STAY ON YOUR PATH — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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stay on the path and be careful because if you start to mess around and you deviate especially if you know that you’re deviating things are not going to go well for you and that idea is everywhere and I think it’s right I think the idea is right because there aren’t that many ways of doing things right and there’s a lot of ways of doing things wrong and if you do things wrong the consequences of doing them wrong can be truly catastrophic and I’m not saying don’t have fun I’m not saying don’t sing and dance and play enjoy life of course and relish the joy of life but I think you have to make sure you don’t dance your life away never stray from the way I think that’s what this is about all the fun and the singing and the dancing and all the play it’s okay it’s good but all those things can be distractions because there is a path there is a way and you know what that way is you know what you should be doing and it’s hard to stay on that path because it is the path of discipline and discomfort but it is the right path and you know that and it is that path that will ultimately lead you to where you really want to be so that you can live and you can die without regrets I think a lot of times people are trying to find the path [Music] different places and different people and different influences but man I think so often that path you know what the path is and people know what they’re supposed to be doing but they just don’t get on the path and stay on the path all my belief systems have collapsed it’s like yeah maybe maybe you’ve just allowed them to collapse because it’s a hell of a lot easier than acting them out and the price you pay is a meaningless suffering but you can always whine about that and people will feel sorry for you see you don’t want to wind up at the end of your life and discover that you’ve lived only one tenth of it and the other nine tenths went down the drain every day stand guard at the door of your mind and you decide what goes into your mental Factory don’t let anybody just dump anything they want to in your mental Factory because you’ve got to live with the results see opportunity always comes days follow nights isn’t that terrific opportunity follows difficulty but here’s what you must learn to do underline these two words in that key phrase take advantage and I guess it also means even God himself can only take so much just be on the lookout of the things that can destroy all the good you start the war is on and this evening tomorrow mentally personally socially economically you got to make sure you’re winning the war and this is part of it why should you even bother improving yourself and I think the answer to that is something like so you don’t suffer anymore stupidly than you have to and maybe so others don’t have to either it’s something like that you know like there’s a real injunction at the bottom of it it’s not some casual self-help Doctrine it’s that if you don’t organize yourself properly you’ll pay for it and in a big way and so will the people around you and you could say well I don’t care about that but that’s actually not true you actually do care about that because if you’re in pain you will care about it and so if your life isn’t everything it could be you could ask yourself well what would happen if you just stopped wasting the opportunities that are in front of you you be who knows how much more efficient 10 times more efficient 20 times more efficient that’s the Pareto distribution you have no idea how efficient efficient people get it’s completely off the charts well and if we all got our act together collectively and stop making things worse because that’s another thing people do all the time not only do they not do what they should to make things better they actively attempt to make things worse because they’re spiteful or resentful or arrogant or deceitful or or homicidal or genocidal or all of those things all bundled together in an absolutely pathological package if people stopped really really trying just to make things worse we have no idea how much better they would get just because of that so there’s this weird dynamic that’s part of the existential system of ideas between human vulnerability social judgment both of which are are are our major causes of suffering and the failure of individuals to adopt the responsibility that they know they should adopt and the things you do they’re like dropping a stone in a pond the ripples move outward and they affect things in ways that you can’t fully comprehend and it means that the things that you do and that you don’t do are far more important than you think and so if you act that way of course the terror of realizing that is that it actually starts to matter what you do and you might say well that’s better than living a meaningless existence it’s better for it to matter but I mean if you really ask yourself would you be so sure if you had the choice I can live with no responsibility whatsoever the price I pay that nothing matters or I can reverse it and everything matters so that’s the payoff and I actually think that’s the motivation the amount of things that we have zero control over is very small so many things if we look at ourselves and say what could I do better what could I do different how can I make an adjustment here that the reason that you’re probably stuck in this Loop continually is because the things that you’re blaming on other people take ownership of them get them fixed take ownership of them and get them fixed take ownership and make some moves take ownership and look what you can do different that’s what you have to do pathway forward is to adopt a motive being that has some nobility so that you can tolerate yourself and perhaps even have some respect for yourself as someone who’s capable of standing up in the face of that terrible vulnerability and suffering and that the pathway forward as far as the existentialists are concerned is by well certainly by the avoidance of Deceit particularly in language but also by the adoption of responsibility for the conditions of existence and some attempt on your part to actually Rectify them and the thing that’s so interesting about that is if you take people and I’ve told you this and you expose them voluntarily to things that they are avoiding and are afraid of you know that they know they need to overcome in order to meet their goals their self-defined goals if you can teach people to stand up in the face of the things they’re afraid of they get stronger and you don’t know what the upper limits to that are because you might ask yourself like if for 10 years if you didn’t avoid doing what you knew you needed to do by your own definitions right within the value structure that you’ve created to the degree that you’ve done that what would you be like well you know there are remarkable people who come into the world from time to time and there are people who do find out over decades long periods what they could be like if they were who they were if they spoke their being forward and they’d get stronger and stronger and stronger and we don’t know the limits to that we do not know the limits to that and so you could say well in part perhaps the reason that you’re suffering unbearably can be left at your feet because you’re not everything you could be and you know it and of course that’s a terrible thing to admit and it’s a terrible thing to consider but there’s real promise in it right because it means that perhaps there’s another way that you could look at the world in a number another way that you could act in the world so what it would reflect back to you would be much better than what it reflects back to you now the key is what you do about it it’s not what happens it’s what you do about it and he said if you will start that process of change do something different the next 90 days than you did the last 90 days like picking up the books to read do something different like the new health disciplines relationship with your family whatever it is doesn’t matter how small it is if you’ll start doing different things with the same circumstances since we cannot change the circumstances but we can change ourselves to have more you simply have to become more don’t wish it was easier wish you were better don’t wish for Less Problems wish for more skills start working on yourself making these personal changes if you just go to work on the right thing not get things out there to change don’t try to change the seed don’t change the soil don’t change the sunshine don’t change the rain don’t change the mix of Seasons let the miracle of everything that’s available work for you and start working on the inside work on your philosophy work on your attitude work on your personality work on your language work on the gift of communication work on all of your abilities and if you’ll start making those personal changes I’m telling you everything will change



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