Tinder: How To Attract More Women

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with everything going on in the world online dating is absolutely booming and that means that more and more newbies are joining and more and more of the same common mistakes are being made all the time you don’t want to be that person because it means you’re getting fewer matches and probably less likely to meet someone that you really like so that’s why in this video i want to cover five of the most common mistakes people make on these apps and what you can do instead so you wind up standing out from the crowd you get more matches and hopefully you really meet someone that you like so the first piece comes down to the bio believe it or not more than half of people on tinder have a bio that is either completely empty is just emojis or is a quote that somebody else said that’s over half of people which means that if you have anything better than that you’ve instantly stood out from the crowd in a very positive way now none of us are naturally good at writing these bios but there is a structure that you can take right now and it will instantly spruce it up it’s got three parts the first piece is something funny the second piece is going to be something interesting your values what you like just talk about yourself in an authentic way and then the third piece is a call to action that gives someone something that they could say to you if they wanted to start a conversation so the first piece going to something funny just as an example my friend i believe married someone that he met with this so he doesn’t mind me sharing he used to have something that said didn’t work out for me on farmersonly.com or mulletpassions.com so giving this a try dot dot dot said that he got a lot of initial messages that thought that that was very funny now i’m not saying steal that one if you all steal it it’s not gonna work but just anything funny tongue-in-cheek works here one line plenty the second piece share your values what do you like what is interesting about you what cool hobbies do you have what projects are you working on anything that lets them know what is cool interesting fun engaging about you works here a lot of people make the mistake of talking about all the things they don’t like trump voters swipe left hillary voter swipe this isn’t the place for it talk about what you’re interested in and then the third piece is a little fun filter that gives the person something to say to you so i used to have in my bio basically what was it if you’re a fan of salsa dancing or red wine hit me up we’ll probably get along and so a lot of the first messages that i would receive would be related to red wine what kind of wine do you like or where do you salsa dance and it just made conversation flow much more easy so take this gimme a lot of people are blowing it the second piece comes down to photos right i’m not going to say be more attractive right that’s that’s for a different channel that talks about style and fashion but a lot of people are blowing it simply with the quality of their photos and i mean this if you went to facebook and you had a photo with a bunch of friends and you cropped in on you and it looks like it was shot on a potato in the dark unfortunately you’re blowing it people just it when you’re looking at something for a short period of time the actual quality of the photo has a lot to do with whether it appears attractive so take the time to either select good photos or it’s really easy nowadays get a friend or if you have one that has the new iphone with portrait modes snap some photos they look so much better the second piece is having photos that don’t tell a story about you right a lot of people might just have photos where they’re sitting around watching tv it’s a couple of friends and that’s fine for one or two but you want to have an idea of who this person is so a really good question is what adjectives would i use to describe myself in this photo if i didn’t know myself and if you’re happy and you feel like these are accurate ways like you see yourself with your family so you’re family oriented or you’re playing sports okay you’re interested in sports you’re athletic or you’ve got music so you’re musical find something that tells a story about you that’s going to go so much farther than the generic me with my friends me with my friends me with a cocktail yada yada yada it doesn’t work nearly as well the third piece comes down to that opening message and you can guess it what is the most common opening message that everybody sends hey do not send hey do not send hey women you are particularly guilty of this i know because any time that i look at bumble and all the initial messages will be hey this does not work it communicates to the other person that they are going to have to put in all of the work to make this conversation interesting and usually the hay is paired with a profile that’s very sparse but just makes it even harder and in my own case i know there’s been people that i otherwise would have been physically attracted to there’s like i can’t i’m not going to put in all the effort to figure something out about this person who doesn’t appear to want to try so in your case you don’t have to be a witty genius all that you have to do is have some sort of a question that’s going to be engaging for that other person and it’s not how is your day it’s not how is quarantine going none of that it’s got to be something different so what i would ask is are you a fan of salsa dancing and i would often get the response or i have been or i haven’t been but i would love to know more and then we could start conversation and when it did come time for us to hang out if we got along i could invite them out salsa dancing it made sense so find what that question is for you and it can relate to a hobby that works excellent fourth piece staying in messaging right if you are staying in whatever app that it is in you have to consider even if you’re getting along really well via messages that you’re staying in a bucket of other people 99 of whom that person won’t ever meet so think of it if you look at anybody’s matches and take any woman who was is out there she’s probably got a ton of matches on these apps they all occupy a spot in her brain that is not very important so when you switch and you move to social media and you’re messaging on instagram or you’re texting all of a sudden that text message or that message on instagram stands out in a way that connects so much more to her you are instantly more than the other throngs of people that are in there that are just sending her messages and most of whom she will never meet or speak to so after you guys have a bit of rapport you can say something to the effect of hey i prefer not to message on here here’s my instagram feel free to add me there this also gives the person a chance to look at you beyond the six photos that you have in that tiny bio and to learn more about who you were today but also potentially five years ago and that makes people feel a lot better when it comes time to deciding if they want to get to know you more or meet up this brings us to the fifth point and one that is absolutely put on pause for social distance and quarantine is this is not a piece of advice that is a mistake anymore but it often is is just messaging and messaging and messaging right if you do this over and over and over again eventually someone will ask this person out they’ll go out with them and all of a sudden they’ll be up here the person that they spend time with and you’ll be here the person that is still pen pals with them right you need to eventually find some way to spend time with them and that’s why i like to start with the salsa dancing thing when it was time to hang out it was very obvious what we could do together now given that social distancing is an appropriate thing to do this can be switched to a phone call quite frankly you can do this as long when this is over too getting on the phone with someone also puts you in a different in a different bracket in their brain than everybody else who they’ve only messaged with it also gives you a chance to see if you like them see if they like you back works out much much better so just don’t text forever get on the phone or find an opportunity to meet up



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  1. Just because I've seen it on Tinder yesterday: don't tell me you're on vacation in Canada or an exchange student in Germany when I can clearly see you're like 5 m away

  2. Oh Alpha X fandom represent! Working on that sexy style can really help , especially in-so as its building your confidence – developing hobbies, learning what you like, going where makes you happy, that will inherently just help you lead yourself to a better place – maybe even your promised land, if you do enough developing of yourself ♡

  3. These tips are great but I have a small problem with the app, I live in Egypt (born and raised), and only a few women use it and they are all Muslims, I am Christian, and even If I get a match with a woman around the world, I won't be able to hang out with them due to different countries.

  4. This is kind of just cope. No one reads bios. Attractive people with terrible photos will get matches and dates. Average people with good photos will only get matches. An attractive person can say “hey” and get what they want. An average person can be a “witty genius” and not even get a reply.

    Ultimately tinder boils down to: are you hot? If the answer is yes, you will have success. If you aren’t then people will match but they’re simply not going to speak with or meet you.

  5. I appreciate this insight and stuff but just think its alot of work to go into a dating profile. I used to just have acouple of photos up and a regular bio and got tons of matches and dates in like the late 00's and 2010s but when I left my long term relationship in 2017 I could not get a match to save my life. Gotta like jump through so many hoops just to get noticed its ridiculous.

  6. Another reason to get them to text you is so you can lookup their phone carrier and see if they don't have a real cell phone. That's a 100% guarantee they aren't real and really saves a lot of time, especially on Zoosk where 95% of the women are Russians or hezbollah or IDK WTH they are but they aren't women

  7. Haha this vid hits the spot!! I've been doing some reading on this and their data collection practices and found that Tinder LITERALLY USED TO RATE YOUR HOTNESS 1-10… But ever since match group acquired hinge they've switched to an algorithm called Gale-Shapley. If that stuff interests you I made a video explaining the algorithm here!!: @

  8. If you're a man on Tinder in 2022, you'd better not be anything less than male-model, make less than 75K US or less than 6' 2" or you're not just wasting your life, you will actually hurt yourself.

  9. I've been trying Bumble because women have to open after a match. Figured it's more efficient because on Tinder/Hinge women get so many messages and don't even read most of them.

    But what's funny is 99% of women open with just "hi" or "hey". This makes me grin everytime because women have always said they hate one word openers. Yet when they finally get an app to open guys, they do the same damn thing. 🤣

  10. B.S . When I had a dating app profile all I had there was my height( girls always asked how tall are you? 6:1 ) and my photos and I had over 300 matches. You have to be good looking and none of this bs this guy is saying matters.
    I hate to tell you this but if you are ugly go make money instead of dreaming.

  11. bio doesn’t matter that is a complete lye and there’s data to back it up … in fact , the only thing on your bio that matters is if you put your height of 6 ft and above which has more to do with physical traits / attraction.. want more matches ? be taller and be more attractive lol professional photos can help a bit too . ok cupid study , majority of women find 80 percent of men as unattractive .. women go on dating apps to find the top percent of men , average every day men are a dime a dozen

  12. "Women are particularly guilty of saying hey" Are you kidding me mister??? The AMOUNT of men who say "hey" or "sexy" or "how are you?" Is excruciating!! Remember, women AND men have bad habits on there.

  13. Here's my advice: get a pice of rope and make a long hike into woods. Find tall, easy to climb tree, and be judge of your life first and last time.
    Hell, I will lead the way. See ya on the other side, if there is such thing.

  14. This is ridiculous advice… LOOKS. LOOKS. LOOKS. Nobody reads your bio… 95% of men don’t read anything… It comes down to how you look that’s what they app is for… The app was built for physical attraction… If you’re not physically attractive you are done… You have zero… Let me say this again… Zero chance

  15. Getting a better bio and picture is good advice, but the other 3 don't have anything to do with getting matches.
    Also the guy is nice looking and using a dog in multiple pictures so he used 2 cheat codes and is still trying to sell us on playing the regular game mode.

  16. Does all of it work if i have extremely small number of friends.. i want to continue MSc, or perhaps Phd studies in mathematics, and have some hobbies where i will probably not meet "real" friends.. will "potential" partner at the start be disapointed?? This is my only, long-lasting question throughout life :)… does anyone perhaps know answer to that, i will award him/her in any way possible for me 😀

  17. I once messaged a girl using the push pull method(compliment followed by insult/criticism) and she responded saying she only swiped on me as a joke. Anyway by the end of the convo she wanted to hook up😂. And lemme just say I was mean as hell and this girl was head over heels falling for it😂😂

  18. I am quite sure that your way is good, but that is just not practical for the average guy… who never gets selected by her in the first place, because he is not tall or good-looking. Thus, he never gets a chance to ask about Salsa dancing– no matter how many jokes are in his bio.
    I would tell the average "non-select" man to stay off of the modern-day dating sites where women have all of the power. And I would tell him to use the old-school approach, to get a date.