own secret place and asks for direct encounter with the world and no longer as it looks out of the corner of his eyes to see if everybody else is doing the same thing getting the same results it is a good sense that the person becomes obturous turn through the word himself an original authoritative source of life as distinct from the person in its original sense a mask a role that he is playing in the society



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