The Art Of Verbal Destruction: Analyzing Savage Comebacks

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how’s it going everybody today we are looking at some comebacks no I haven’t watched any of these before we’re gonna see what we can learn about the way that people responded in these clips to particular offenses and insults and what you might learn in your own life if somebody comes at you in a way that you find a bit too aggressive do you go in the water or the ocean alone are you because people hate the ocean oh I like the ocean you I do I like the ocean very much yeah you must do you float a lot in the ocean sure what do you see that’s perfect that is perfect so this can be a great great technique when somebody is insulting to you and this is actually one that plays in real life somebody says something that implies an insult answer it very very literally sometimes you can kill them with kindness because they’ll say something that has a sarcastic subtext do you respond like it’s a compliment and they are the conversation either they have to insist that they were know being rude to you and you need to get the subtext or they’re kind of forced to just have given you a compliment because you’ve received it as one so that’s a good handle if it’s coming across rude or unkind to just call it out as mean can be a incredibly effective response what’s the thing tongs tell you when you do a little bit of thing is the Dutch absurdist one of the things he does is he brings out a sock puppet which is a black sock see already I don’t like it so it’s a white sock I’ve seen parts of this before and the way that bo burnham and the video is perfectly titled he burns in the green room and he earned respects from all these comics with a wit that is just so sharp and this is we’ve talked about this kind of thing very tough to do in the moment but purposeful misinterpretation and he absolutely nails it right there by misinterpreting what he said at cracking a joke super witty tough to replicate though I’m curious but the uk’s house of parliament is wild [Music] [Applause] coming from America and seeing how we conduct things in the Senate in the Congress this is where charisma and burns and shouting over people this actually seems to be integral to the politics in the UK and Dakotan to the heart of the British government it’s good to see the Honourable gentleman on such good form I often say to my children no need to go to the National History Museum to see a dinosaur come to the House of Commons at about [Applause] because guys try not to laugh [Applause] this has shown in American politics in the last four or so years is incredibly effective and even before the last four years I never attacked him on his look and believe me there’s plenty of subject matter right there just punching back and not acknowledging what has been said is more effective at swaying the masses weirdly enough and because you’re not even addressing what has been said about you you’re swinging back I don’t recommend this for your own life because it’s not it’s not a way to address one what might be a flaw on your own way of living or thinking and two it’s not gonna make you any friends but if all you need to do is get 51% of the people to back you or at least 51% of the people in particular States this is proven to be incredibly effective it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you’d be in jail Secretary Clinton and what you actually see there is another example of purposefully misinterpreting why somebody would say that the other thing that I remember is that during her campaign temperament was this big thing that she was trying to hammer home that he’s unhinged that he’s out of control and crazy and he was able to effectively make the temperament argument work against her by saying no you’re afraid of my temperament because it’s gonna be bad for you not because it’s gonna be bad for Americans you probably do is uh laid lay down and just let the Sun cook it off oh that seems like an excellent idea but I’m not as dumb as I look how could you be [Laughter] [Applause] that’s not a comeback that’s just a burn safe to assume that they’re messing around that she doesn’t actually hate them and isn’t regularly ragging on him when somebody cracks a joke at your expense sometimes in fact many times when it’s a friend the best thing that you can do is join in and laughed because if you resist it and you don’t have a clever comeback for it you just look insecure about it so we are back a few days later you can see how my quarantine work ethic has been but we’re gonna finish this video right now and one thing that actually occurred to me I do have some other clips that I want to show but there’s a fictional character that has some excellent comebacks and it’s the breakdown that I wish I did we kind of missed it and it’s Jamie Lannister I’ve had this clip in my back pocket for a while so what you’re gonna see in this back and forth is that Ned is insinuating without actually saying that Jamie is a coward he doesn’t fight and you’re gonna see that insinuated multiple times his response is almost always to agree and expand people have been swinging at me for years they always seem to miss chosen your opponent’s wisely then I have a knack for it [Music] this kind of a response where you agree with them is very disarming because it shows that you are not affected and if you can’t come up with something super witty in the moment just to agree and let them know that you’re unaffected it can be quite a powerful comeback you’re always very quick are you have seen in some things yes and other things I like to take my time you know what I mean [Applause] [Applause] it’s it’s a little bit of a verbal Aikido verbal Jiu Jitsu is where you’re using what somebody else said against them which is why this agreeing thing is so useful and as I think about it when you fight and rage against something that somebody said to you even if it’s mean if you don’t come up with a really witty comeback when you’re fighting them you look like you’ve over reacted so interestingly if you can just agree and go with it you might have a really interesting comeback and in the cases where you don’t you at least are coming across like you’re not terribly affected by what they’ve said this is a tough business you’re a tough guy but it’s and we need to have a leader this one this determine the presidency in a big way you’re way too let’s see I’m like 42 and you’re at 3 so don’t matter I’m doing better [Applause] you know you started off over here Jeff you’re moving over further and further pretty soon you’re gonna be off the enemy so this is interesting there’s nothing necessarily witty about what’s being said here but what Trump is doing he’s offensive these effectively changing the subject sometimes just talking over someone if they don’t handle it well and they clam up in the way that Bush kind of did he where he had nothing left to say he looked exasperated it just made him look what Trump was saying which is he looked weak this is where I started paying attention to jonald Trump snuck isn’t a word Conan and you went to Harvard you should know that [Applause] so it is not worth it to correct someone’s grammar in an unkind or rude way but if you do that you are opening yourself up to any mistake that you ever make we’d like you put a preposition at the end of a sentence which I’m sure I’ve done a million times in this video you don’t want to set up this kind of precedent for yourself so be understanding of mistakes that people make and their pronunciation or the words that they use and if you want to be helpful at a separate point in time you can correct them tangent done so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video for the second time and we got it done in a handful of days if you liked it go ahead subscribe let me know what you think of the blue background I think it’s blue a lot of you were very confused when I said it was green last time cuz either I’m colorblind or it’s not coming across the way that I’m seeing on camera but let me know what colors you guys like if you have other suggestions for things that I could react to or talk about and if you have other suggestions for things that I can react to go ahead and let us know in the comments either way hope you enjoy the video and I will see you in the next one peace



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  1. (Dating somebody's ex)
    Angry dude: "So, how does my d*ck taste?"
    Me: "It strangely had the overpowering taste of your mother's rectum. But funny thing is I couldn't taste anything after that 1/2 inch or so."

  2. I had a psychology professor in college who put student in her place. I was secretly cheering him on because she was so pompous to others and thought she was the smartest one in the room. So, during class he was explaining something and she said in a condescending tone, "I don't understand….." and he said, "I'm not surprised YOU don't understand!" And she just sat there speechless. She was such an arrogant person.

  3. I much prefer the classics. Like, "No, you!" or its variation "You are!"

    Simple, concise, and barely any effort nor thought. And avoids the problem of thinking of the best comeback hours later in the shower.