Things that make your life MISERABLE || How to MAXIMIZE Your MISERY || Motivational Video

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if you think you have hit rock bottom start thinking again we about to show you how you can Master the art of self-sabotage here we are not just talking about making bad choices we are talking about elevating those choices into art the first rule is intense screen addiction screens are not just for entertainment they are your Lifeline to misery keep those eyes glued to phones computers and PlayStations day and night use your digital devices not only to disrupt your sleep cycle but also to Feast upon negativity from the internet with every scroll let yourself feel worse until sadness is all you know rule number two pursuing instant gratification instant gratifications is that butterfly that is right in our reach chase after it like a fool neglecting the true path to fulfillment instead of focusing on self-improvement and growth fixate on the small time gratifications spoil alert it will lead you straight into the waiting arms of misery rule number three not touching grass forget about chasing your dreams or seeking purpose instead let’s talk about the beauty of staying inside house 24 hours playing games binge watching Netflix series and avoiding any kind of physical activity also eat snacks and fast foods in the same bed where you sleep pile up your clothes in the corner of your room room make your bedroom your Universe Live work play and sleep within the smallest radius possible the less space you occupy the more confined Your Existence feels amplifying your sense of Despair by maintaining this behaviors you are ensuring a one-way ticket to a mediocre life rule number four not having a constant sleep schedule who needs a consistent sleep schedule anyway mix things up like a mad scientist throwing your body’s internal clock into Abyss irregular sleep schedules can make you really tired Moody and hard to concentrate in Daily works it can also make you sick more often and raise your chances of getting big health problems like heart disease the more you mess with your body’s natural rhythms the deeper you will sink into the world of misery rule number five not having a clear goal in life set yourself up for failure with vague unattainable goals who needs a road map to success when you can stumble blindly through the Wilderness of inadequacy keep those aspirations lofty and undefined ensuring that each step forward feels like two steps back and always wait for motivation to strike before taking action which let’s face it will probably never happen in this way you will never be the true self you always wanted to become rule number six focusing on on negativity why bother seeking the light when the darkness feels so familiar embrace the Shadows letting them engulf you in their comforting Embrace use your passions and worries as kindling for the Flames of bitterness feeding off the negativity that surrounds you don’t waste your time seeking Solutions instead make half-hearted attempts at change only to be met with indifference and disillusionment it’s easier to resign yourself to the status quo than to fight against the tide of apathy that threatens to swallow you whole focus on all the things that make you miserable letting them consume your thoughts and drain your energy don’t bother trying to make a difference or effect change just swim in your own miserable and sad life rule number seven following your urge listen to that little voice inside your head the voice that Whispers of immediate gratification let your impulses be your guide as you Journey deeper into the abyss who needs long-term fulfillment when you can drown your sorrows in the shallow Waters of instant gratification trust your instincts your impulses will lead you deeper into the sea of sadness guiding your every move toward greater despair listen to that inner voice telling you to stay indoors skip exercise and indulge in self-destructive behaviors it’s the compass that will ensure you never stray from the path of misery and there you have it a complete guide to self-sabotage in the art of embracing chaos in life but wait before you jump into this pit of misery consider this is this truly the path you desire surely these seven tactics will set you on a course for self-destruction but is that really the kind of Journey you want to embark on imagine a life devoid of Joy riddled with missed opportunities and perpetually teetering on the edge of collapse sounds less than ideal doesn’t it life is messy that’s for sure there will be setbacks challenges and moments where Everything feels like it’s falling apart but that’s also where the beauty lies overcoming obstacles learning from mistakes and picking yourself up after a fall that’s what builds resilience and shapes Who You Are



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