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while it is quite complicated for them to be left halfway very few women habitually reach climax enough with the excuses it is possible to ensure they enjoy themselves and give you what you want in that moment welcome Warriors of the spirit Fortress in this masculine mon stoic Channel we delve into the art of cultivating inner strength and unbreakable determination we Face life’s challenges with courage and resilience always seeking to overcome our limitations and reach New Heights today we will explore five positions where weakness has no place where resolve is forged and willpower becomes indestructible Prepare To Be Inspired motivated and challenged to reach your maximum potential women with a lot of butt usually have small breasts and women with large breasts have small butts red-haired women are more likely to have frequent sexual relations one of the best positions to stimulate a girl’s g-spot is spooning the lower wall of the vagina has many nerve endings and from this position the penis will be in close contact with it Additionally you can stimulate the clitoris and the G-Spot doggy style a recent survey by experts in the field indicated that this position where the woman gets on all fours while the man penetrates her vaginally from behind holding her by the hips is the favorite among most English people aged 35 to 44 it is a great position for the woman according to Mii as it allows her optimal control enabling her to adjust her range of movement to find the angle that gives her the most pleasure eight out of 10 women like to be insulted and insult their partner during sex according to them it excites them too much and makes the activity hotter some women are born with a smaller vagina or simply without one this phenomenon affects one in 5,000 people having sex standing up can help you last longer and make your girl come faster a woman can reach orgasm in Just 4 minutes of good work but may take 20 minutes during intercourse with luck women who always give [ __ ] are the ones being unfaithful to their partners because they have the habit of wanting to see another man excited by them which turns them on to the maximum one of the benefits of knowing your partner’s weak points is that it allows you to explore new forms of stimulation that can lead to quicker and stronger ejaculation every person is unique in terms of preferences and sensitivities so understanding what works best for your girl can make a significant difference in her sexual satisfaction additionally knowing your partner’s weak points can help strengthen the emotional connection and intimacy between you open and honest communication about like and dislikes in the bedroom can deepen trust and the bond between you leading to Greater Satisfaction by knowing your girl’s weak points you can also show your attention and care for her pleasure showing interest in her sexual satisfaction and being willing to explore new forms of stimulation can make her feel valued and loved which can increase her desire and excitement men feel greater sexual arousal when they wake up in the morning after fingers and vibrators candles are the most frequently used phallic objects by women the most common fantasy among girls under 2 is oral sex missionary although it sounds a bit standard according to various International Studies it is the most practiced sexual position among heterosexual couples worldwide it seems it’s not just for Comfort according to a recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom women like this position become because of the closeness and intimacy it implies and because they feel their partner’s body covering theirs not crushing though the best part is that now sexology experts also classify the missionary as one of the best positions for women to reach orgasm as long as it is practiced with the aim of being as diagonal as possible to maximize clitoral stimulation women with problems feeling orgasms have shorter clitorises than average making them further from from the vaginal opening and harder to stimulate during penetrative sex after 50 some men experience changes in their sexuality and believe good sex is over but this is not entirely true with the right information and creativity these thoughts disappear the cougar this position Woman On Top precisely because it is she who is on top of the man allows women to have greater control of their orgasms the woman can move as fast or slow as she likes and control the depth of penetration explains an expert girl being on top also gives her easy access to her clitoris which she can stimulate with her hands or by adopting an ideal friction angle against the man’s body to reach orgasm more easily this position gives most of the prominence to the woman giving her the freedom to set the pace and also the man has direct access to caress her breasts which helps to excite other female erogenous zones 80% of women do not marry the one they love but the man who is truly ready hence the reason for unhappy marriages before anal sex a good tip is to keep the area clean it can be washed with water and neutral soap and empty the intestines which can be done with an enema a woman’s sexual drive is more easily altered than a man’s girls who have sex at least once a week look happier more feminine and especially more beautiful women on average are attracted to older men as it subconsciously communicates to them a sense of experience and stability the alignment technique one of the positions for women to reach orgasm faster with intense clitoral stimulation is by practicing the alignment technique keep reading to find out what it’s about to put it into practice think of the classic missionary position but with a variation that will undoubtedly make a difference the woman should keep her legs together while the man should have his apart what does this achieve firstly greater pressure during penetration and more physical contact for the woman secondly it stimulates the Mon’s venerous providing her with great pleasure and making it much easier for her to reach climax to enhance Sensations nothing is better than the man pressing the woman’s hips against his when a woman is attracted to a man she moistens her lips with her tongue to to make them shinier and more attractive women who always perform oral sex are the ones being unfaithful to their partner because they have the habit of wanting to see another man excited by them life is full of mysteries and secrets so keep exploring and discovering some people can experience an orgasm while exercising due to repetitive movements and continuous friction mature women over 40 find it easier to achieve orgasm compared to women under 40 men are more likely to initiate a kiss before sex and women are more likely to initiate a kiss after sex the screw position thinking about positions for women to experience more pleasure during intimate relations we must also include the socalled screw position in this the man will have absolute control of the penetration movements but the woman having to keep her legs elevated will enjoy much more satisfying stimulation to do it the the woman should lie on her back on the bed with her legs completely stretched upwards and Crossing one over the other then the man should hold the woman’s legs by the ankles to help her keep them stretched the whole time once in this position penetration occurs it is also a super pleasurable position for the man making it ideal for enjoying an incredible synchronized orgasm when a man likes a woman and is in love he can’t help but talk about her with his friends if a man licks a woman’s vagina and plays with her nipples it means he truly cares about satisfying her it’s common that when a woman is attracted to a man she speaks in a lower tone than usual many women before being penetrated love having their breasts caressed next time you’re with a lady do it and you’ll see how she melts for you additionally some of them like oral sex as a foreplay women’s sexuality is the most powerful weapon in the battle between men and women while the left hand of the man is his best ally in that situation because the left hand is Mastered by those with the most experience understanding your partner’s weak points is essential for cultivating an intimate and satisfying Connection in the relationship when it comes to female ejaculation knowing these points can be especially relevant as it can contribute to a more intense and pleasurable experience erience for both Partners in the battlefield of Life only those with an unbreakable Spirit can Prevail we the warriors of masculine mon stoic refuse to yield to adversity and embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow and strengthen ourselves remember each moment of struggle is an opportunity to demonstrate our resilience and determination so let’s rise brothers and sisters and continue forward with courage and conviction because together there is no obstacle we cannot overcome onward to Greatness and so we conclude our journey together it has been a pleasure sharing these Reflections on stoicism with you and how to apply it in our daily lives remember that true strength lies in calmness in the ability to face challenges with Grace and in building a path of authenticity and purpose I bid you farewell not without reminding you I am stoic and you if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us [Music]



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