TIME TO TAKE CONTROL — Most Powerful Motivational Speech

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here’s the big challenge of life you can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are that’s the challenge and of course the other side of the coin reads unless you change how you are you’ll always have what you got success is something you attract not something you pursue success is looking for a good place to stay so instead of going after it you work on yourself personal development see the major question to ask on the job is not what are you getting the major question to ask on the job is what are you becoming the big question is not what am I getting paid here the big question is what am I becoming here because true happiness is not contained in what you get happiness is contained in what you become I have found in my experience that income does not far exceed personal development now sometimes income takes a lucky jump but sure enough unless you grow out where it is it’ll usually come back where you are life has strange ways if somebody hands you a million dollars best you become a millionaire quickly so you get to keep the money otherwise sure enough it’ll disappear but she shelf taught me how to set goals what a favor that was one morning at breakfast shortly after I met him he said Jim let me see your current list of goals and let’s go over them and talk about him he said maybe that’s the best way I can help you get a better Direction started and I said I don’t have a list he said well is it out in the car or home somewhere I said uh no sir I don’t have a list anywhere he said well young man that’s where we got to start he said I can tell you right now if you don’t have a list of your goals with you he said I can guess your bank balance within a few hundred dollars which he did and that got my attention I said you mean my bank balance would change if I had a list of goals he said drastically if you’re good it’ll stand out this idea that like oh it’s easy for you too everybody’s got these stupid barriers they put in their own head you got to resist those goddamn things because they don’t do you any good and they certainly Define the potential for your future in a negative way that’s not self-serving and it’s not even real you know you you put this artificial ceiling on the potential for what you’re doing if you hit a wall okay that just means you need to regroup and rethink it doesn’t mean that Wall’s there especially when it comes to something like social media or like a podcast something where you’re just you’re putting out a piece of art you’re putting out something that you’ve created there’s no wall as far as like how many people are going to enjoy it or how far it’s gonna go it’s just it is what it is and if people don’t like it make it better if they like it less fix that figure out a way to do it you can do that and this this idea that there’s no way to get past the starting block today it’s just ludicrous it’s crazy and it’s just this this poor thinking and people that are trapped in in bad situations one of the problems is you feel like this is your future you feel like and you can’t get out of that there’s no hope there’s no light at the end of the tunnel there’s no rainbow and if you feel like that that alone can be incredibly defining and limiting but if you can look at if you look at yourself objectively and say okay I kind of empty here I’m in credit card debt I’m working in a job I I don’t like what I’m doing but I have some ideas I need to feed those ideas I need to feed them and water them and I need to set aside a certain amount of time every day to just try to make those things happen you can do that but I had fallen so flat on my face for the first time in my life I was depressed asking myself why why me how can this half I work so hard hard work pays I always thought it’s not paying for me I got nothing I literally had seven bucks in my pocket so my seven dollar story that failure rising from that I want to say it’s not over forming I’m immediately going to launch myself into training for professional wrestling I couldn’t have launched myself with that type of training that I did every day for hours in a boxing ring that was stiff like concrete every day for hours I couldn’t launched myself with that type of mentality had I not fallen on my face after 10 years of football failed sometimes desire waits for a trigger waits for something to happen who knows what the happening may be a song the lyrics a movie the dialogue a seminar a sermon a book an experience confrontation with an enemy a conversation with a friend who finally levels with you whatever the experience it is it’s so valuable and here’s my best advice welcome all experiences you never know which one is gonna turn everything on don’t put up the walls the same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness take down the Walls go for the experience let it teach you and then the other thing that people say and this is more like three quarters of them is that they say I was in a very dark place I was addicted I was I was drinking too much I had a fragmented relationship with my fiancee and I wasn’t getting married uh things weren’t going where very well with my family my relationship with my father was damaged I didn’t have any aim I was wasting my time some variant of that some combination of those and they said well I’ve been watching your lectures I’ve decided to establish a purpose I’m trying to tell the truth and things are way better let’s say I’ve done maybe eight or nine large-scale public talks in the last two months so that’s probably 20 000 people and about half of them a third to half of them have stayed afterwards to talk to me so that’s about seven thousand people who have said that to me and then people stopped me on the street all the time and tell me exactly that story I have a purpose man my life actually matters I finally realized that and I’m putting it into practice and I’m bearing up under the heaviest load I can imagine and it’s really healthic it’s like God if human beings are emotional creatures and emotions are powerful for life change now of course emotions are so powerful they can go either way on you emotions can either build or destroy so you really have to employ emotions properly we call civilization the intelligent management of human emotions if you can intelligently apply your emotions in the right direction no telling what can happen could turn your life around one day people have asked me for the last 24 years how do you develop an above average income and the answer is become an above average person develop an above average handshake some people want to be successful they don’t even work on their handshake as easy as that would be to start on they let it slide they don’t understand develop an above average smile develop an above average excitement develop an above average interest in other people develop an above average intensity to win see that’ll change everything probably one of the most frustrating experiences in life is looking for an above average job with above average pay without becoming an above average person it’s called frustration how often does winter follow fall every year regularly for the last six and a half thousand that we know of see it is not going to change now some Winters are long and some are short and some are hard and some are easy but they always come right after Falls it isn’t Gonna Change sometimes you can figure it out sometimes there’s no way to figure it out sometimes it goes well sometimes it gets in a knot sometimes it sails along sometimes it gets in Reverse see that’s not gonna change the last 6 000 years reads like this opportunity mixed with difficulty that’s how it reads it isn’t gonna change the man says well if it isn’t going to change how will my life ever change answer when you change and whether I’m talking to high school kids or business Executives my message is always the same and it goes like this the only way it gets better for you is when you get better



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