Never Tolerate 7 Things From Any Girl (Might Hurt Your Feelings)

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many men destroy their lives by begging for love and attention from girls I have seen many of them who are so obsessed that they can’t even focus on their lives goals and career these broken people feel happiness and contentment only when girls give them attention and love but listen man if she is the most beautiful girl if she is the hottest girl even if she has the highest paying job it does not ensure that she will make you truly happy and content in life you should create your own happiness without depending on anyone so how can we find the true love that can uplift us and make us happy and fulfilled in life in this video I will tell you seven brutal lessons that will bring happiness and contentment to your life lesson one don’t continue a one-sided love where other person don’t care about you at all when you love someone with all your heart and they don’t care about you it is like watering a dead plant it’s exhausting fruitless and ultimately it diminishes your spirit one-sided love is a painful trap that puts you in a cycle of Hope and disappointment it will lead you to question your worth and value it’s crucial to recognize when your love and affection are not being reciprocated holding on to someone who is indifferent to your feelings is destructive to yourself it keeps you trapped to someone who sees your love as optional not essential this imbalance creates resentment lowers your self- esteem and prevents you from finding genuine reciprocal love the truth is you deserve someone who loves you just as fiercely in return someone who values and cherish is the love you offer so it’s time to reflect on why you’re willing to settle for less than you deserve often we fear loneliness or the belief that we’re not worthy of better it can keep us stuck in these unfulfilling relationships but remember being alone and working on yourself is infinitely better than being with someone who makes you feel unloved and invisible make the brave decision to let go of one-sided love this act of self love opens the door to discovering your worth and also opens you to relationships that offer mutual love respect and fulfillment you are worthy of a love that is passionate reciprocal and respectful never settle for anything less prioritize finding someone who sees your value and loves you as much as you love love them lesson two stop being a second option in anyone’s life you should get priority never accept being a second option in someone’s life if you’re not the priority in their life it’s a clear signal to reconsider your position and worth in their life ask yourself are they caring about me or are they just using me accepting being a second option diminishes your value and undermines your self-esteem it’s like you are saying that someone else’s needs desires and happiness are more important than your own life it is not pure love it is destructive love that will destroy your life over time it is totally different from the essence of mutual respect and love in any relationship being considered to be someone’s backup plan isn’t just about lacking priority it’s a reflection of how someone perceives your worth by refusing to accept this you’re not only standing up for yourself but also setting a standard for how you should be treated it’s about recognizing that anyone who genuinely values and respects you will make you a priority in their life not an option so first treat yourself with respect and honor build High self-esteem never accept anything less than you deserve prioritize yourself because no one else will prioritize you unless you prioritize yourself first lesson three stay away those who never brings happiness rather always make you sad and unhappy if being with someone means you’re always sad and never happy that’s a huge problem a relationship should bring joy and laughter into to your life not just tears and heartache when sadness becomes the main theme of your connection it’s time to take a step back and think hard about what you’re really holding on to constant sadness drains your energy and eats away at your happiness it’s like carrying a heavy weight every day with no relief in sight this isn’t what love is supposed to feel like love should lift you up not pull you down if you find yourself always upset or crying because of how they treat you it’s a sign something’s very wrong if this happens always then this kind of environment can harm your mental health and it will make you feel trapped and hopeless remember it’s not selfish to want happiness for yourself you deserve someone who makes you smile who adds to your happiness not someone who takes it away staying in a relationship where you’re constantly unhappy is like saying you don’t deserve better but you do make the choice to seek happiness even if it means being alone for a while or ending a relationship that only brings you down it’s better to be single and open to the possibility of true happiness than to be with someone who makes you miserable prioritize your well-being and happiness you’re worth it Lesson Four stop being neglected and ignored at any circumstance never stay in a relationship where you’re constantly ignored or neglected if your messages go unanswered your calls UNR returned and your presence unacknowledged it’s a clear sign you’re not being valued being treated as if you’re unimportant is not only disrespectful but it’s also deep ly hurtful you deserve someone’s full attention and care not just the leftovers of their time and energy feeling sidelined in a relationship can led to a profound sense of loneliness and isolation even when you’re technically together it’s essential to recognize that being physically present in someone’s life doesn’t mean you are emotionally connected with hearts if they make you feel like you’re alone then it’s worth asking if the emotional Gap can be filled this neglect isn’t a reflection of your worth it’s a reflection of their inability to appreciate and cherish you you’re worthy of Love attention and respect don’t settle for a partner who treats you as an afterthought or worse as if you don’t matter at all it’s crucial to communicate how their behavior makes you feel but if nothing changes it’s a clear signal that they’re not committed to meeting your needs at that point it’s better to step away and find someone who will make you feel seen heard and loved prioritize being with someone who not only acknowledges your presence but celebrates it your relationships should add value and happiness to your life not subtract from it remember it’s better to be alone and open to the possibility of true connection than to be in a relationship where you feel more alone than ever lesson five never accept disrespect and insult accepting disrespect or insults from someone is a direct attack on your dignity and self-worth every instance of disrespect or insult destroys your self-esteem it shows they don’t see you as an important person it is not only just an immediate action or words it’s about the long-term impact on how you view yourself and what you believe you deserve this cycle of accepting disrespect can lead you down a path where you’re more likely to tolerate other forms of neglect or mistreatment it will destroy your mental health and well-being but here’s the truth you deserve to be treated with kindness respect and consideration anyone who can’t offer you these basic forms of human decency doesn’t deserve a place in your life it’s crucial to set boundaries and enforce them let those around you know that disrespect and insults are not acceptable and that you will not tolerate such Behavior standing up for yourself might seem hard at first but it’s a powerful step towards rebuilding yourself respect and demanding the treatment you deserve remember how you allow yourself to be treated teaches others what you will accept choose to set a higher standard prioritize your peace and self-respect above the presence of anyone who can’t treat you right lesson six never chase others approval rather be your true self stop trying to fit into someone else’s idea of who you should be instead focus on your own goals dreams and success if you’re constantly trying to win someone’s approval or make them happy at the expense of your own aspirations you’re not being true to yourself a relationship should be about Mutual growth and support not about one person sacrificing their dreams for the sake of the other chasing after someone’s approval is like running on a treadmill you spend a lot of energy but end up going nowhere it’s a futile effort that detracts from your own path to success and fulfillment your worth and identity should not depend on someone else’s validation you are enough with your own passions goals and achievements that deserve your attention and energy investing in yourself and your future is the best thing you can do it’s not selfish it’s necessary when you pursue what truly matters to you you build a life that’s rewarding and fulfilling on your own terms this doesn’t mean you can’t have a partner who supports you on the contrary the right partner will encourage your Independence and Champion your success not hold you back or demand that you prioritize their needs over your own Ambitions remember your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever ever have if a relationship is making you question your worth dreams or abilities it’s time to reassess its value in your life prioritize your own growth and success the right people will come into your life and stay not because you’ve sacrificed your dreams for them but because they admire your drive and passion lesson seven never accept their dishonesty and lies lying in any relationship is a big red flag if someone lies to you it’s a sign they’re not fully in it with you every lie is a choice to hide the truth and that choice hurts trust trust is like the backbone of a relationship without it everything falls apart when you let lies slide you’re saying it’s okay to be fooled that’s not right you deserve honesty which builds strong and healthy relationships if someone keeps lying they’re showing they don’t respect you or the relationship enough to be truthful here’s the deal you should never feel okay with being lied to a relationship built on lies is like a house built on Sand it won’t last demand honesty and if they can’t give it it might be time to walk away you’re worth more than half truths and deceptions standing up against lies isn’t just about calling someone out it’s about respecting yourself enough to want the truth yes the truth can sometimes lead to tough decisions but living a lie is way tougher aim for real honest connections these are the relationships that will bring you peace happiness and Trust don’t settle for less remember the truth always finds a way to come out it’s better to face it head on than to live in doubt prioritize honesty both from yourself and the people you led into your life now we have come to end of the video Never just watch motivational videos and do noting it will not change your life you have to take action now I want you to take action right now start by giving me your promise and a comment say I will not seek love I am already complete in my life I don’t need anyone to complete my life I am happy and content and I will change myself into the best version of myself into the best version of myself I will read each of your comments and publish the most inspiring comment in our Channel if you want to make our movement further and want to get more unfiltered and unell censors words of wisdom hit the subscribe button



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