The Art Of Being Witty And Charming

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you’re a sex addict is that right I don’t know if it’s right but it’s fun oh so good all right so we are going to break that novice lien so we’re gonna be covering one of my favorite charisma icons Russell Brand I truly think the guy is one of the sharpest people when it comes to speaking off the cuff and we’re looking at ass most savage moments some of these I’m sure I’ve seen some of my haven’t we’re gonna be breaking down what he’s doing and reacting seeing what’s going on you know and what we do here and personally I am of course in spite of appearances I’m the heterosexual man congratulations David decides he must be he must be gay he must be gay that’s right that means women feel safe around me they trust me then bang pregnant bank bring the bank breaki doubling down I mean he is so sharp but look how many times he he doubles down on the joke it trusts made and bank pregnant by breaking the bank breaki 31 if I get to laugh incredible then went down I’ve been shark diving she was kind of amazing I had a real close encounter with a shark real it wasn’t it was about six feet so petite people well it wasn’t but it’s just the type of fish right I was near fish that is a fantastic way to playfully tease someone right there and the reason that it is good is because this is probably not something that she is sensitive about so if he were teasing her I don’t know if there was somebody who had just shared some vulnerable story about themselves and you found that that was the moment to make his sarcastic joke probably not the best time but she’s telling a story about swimming with sharks this isn’t core to her identity and he makes light of it in this way this is actually a great way to build camaraderie and get close to people yeah you’re a sex addict is that right I don’t know if it’s right but it’s fun oh so good so this is one thing that he does that I I wish I did more often is people myself included are so literal in conversation and she and he knows what she means but when you purposely misinterpret what people say just for the purpose of having fun that that creates such a more engaging and interesting conversation so that’s what he does right off the bat here all right so I said I’ve grown one already I’ve already got a beard already grown it now go backwards so that’s true only got one direction out you can’t retract it you can’t persuade you here to go I apologize raksha’s so up out – I didn’t mean any offense sir I’m sorry for your plight excuse me see he just keeps talking exactly he is so comfortable not getting a reaction why he probably because he wants the reaction so badly that I’ll just continue to plow forward but that is feel like a lot of people trail off when the initial joke doesn’t take hold and he he doesn’t I like sex laws what I want to know is what’s the difference between somebody who’s really like sex and who’s a sex addict like what did you go to a treatment center for that yes but the distinction I think Josie with any compulsive or – I actually I watch this interview a long time ago and it has a bit of a hostile undertone to it so it’s interesting to see and I presume that it’s it’s deteriorated by the point that they’re here because I look at him he is and who did you fear sitting back in his chair picking at his clothes not looking at her and actually reminds me of the MSNBC interview that he did where after it he’s very focused on people at the beginning but as it sort of devolves and becomes clear that they’re kind of messing with him he starts spinning in his chair looking around not paying full attention which is actually a good thing so I don’t remember this interview exactly I believe that’s what’s happening and if you sent someone as being passive-aggressive to you this is a fantastic first move which is not to be rude or unkind necessarily back it’s just to not give them your full attention as you sense that they’re continuing to be passive-aggressive and what this does is it subtly encourages them to move back towards more honest authentic questions which you can then engage with the fullness of your attention from you look at a quick glance audience will reveal to me that is full of very promiscuous people it’s just the right audience titute this is perfect sin that got fired I think for MTV when I was a crack and heroin addict I made some unusual decision they included dressing in an inappropriate way on September the 11th now before I talk about this remember I was on crack and heroin Chelsea I challenge any of you to take crack and heroin and see how it affects your personal private and professional life this is an excellent way to talk about personal failures and embarrassment so what he’s what he’s talking about when I was on crack and her and one goes right into it in a way that it undercuts the severity of it so he creates the moment of humor right there but secondly you can tell that he is not necessarily being judgemental and ashamed of himself for this and he communicates to the whole audience that this is something that they can weirdly enough like understand and forgive even though if they came across a crack in heroin addict in the real life that might be someone that they felt the complete inability to relate to but because he’s not treating this like a massive deal the audience receives it so a great example of a way to talk about things that you might not be so proud of is to really own them addicted literally to everything yes I became addicted to heroin crack cocaine cocaine without the nest be washing it up to make into crack amphetamines marijuana alcohol moving about looking out of windows this position I’m genuinely envious of his ability to flow between sincere deep conversation and total humor and he does it within a statement right here so he’s talking he’s listing out the drugs that he’s taken and then he’s into humor it’s I’m very jealous this is so this is genuinely and he just shows a couple of examples purposeful misinterpretation of what someone literally says and just commenting on it as silly as it sounds when you reduce it to that it sounds like this grade school type of humor instead of understanding the subtext behind what someone says comment on it as if they’ve meant it literally you might be surprised for the chances to make people laugh look at it it’s just everywhere repeat spicy any doubles down and this is what is I acknowledge doubling down anyone can do taking a joke and sort of adding tags to it that’s something that anyone can do the the lateral thinking it’s entropy at space this is what is very very difficult and the only way I know of to improve upon this that is a system for doing this is improv comedy so if this is something that you look at you’re like oh my gosh i want this for myself check out see if there’s an improv comedy store near you probably wait till the whole thing is it’s over but that is that’s the the way to become quickest and most lateral thinking on your feet like this any close talker he gets in there and makes eye contact it’s incredible but it’s some kind of landscape don’t be distracted by that it’s fake how did it get in here yeah we need that to be in the sky he’s great he’s funny as hell and I on he’s one of the tougher people to break down if you want to see more of what we cover on him check out the video that we did on his MSNBC interview that actually takes a lot of what he did and put us into concrete steps but I got to be honest he is so articulate he’s his ability to speak off the cuff with words that are perfect for the situation this is actually something that we covered in a way earlier video where we compare him to Donald Trump is again something that is not often seen by celebrities most of them have stock stories that they tell the same way I’ve watched a lot of brand interviews and while he does sometimes repeat himself he will go on completely extemporaneous tirades that have no commonality with any other interview that I’ve ever seen and it’s it’s genuinely impressive so I hope that you guys have enjoyed this video if you have make sure to hit the subscribe button I know like sixty percent of our audience at this point has not done that so if you want to make sure to get future videos go Ahead’s hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell and I look forward to seeing you in the next one peace [Music] [Music]



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  1. never found russell brand likable even before the allegations.

    so much of this channel is just glazing random celebrities, there's no special charm to them, they have fans due to their careers in television. this channel targets insecure people and sells "charisma university courses" by some random dude has no qualifications or sources to back up his "tips" which are usually just "make eye contact and smile"

  2. Do you think that Russell Brand charisma has changed or that he is still the same character with the same lovable, playful attitude and repertoire that he used to be in have? He 2:31 Seems different to me.






  4. Russell Brand is one clever person. Clever is an understatement. I take him for what he is. I wish Russell all the strength he can muster up to face these crazy times. Praying for you, Mr Brand❤
    Support from NZ

  5. All I notice is that Brand is incapable of admitting any wrong doing. He either turns it into a joke or changes the subject. I cannot imagine ever hearing an apology from him. His being “so articulate” is merely self-serving to get away with bad behaviour and actions. He must have learned it as a young child, and perfected it over the years. Crazy that most people can’t see behind it all.

  6. In this video you say she is probably not offended but in a later video that’s more recent, I think, you claim this was a joke to be careful with that seemed to have offended her and you clip a part of her being offended. This video only shows her laughing.

  7. Weirdly, I think I managed Brand's amazing and awesome interview skills without trying. Thankfully I didn't need to rub chests to get there 🙂

  8. If I could view footage of Russell Brand for weeks and "practice" his techniques for months, I doubt very seriously that I would ever be able to come even close to utilizing his methods. It's a basic talent that he's born with and has honed. For me, better to figure out my strengths and work with that. He's a unique talent and is great to watch.

  9. After watching this video, I realized I want Russel and me to be best mates. He seems like the pinnacle of the ultimate best friend who will always be there in any way you need to help you along life's journey and share his experiences that may benefit your situation, and he could do it in a way that will make you burst out in laughter.

  10. 2 years later in 2023 he is a major player in the conspiracy theories proven right crowd and has enlightened many many people. Has is one of the most inteligent and funny people I've ever seen, I used to despise him now I respect him immensely.