Robert De Niro Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Greatest Speeches Ever

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[Music] when you feel that you can’t fight it you just go with it don’t be afraid to fail and you don’t want to block the pain too much without the pain what will we talk about there will be times when your best isn’t good enough there can be many reasons for this but as long as you give your best you’ll be okay did you get straight A’s in school if so good for you congratulations but in the real world you’ll never get straight A’s again there are ups and there are Downs and what I want to say to you today is that it’s okay rejection Might Sting but my feeling is that often it has very little to do with you loyalty betrayal love all those things are there the price in this world is a little more harsh my father is a great artist I’m not an authority on my father but I knew he was a great artist and I I’ve always loved his work I’m very partial to it and it was very it’s very important to continue his legacy he was a loving father he wasn’t a he wasn’t a father took me out to play baseball or those kind of things but he in his own way was very as I say loving and then and um his intentions were good and then later I got much more appreciative and more uh realized how special he was and you take your parents for granted sometimes and I wish I had been more curious about him and and I I regret that deeply I was busy myself so I wasn’t really I said yeah yeah not to myself and so I wanted to make a documentary about uh so about my father so that the kids and my grandkids his great grandkids could would know who their who he was what he was about when he passed away about 20 years ago so I wanted the kids to see it when they got older and I appreciate what their grandfather did again well well all I say to the kids is that you know whenever you need to talk to me I’m always here I try and I reiterate that from time to time and say you have you know not half yet you ask me I’m here always and I never say I’m not going to be here one day but I will say that eventually but they have to like know that I’m there and take advantage of it because I’m their father you know and sometimes we have talks and this and that but to get to real important questions about stuff you would hope that they would come to you and try to get into some of that in whatever way they want to try and do it that it’s probably not comfortable but it’s important when it comes to the Arts passion should always Trump common sense you aren’t just following dreams you’re reaching for your destiny you’re a dancer a singer a choreographer a musician a filmmaker a writer a photographer a director a producer an actor an artist that’s not a bad place to start now that you’ve made your choice or rather succumbed to it your path is clear not easy but clear power doesn’t come from the title the power comes from trust respect Vision work and again collaboration you’ll probably be hard on yourself than any director I’m not going to tell you to go easy on yourselves I assume you didn’t pick the slide because you thought it would be easy I can tell you some of the things I tell my own children and as corny as it sounds I tell them don’t be afraid to fail I urge them to take chances to keep an open mind to welcome new experiences and new ideas you do the best you can with your children you do the best you can making movies at a certain point you just have to let both of them go and hope for the best it’s up to the audiences to decide if it’s entertainment the critics to decide if it’s good and ultimately posterity to the side of its Army just be calm when things are going well be calm don’t think you’re on top of the world in the sense you always got to be wary because I’ve seen it I’ve seen people come I’ve seen people go I’ve seen them come I’ve seen them go you got to be chilled you got to like just take what’s good in your life and move forward cautiously and carefully and and thank God that you that you have that just it’s very very important not to to overextend yourself when you’re when you think you you know you’ve gotta it’s no such thing everybody’s dispensable you’re never satisfied and there’s always a problem always something to overcome there’s no such thing as I think well if things would be easy they’d be easy then what there’s always a problem there’s no way around it that’s my life and sometimes the problems need to be created in order to solve that problem um it’s one that has to be addressed finally though it’s always been lurking or there somewhere and now finally it comes to the fore it’s time for it to come rejection Might Sting but my feeling is that often it has very little to do with you when you’re auditioning or pitching the director or producer or investor may just have something or someone different in mind that’s just how it is listen to yourself I’m mostly going to talk about these I these ideas in movie active terms but I think this applies to all of you you’ll find comparable situations in all the disciplines the way the director gets to be right is you help him or her be right you may start out with different ideas the director will have a vision you will have ideas about your character as an actor you always want to be true to your character and be true to yourself but the bottom line is you’ve got the part and that’s very important you’re lucky if you’re if you’re working all the time and being asked and then it’s a matter of what you do with what you have personally I always try to listen because I might be not and maybe I’m not getting something I always try and take everybody’s because it’s important to listen to everyone as many people as you can and get their input but then finally you have to make your own decision about what you’re going to do and that’s it that’s what you feel and that’s it and that that’s the most important thing um I I think the most important thing because that’s where the uniqueness comes in because it’s you you’ve done it it’s your thing it’s not anybody else’s it’s your choice right and there’s wrong and there’s common sense and there’s abuse of power [Music] and as a citizen I have as much right as anybody an actor an athlete a musician anybody else to voice my opinion and if I have a bigger voice because of my situation I’m going to use it whenever I see a blatant abuse of power foreign



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  1. Tell us what it's like for a kid starting school to have a dad 85 years old. Something we can all relate to. 😂 You certainly done it this time Bob. l0l. 😢 Fool