The power of silence – Make Everything Flow In Your Favor – 10 benefits of cultivating peace

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the power of Silence 10 benefits of cultivating peace silence is important for our health and well-being just as exercise and nourishment are so what are the benefits of silence and how can the power of Silence help us one stimulates brain growth 2 hours of solitude and silence every day could potentially rejuvenate your brain in a 2013 study scientists exposed mice to three types of sound including baby mouse calls they included silence as a control and expected baby mouse calls to stimulate development of brain cells to their surprise scientists found that 2 hours of Silence per day prompted greater healthy brain cell growth in the hippocampus an area of the brain responsible for memory formation learning motivation and regulation of emotional responses two improve sleep and fights insomnia the importance of quiet sleep cannot be stressed enough as it helps restore the body and the mind and is important for your physical emotional and cognitive Health periods of Silence during the day can also improve sleep quality and less in insomnia highlighted in a 2015 study where older adults practiced mindfulness meditation for 6 weeks three improves memory 10 to 15 minutes of sitting in silence can boost your memory the remarkable memory boosting benefits of quiet contemplation also have positive implications for those who have a neurological injury such as a stroke and may release a latent capacity to learn and recall for people with amnesia and some sorts of dementia a 2014 study on patients with amnesia showed that a 10-minute rest in a quiet darkened room boosted recall from 14 to 49% the study also found similar results for healthy participants boosting memory recall from 10 to 30% four relieve stress stress can disrupt the natural processes of your body but taking a break and embracing the power of Silence can lower blood cortisol level in Adrenaline and relieve stress in fact silence is more relaxing than listening to meditative music and just 2 minutes of silence improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure to ease tension from the body and brain furthermore when you’re not stressed your natural biological mechanisms can heal and repair your body five awakens awareness silence is not only the absence of sound and speech it is also refers to the quietening of your monkey mind the Relentless stream of evaluative thoughts and emotions that plague our minds when you learn to quieten your mind with mindfulness and meditation you will notice a distinct shift in your awareness and sensitivity to the environment around you six improves heart health interestingly moments of Silence can also benefit your heart the American Heart Association says that taking some time out to practice meditation and mindfulness can do wonders for heart health as it lowers blood pressure reduces stress and thus lowers the overall risk for heart disease seven improves Clarity taking a moment to breathe calm your inner mind and get away from noise has the potential to regulate your breath and do away with stress which you may not even be aware of when you are not distracted by noise your brain returns to its default mode and integrates internal and external information into a conscious workspace promoting mental Clarity eight boost cognitive resources according to attention restoration Theory spending more time in an environment that is restorative rather than one which has high sensory input restores the brain’s cognitive resources embracing the power of Silence does not have to be about the absence of sound but also about getting away from distracting noises that stimulate your brain and trigger a stress response that is why when when you take a walk in nature away from urban areas your stress levels reduce and you feel happier afterwards a low sensory environment provides the Solitude and silence you need which helps clear your mind reduce mental fatigue and internal noise and helps you to rejuvenate and relax nine better decision making when you’re in a noisy environment it becomes difficult to make any decisions as your brain is constantly being bombarded with stimuli but just 5 minutes of silence not only reduces the stress response of the amydala but it also releases serotonin endorphins and oxytocin known as happy hormones this restores your well-being and your mind becomes calmer with that you can make better decisions as you process information with Clarity and awareness 10 enhances creativity Solitude and periods of Silence allows your mind to wander which is essential for incubation one of the four stages of creativity where you let go of what you’re working on or thinking of studies show that during incubation even though you’re not thinking of any particular thing there are unconscious processes taking place in the brain searching for a solution and it is during this stage that you come up with Creative Solutions daydreaming taking a walk in nature and good sleep are all wonderful sources for incubation thus boosting your creative potential



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