The Psychology Of Evil People

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  1. On the recommendation: Thumbnail of Niccolo Machievalli in sinister pose. Big red letters: "How to read and manipulate people". 3.6 million views. 5 years ago.

  2. This is a very common trait , it is also good to check and question our own motives because as humans we ALL do this unknowingly . To practice unselfishness ( standing by others that we love decisions e.g letting them go with grace ) while remaining true to our selves and self worth and needs is a strength e.g warning a loved one of danger even if they will not like to hear it , that way if they take no heed you experience no guilt if they choose to place themselves in danger

  3. These are some of the tactics the Marxists have used to reshape the Democrat Party into a mindless Woke cult. The media and academia are their greatest weapons used to bring about the nearly critical levels of mass psychosis formation we have been seeing across America and the globe.

  4. If anyone's intentions are not pure towards those they are associated with on any level then continued interaction with them can only bring destruction and death. If somebody is causing you to have bad thoughts on a continued and regular basis then this is bringing death more rapidly towards you as all bad thoughts create toxins in the body thus slowly destroying the body toward death.

    This has been scientifically proven in laboratories when blood from healthy yet angry persons is injected into rats and causes premature diseases and/or death in those rats. Things like cancer and heart disease can be caused or exacerbated by prolonged negative relationships and interactions.

    The spiritual consequences are also problematic or catastrophic in many cases.

  5. People who come from abusive home environments, emotionally unavailable parents, lots of criticism, are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of tactics.
    Parents, make sure your kids have no reason to doubt you love them. I'm not talking about expensive toys. I'm talking about your time and attention. Listen to them. Let them know they matter to you.
    Of one of these types will come along and lure them away by treating them they way you should have first.

  6. Yep yep and yep I experienced it all. I also fought it at times and flipped it on them later and then it was flipped to I was the problem and more and once destitute they went wild…… However I finally found away out and they will never know where I am after if the court helps me. I experienced the manipulation and psychological…. as he told me once yet I didn't see as a way to see if I was still a good mind to mess with he said can't control however we can influence…… and so much more it was crazy. I finally cut all communication however I can tell when his hand is pushing one of his fam and family that all feel entitled and as if they can do anything to anyone do anything 💯 I refuse to be a victim along with my kids. Soon very soon.

  7. I actually think I know someone who might be a sociopath. I’m 14 and she is 14 and she constantly manipulates the people around her. She has bad anger issues and doesn’t respect authority. She also is superficially charming and she is narcissistic. Idk if she is a sociopath or not but she seems like one.

  8. The narrator goes trough a series of how manipulation can reverse your critical thinking, then ends the video demanding I go to audibles website! My instinct is not to go there,I read real books leave me alone freak.