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philosopher Marcus Aurelius was one of the founding fathers of stoicism and he is famous for his book meditations the idea of being a great man is kind of blurry perhaps there has not been anyone in history who deserves that title more than this individual this is not a self-improvement video I can promise you that but the philosophy that Marcus pioneered and wrote about can be an antidot to so many of the problems that we encounter in Modern Life I want to show you why Marcus aelius was a Roman Emperor who served from 161 ad to 180 ad he was the last of the five good Emperors and served over a period known as the Pax Romana or the Roman peace when Marcus Aurelius died Pax Romana ended when Marcus aurelus was Emperor was the most powerful man in the world the Romans basically had no concept of the globe outside of their empire so as far as he was concerned Marcus was basically the ruler of the world in this position he could have anything he wanted a pattern was set for this Roman emperors being a Roman Emperor meant living a life filled with pleasure and luxury that was what Roman emperors did they IND indulged in money sex wine and any other Pursuit that even vaguely occurred to them it was practically expected Marcus aelius could have indulged in any bad thing he wanted he was entirely Unbound by money law custom or even ethics no one and nothing would stop him from realizing his wildest desires but even in those Limitless situations Marcus IUS chose a life of virtue he chose to be a good man and not just in one instant or on one occasion but every day for all 19 years of his time as Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a fundamentally good man he used to help common folks very often being good doesn’t make you a great person but imagine staring down the Beast of truly unlimited fantasies and declaring no I choose virtue not for the sake of Praise or fame or admiration but just for the sake of being good that is impressive I mean consider the circumstances and consider if you were in those circumstances for almost 20 years could you consistently day in and day out overcome the monster of Temptation knowing that there would be no limitations whatsoever no matter what you chose to do what would you do how would you act I know I couldn’t follow the example set by Marcus aelius and we know it was a true example because when no one was looking that’s when Marcus was at his best meditations is a book written by Marcus Aurelius well it’s not really a book it was his personal Journal this book is basically Marcus navigating his way through life it has no real structure aside from being vaguely div divided into 12 parts and it’s only about 150 Pages meditations is the title that Publishers have prescribed to it the writings had no title they were never intended to be read much less published by any person at any point other than Marcus himself they were his deepest confessions and beliefs with that in mind meditations is immensely revealing as to the character of its writer because again Aurelius wasn’t writing this for anyone but himself but despite this seemingly off the cuff nature meditations is one of the most powerful and most poignant books ever put to paper undoubtedly the best thing to do is read meditations by yourself there are copies of it in almost every single library and bookstore in the country maybe the world but for the purposes of this video there are few ideas in there I think are really worth examining Marcus Aurelius believed in living in accordance with nature by Nature Aurelius was referring to the plants and animals yes but also to the Natural order of the universe trees grow because that’s what they’re made to do they grow as big as they can and become as beautiful as they can not because they want praise or are looking for some external validation but instead they grow to be powerful and are inspiring because that’s what they’re made to do that is the natural order a caterpillar becomes a butterfly a frail featherless chick becomes an eagle not because they want to but because they are created to in the same way Marcus believed that the duty of a human was to fulfill their potential he did not believe in accumulating things or riches and we’ll talk about that later or being awarded or given accolades nature had made you a human and with that in mind it was your duty on this Earth to be the kindest most virtuous human that you can possibly be for Marcus this is the Pinnacle of human achievement and unfulfilled potential that was the darkest place you could sink to after all you can’t control anything else you can’t control what the world throws your way but you can control how you react and no matter what happens a great person weathers the storm and lives up to their fullest most virtuous potential that your duty as a human Marcus Aurelius was an emperor so although he may have enjoyed sitting around writing all day that wasn’t his job and he didn’t write very much he had to deal with a lot of things and a lot of people above all else Marcus believed that evil Wicked or just somehow bad people we simply part of our universe asking the world to not present you with these people would be like asking a vine to exist without Thorns don’t be ridiculous there’s simply nothing you can do Marcus says bad people exist and in your life you will encounter them Marcus believed in kindness though and he believed that people didn’t ever want to do the wrong thing instead when people did the wrong thing it was simply out of ignorance you can try to teach these people sure but it’s just not always going to be an option so we can’t control if the universe sends us the immoral or the wicked or the lazy and if we can’t also help these people which usually we can’t we just have to put up with it to do this Marx says you should look inward he writes to himself hey Marcus you’ve got faults too who are you to judge maybe you have different faults than these soall bad people but Marcus you have your faults nevertheless in a different conversation on a different gay perhaps you Marcus would be the ignorant one and Marcus it’s possible that you just don’t understand he told himself hey you can’t even be sure that they are doing the wrong thing the thief who steals to feed his family isn’t wrong you just don’t understand and often in life you won’t understand and you won’t know that you don’t understand so again don’t judge ultimately Marcus Aurelius believed that we were all born for each other over and over he reminded himself that is the natural Order A Tree Grows fruit so animals can eat animals die so that worms have food just like in the natural world we are all made to help each other that is again our duty the only true failure in life would be to abdicate this responsibility so Marcus you better do it and you better do it well we all go through adversity and Marcus Aurelius was no exception but just like encountering bad people Marcus realized that encountering adversity is simply part of the human condition again you can only control what you can control so don’t pray for bad things not to happen that is a Fool’s errand Marcus told him self those things are going to happen and there’s positively absolutely nothing you can do about it but what you can control Marcus is how you react to them you can control if you are ready to meet adversity when it comes and it will Marcus says you know that it will when that day arrives don’t be sad because something bad happened don’t feel bad for yourself don’t mope instead feel fortunate that you have the tools and the spirit to make it through unscathed Marcus tells himself bear these events as a brave man go through adversity with bravery and come out on the other side when you do realize that this supposedly bad thing was not bad at all it was simply an opportunity to persist to rise above to keep going forward Marcus IIA says when these events come don’t complain act endure you can either endure something or you can’t so what happens if and when that unendurable thing comes your way don’t disgrace yourself Marcus he says all men die but not all men die complaining Marcus Aurelius was a man of enormous wealth but he did not believe this was inherently a problem Marcus did not vilify material possessions like some other philosophers have throughout history but instead he was cautious with his relationship to the things that he owned Marcus Aurelius could have had anything he wanted money houses aren wine but he chose not to instead he said Marcus don’t dream of physical things that you want these are meaningless they don’t fulfill your potential only you can do that reflect on what you do have and value these things remember how much you would want them if you didn’t have them but be careful Marcus tells himself not to Value them so much that you would be despondent if they just disappeared they don’t matter they’re nice but they don’t matter they don’t improve you as a person they don’t make you more virtuous or more kind your potential is not accumulating things Marcus no the human potential is higher than that you must live in accordance with nature Marcus Aurelius spent a lot of his time thinking about death so much so that it would be impossible to make this video without discussing his opinions on the subject and his views on death were simple it’s coming whether you like it or not he tells himself time and time again it’s outside of your control so don’t waste your time fearing death or fretting over mortality just like Nature has assigned us to be good to help one another and to reach our fullest potentials Nature has assigned us to die death is a duty so while you’re here live be kind be good fulfill your role in nature and then die because death is also part of that role Marcus aurelus along with a couple of other men was a lightbearer of the philosophy known as stoicism the stoics believed in many things their school of thought covers logic ethics physics and a whole lot more but there is one distinction that lies at the core of the stoic philosophy the distinction of pleasure versus happiness money Fame even success were external temptations that provided small moments of pleasure but this wasn’t happiness happiness was not so temporary a concept of Happiness was something more it was a state of being that came entirely from within it didn’t come from being an emperor like Marcus aelius it didn’t come from any worldly things the stoic people says to achieve happiness you should live a life of virtue you should continue to better yourself and become all that you possibly can the only failure the only true pain the only true sadness The Only Thing Worth fearing is to let yourself down by not achieving your potential because being great is your duty being great is in your very nature you just have to find it and work on it



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