TIME TO CHANGE — Best Motivational Speech

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I’ma just say this fast as I can I’m Gonna Let You Go if you change your attitude change your altitude but you have to start living your life in expectation you have got to start expecting great things to happen for you in order for it to happen it is the law of attraction it is real it is nothing fake about it if you live your life in expectations that’s what happens to you if you live your life in despair that’s what happens to you if you say all men are dogs you’re gonna meet every last one of them I’ll never be rich you won’t you won’t the moment you change the frequency that your Tower emits the moment you change that frequency different things come back to you I’m telling you this how it works that’s exactly what you should be doing is trying to figure out who it is that you’re trying to be right and you aim at that and then you use everything you learn as a means of building that person that you want to be and and I really mean want to be I don’t mean should be even those things those things are going to overlap and it’s important to distinguish between those because that’s partly and this is back down to the micro routine analysis so if I say well you’re going to try to make yourself more industrious okay number one specify your damn goals because how are you going to hit something if you don’t know what it is that isn’t going to happen and often people won’t specify their goals too because they don’t like to specify conditions for failure so if you keep yourself all vague and foggy which is real easy because that’s just a matter of not doing as well then you don’t know when you fail and people might say well I really don’t want to know when I fail because that’s painful so I’ll keep myself blind about when I fail that’s fine except you’ll fail all the time then you just won’t know it until you’ve failed so badly that you’re done and that can easily happen by the time you’re 40. so so I would recommend that you don’t let that happen I always tell people don’t wait to be rich what is that richness it’s abundance it’s Joy it’s happiness it’s contribution it’s getting out of yourself because as long as we’re thinking about oh my God I lost something or you did something I have less love less respect less money if I think lost less or because you did something or because I did something I’m never gonna have what I want in my life lost less than ever those three thought patterns they’re the source of all suffering and the antidote see it for what it really is no it’s BS and find something to appreciate fundamentally it starts with making the most important decision of your life which is if I would ask me up until two years ago I wouldn’t say that’s who you spend time with who you love because who you spend time with is who you become I think it’s a I think it’s still one of the most important decisions in life but you can pick the right person and still do things in your head and make yourself miserable so you really have to decide the most important decision is do I want to be happy will I commit to being happy more important than happy sometimes you’d be so happy to smile so much your face hurts right you need variety am I committed to living in a beautiful state even when it doesn’t go my way even when it rains on My Parade even when my biggest fear shows up because I can’t control whether your husband or wife will live or die or get sick or leave you or get a divorce I don’t want any of that to happen to any human being I hate suffering I do anything I can help people not suffer but I can’t control that you can there are people who’ve lost their arms lost their sight there have been people that have been through the most horrific experiences in life and they found a way to still be happy because they’ve made the decision that life is too short to suffer most people half of what they thought today is the same things they thought yesterday how about themselves about their life about their business that’s why most people’s life don’t change very much but if you wake up and you start realizing I’m living in a home an emotional home I don’t want you can change it see because everybody’s got if you’ve got a billion dollars check this out if you’re a billion dollars but the habitual emotions you go back to are frustrated and pissed off then your life is called frustrated and pissed off it doesn’t matter how much money you have write this down please the quality of my life is the quality of my habitual emotions the quality of my entire life is nothing but the quality of my habitual emotions whatever habits of emotion wherever my emotional home is I will find a way to get back there and until I change that I’m gonna have a problem how many of you see people in some part of the world in my country for example you’ll see this in the Middle America where there’s certain places that have Cyclones all the time or maybe down in New Orleans or places where every few years you get a huge storm that wipes out everybody right on the coast there but then two years later it happens again they rebuild it happens again how many have ever thought to yourself why don’t these people move why don’t they move guys because it’s what they’re conditioned they call that home I don’t want to leave my home it’s what I know it’s easy to see when it’s somebody else and it’s physical it’s harder to see when it’s yourself and it’s emotional because we have an emotional home some of you grew up in a really tough environment I did too pretty brutal environment very painful environment part of I am who I am is because I didn’t want to suffer how to find answers and because I suffered so much I don’t want you to ever suffer if I can do anything about it I can’t control it but I can help massively but it’s only because I suffered so much don’t anybody else to but think about it most people suffer even when they’re successful listen if you’re successful and you’re not fulfilled that’s the ultimate failure if you got people that love you and you’re not feeling joyous and alive something’s wrong let me show you this we all live inside a bubble right this is our world we go to church here we work over here we go get our coffee over here we go to this park over here we usually go over here to you know hang out with friends this is our favorite Club this is our world this is our favorite spot on the beach we all live in this bubble what you got to do to get the life that God wants you to have you got to put more air in your bubble you got to blow your bubble up expand yourself take yourself out your comfort zone do not live in your bubble put some more air in your bubble if you stay in your comfort zone that’s where you will fail you will fail in your comfort zone success is not a comfortable procedure it is a very uncomfortable thing to attempt so you got to get comfortable being uncomfortable if you ever want to be successful start putting some pressure on put some pressure on yourself get out here and get about it look I love to sugarcoat this thing for you I love to tell you look you can go out here and get rich do a couple of things that ain’t happening you gotta get real doggish you gotta get downright funky if you want to make it when you get in certain States you think one thought when you get another state you think another thoughts like training the channel and so what I really show people in the book how to do is how to turn the channel so that you’re not suffering and you’re living in a beautiful state but what does it take let’s just quickly say it number one it takes acknowledging what your favorite flavor of suffering is it worry is it stress is it anger is it loneliness is it boredom is it overwhelm and then noticing what are the thoughts that trigger that and realizing it doesn’t matter how much money you have those thoughts can still make a billionaire crazy and frustrated and overwhelmed and so when I show people to do is a process and how to let go of those thoughts and we walk through that in the book in detail but fundamentally it starts with making the most important decision of your life



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  1. Change your attitude, say "I get rich!", say: "I find rich people!" Spread positive energy!
    Know when you fail! Learn from it! Otherwise you wont get anywhere and get sore and blind and lazy and foolish, you get blind and get nowhere.

    Dont wait to get rich!!!!
    Rich is anything! You need ro get rich, to get joy to get fulfilled! You need more money! Loss less never, delete this words!

    Cuz you get with who u spend time with!
    You cant control anything, only yourself! You can find a way out of anything cuz LIFE IS TO SHORT TO SUFFER!
    Most people half of what they thought today, is the same thing they thought yesterday, abt themself, life, business thats why your life doesn't change! BUT IF WAKE UP and you start realizing that you live in a home and emotional you dont want, you can change it!

    Whatever habits of emotion, wherever my emotional home is, I will find a way to get back there and until I change that, I'm going to have a problem.

    Why dont people move from places where every 2 years an orkan cames by and destroys the whole place? Why? Cuz its easy they call it their home. It's easy to see if its somebody else and physical, its harder to see if its yourself and it's emotional. Its the perspective!
    You cant control it but you can help, most people suffer even when they're successful! If you are successful but dont feel fulfilled than its the ultimate failure! You need to feel joy if you got cash, find your way to get maximum from anything, hanging out with good people!

    We have our churches, clubs we go every days… but if you want to change your life and getting successful, you need to put air in your bubble, you got to blow your bubble up and expand yourself, leave your comfertzone! If you stay in your comfortzone, you get nothing! YOU WILL FAIL IN YOUR COMFORTZONE, SUCCESS IS NOT A COMFORTABLE PROCEDURE! ITS A UNCOMFORTABLE THING TO ATTEMPT!


    How do you start living a beautiful state?

    1. It takes acknowledging, whats your favorite flavor of suffer, anger, loneliness, stress, botedom, overwhelmed. What are the thoughts that triggered that?
    Those thoughts can make even a millionaire crazy.


  2. The frequency with you Rachael was unbelievable. I don't know if you felt the same but if you did, you wouldn't bother about anyone else at all. You Do things here that r unexplainable, it's strange how it works
    I wanna move but you can't live by yourself these days. I'd love someone to live in with and I wouldn't care where with you RL. You feel like trying to, it's works if two people try. You R my soul mate 💯