This Will Happen When You Focus on Yourself ( 7 Easy Ways to Master Yourself with Stoicism)

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just focus on yourself in this way and see what Miracles are going to happen in your life have you ever asked what the barrier is between you and your dreams achievements and goals the barrier is you if you can focus on yourself you will change your life in this video I will tell you seven powerful stoic lessons that will change your life completely lesson one live with purpose life’s not just about getting through each day it’s about filling those days with real meaning it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities but ask yourself what Am I Living For what’s the big picture it’s like being on a road trip without knowing where you’re going sure driving can be fun but isn’t it more rewarding when there’s a destination you’re excited about senica once put it this way our plans miscarry because they have no aim when a man does not know what Harbor he is making for no wind is the right wind for him this hits right at the heart of it without a clear goal or purpose you’re just drifting and any little setback can feel like a disaster but when you’ve got your eyes on a prize every step every struggle becomes mean meaningful it’s the difference between wandering around and journeying towards something great so how do you make this shift start by taking some time to really think about what matters most to you what are you passionate about what impact do you want to have this doesn’t mean you need to have it all figured out right now but start sketching out a map of where you’d like to go then each day take at least one step in that direction it could be as simple as learning something new or helping someone out when your actions are driven by a deeper purpose life becomes more vibrant and fulfilling remember it’s not about the miles you travel but the memories you create along the way lesson two stop focusing on the outside instead focus on yourself the world outside is a loud and busy Place everywhere you look there’s something or someone that is constantly destroying your ability to focus on your dreams goals and purpose on your dreams goals and purpose but here’s a hard truth letting the outside world dictate your peace your happiness and your sense of self is like building your house on sand it is unstable and unsustainable the real deal the solid foundation comes from focusing inward know who you are what you stand for and where you’re headed your journey and your growth are about you they are not the Billboards along the road they are not the Billboards along the road it is the person who walks along the road one of the sharpest Minds among stoic philosophers a repic tetus once said if you seek peace be still if you seek wisdom be seek love be yourself if you seek love be yourself this isn’t just poetry it’s a road map the noise of the world Fades away when you turn inward when you seek wisdom in silence and when you seek strength and Stillness the only approval that truly matters is your own appr approval the path to peace wisdom and love starts with a single step inside so here’s your battle plan start each day by looking inward ask yourself what you truly value what you really want out of this life then clear the noise and focus on your own path cultivate your inner Garden because that’s where you’ll find the strength to face whatever the world throws you your way in a world obsessed with external things dare to make the journey inward there you’ll find everything you’ve been searching for lesson three Embrace obstacles as opportunities there is no doubt that life is full of obstacles but they’re not just an obstacle they’re opportunities every single challenge thrown your way is a chance to grow stronger smarter and more resilient it is the universe’s way of training you every obstacle is here to push you to level up in The Game of Life when you hit a wall don’t turn around and give up figure out how to climb it go through it or work around it go through it or work around it Marcus aelius a stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor once said the impediment to action advances action what stands in the way becomes the way this isn’t just some ancient wisdom to listen to and forget it’s a way of life it means that the very obstacle you’re facing is not blocking the path it is the path every obstacle is the raw material for your Victory so start seeing obstacles for what they really are they are your opportunities next time life throws a curveball your way don’t duck catch it and throw it right back use every challenge as a stepping stone towards your goals remember it’s not about the hand your dealt but how you play your cards Embrace every obstacle with open arms and a fierce heart and transform it into an opportunity to shine Lesson Four develop self-discipline getting what you want out of life isn’t about waiting for the right cards to fall into your lap it’s about playing your hand with intention and restraint this world is full of Temptations shortcuts and easy ways but these shortcuts can’t give you true satisfaction and success in life true achievement comes from discipline the discipline to say no to the easy and yes to meaningful work even when it’s hard tapic tius once said no great thing is created suddenly if you tell me that you desire a fruit I answer that there must be time and you should wait let it first Blossom then bear fruit then ripen patience self-control and hard work over time lead to the rewards that are truly worth having it’s about playing the long game and resisting the urge to give in to immediate gratification for something better down the road so so how do you build this kind of discipline start small pick one habit you want to change or one goal you want to work towards break it down into daily actions and then do those actions day in and day out even when you don’t feel like it every time you choose the harder right over the easier wrong you’re building strength this strength is not just in that area of your life but across the board and remember self-discipline isn’t about depriving yourself it’s about choosing a greater good over a lesser one it’s the foundation of a life lived on your own terms that will make your life rich with achievement and satisfaction lesson five reflect regularly slowing down in our fast-paced world might feel like stepping off a moving treadmill but it’s essential regular reflection is like holding up a mirror to your life it shows you where you’ve been where you are and where you’re heading it’s not about dwelling on the past or worrying about the future it’s about understanding your journey and learning from it think of it as a timeout in a game where the coach and team come together to tweak their strategy based on the play so far Seno once advised each night say to yourself what illness of mine have I cured today what failing have I resisted where can I improve it’s a call to personal accountability to end each day with a selfcheck ask yourself each day have I lived according to my values what progress have I made what can I do better tomorrow this isn’t about being hard on yourself it’s about continuous Improvement and self-awareness to integrate reflection into your life try this before bed take a few minutes to think about your day consider the highs and lows the moments of strength and the times you could have done better use a journal if it helps you to organize your thoughts this habit can transform your life it turns experiences into lessons challenges into op opportunities for growth and mistakes into stepping stones for improvement reflecting regularly helps you stay aligned with your goals keeps you motivated and ensures you’re always moving forward not just running in place lesson six practice gratitude in the Whirlwind of daily life it’s easy to neglect the good things in life and focus on what we like lack or what’s gone wrong but here’s a powerful switch practice gratitude it’s like turning on a light in a dark room suddenly you see all the richness you were missing in the shadows gratitude isn’t about pretending everything’s perfect it’s about noticing and appreciating the value in what we already have it’s recognizing that even on the worst days there are glimmer of good if we choose to see them depicus once said do not spoil what you have by Desiring what you have not remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for this perspective shift is Monumental it moves us from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance the things we take for granted today were once our distant wishes by focusing on the these blessings we cultivate a sense of contentment and joy that is not dependent on external circumstances so how can you create this habit each day name three things you’re thankful for they don’t have to be big sometimes it’s the warmth of the sun on your face a kind word from a friend or just the fact that you have a new day ahead of you this simple practice can transform your outlook on life gratitude grounds us reminds us of what truly matters and gives us a base of positivity which helps us approach challenges and turn them into opportunities over time this habit not only enriches your own life but also enhances the lives of those around you spreading a ripple effect of posivity and appreciation lesson seven be independent of external validation chasing approval is changing your color based on others desires it is like trying to fit in with others expectations but true confidence and peace come when you realize you don’t need others to tell you you’re doing great you know it yourself Marcus Aurelia said it never stopped to amaze me we all love ourselves more than other people but care more about their opinions than our own it’s a curious truth about human nature we know ourselves best yet we often let others opinions weigh heavier than our own self assessment the path to Freedom lies in valuing your own opinion above others understanding that yourself worth is an inside job how do you start this journey Begin by setting personal goals goals that are meaningful to you not because they’ll impress others but because they resonate with your values and aspirations celebrate your own achievements even if no one else does reflect on your successes and learn from your mistakes and use your own standards as your guide this doesn’t mean ignoring constructive feedback but it does mean distinguishing between helpful guidance and noise as you cultivate this Independence you’ll find a profound sense of self assurance and contentment this confidence isn’t shaken by the shifting Sands of public opinion remember the only approval you truly need is your own before ending the video I want you to take a challenge don’t just watch motivational video take some real action and take responsibility for your life give me a promise in the comments section write down your promise this way I am taking on the challenge of changing my life I am taking responsibility of my life I will focus on my life goals and success it does not matter how hard it is but I will be the best version of myself I will show the world that I’m a monster I will read your comment and feature best comment on our Channel subscribe to the channel for more videos on self-improvement and stoicism



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  1. I am taking on the challenge of changing my life I am taking responsibility of my life I will focus on my life goals and success It doesn't matter how hard it is But I will be the best version of myself I will show the world that I am a monster.