Tony Robbins’ Speech NO ONE Wants To Hear — One Of The Most Eye-Opening Speeches

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everybody has the fear of failure the fear of something of the unknown and last minute you don’t do it and then you say I’m really gonna do this and you do it again and again after a while you don’t want to disappoint yourself so you might develop a new identity and say I’m a procrastinator and once that’s who you are that behavior is going to be consistent it is that powerful a control system on how we function as human beings so anything you attach the words I am to over and over again consistency with your language with your emotion with an emotional intensity you’ll eventually become it because it becomes a belief and a belief is self-fulfilling whether you think you can whether you think you can’t you’re right you know so often people say I’m not that kind of person what kind of person and when did you define yourself a year ago five years ago ten years ago 20 years 30 years ago most people was a long time ago and maybe at the end of this conversation it’s time to update your sense of identity maybe it’s time to expand it maybe it’s time to take some of the labels off that might limit you maybe it’s time to look at some that you want to Define Yourself by As you move for the next five or ten years of your life of growth and expansion self-esteem does not come from what people say about you self-esteem comes from what you experience about yourself see someone tell your whole life you’re a piece of crap and a part of you go you’re full of it I’m gonna show you lots of people have done that they never bought it or someone tell you you’re beautiful your whole life you go I’m not really beautiful so what people tell you it doesn’t matter at all it’s what you stack it’s what you assemble it’s what you create it’s the habit of what you put in your head there are situations where people get in a certain emotional state they’re scared they’re angry they’re afraid they’re whatever and they behave a certain way but if they do that several times they might say that’s the kind of person I am and once you do it’s self-fulfilling or worse you know somebody and they were mean to you sometimes there are they’re such a mean harsh person well I bet they’re different with their child I bet they’re different when they’re not under stress but so when we give somebody an identity we limit our ability to actually reach that Soul or that spirit and we limit our own world and we put ourselves in a place of Judgment of others and we’re judging others who’s the first person we’re gonna judge ourselves people get vested in their trauma people get vested in their pain if you want to know the largest drug on the planet it’s not you know some prescription drug the biggest you know drug on the planet is problems because everyone has a deep fear everyone in the deepest fears we have are two one is that we’re not enough we’re not smart enough young enough Rich enough pretty enough funny enough something enough and if we’re not enough against the deepest fear we have which is we won’t be loved and love is the oxygen the soul because as human beings if you get in your head you’re dead almost all of us can find something to be upset about that’s the nature of the mind you need something that gets you to move forward and like I feel so bad for the generation today you know Z generation Millennials because so many of them are now talking about not even having children because of the exaggeration of the problems we’ve always had problems and we’ve always learned to adapt to these challenges whatever those challenges may be but people today think these problems are forever because we’ve had some times here that we’ve never had where we literally shut down the whole world and had people trapped in their homes and that has an effect on people because they don’t have a compelling future and it’s got to be a compelling future about more than just getting by that’s not compelling or surviving or doing okay you know the secret to anyone who succeeded is they found something they care about more than themselves people make these generalizations because they don’t understand how human behavior and how the human mind works would you understand there’s only so many patterns you can start to identify a pattern and then the second step is to start to use it instead of letting it use you stress is a pattern you either use stress or uses you as an example and then you get really good you’re good at creating patterns and that’s when you become really masterable so we pay attention to a small amount of things so if you’re really happy you’re deleting all the things that could piss you off or make you worried if you’re really worried you’re deleting all the things you could be grateful or happy about so and we tend to generalize Our Lives because we’re cognitive misers we don’t want to think things through so if you have strong physiology strong Focus then the third piece is meaning is what creates emotion if somebody says something and you go they’re disrespecting me or they’re challenging me or they’re coaching me or they’re loving me well whichever word you select for those Sensations in your body your biochemistry becomes and so you know somebody might say oh you know this happened to me because God’s punishing me or this happened to me because God’s challenging me or there’s problems here because it’s a gift from God or someone else says it has nothing to do with God it’s the fact that I’ve been a lazy bastard right whatever it is you do in your head there is a biochemical effect so there’s the body there’s the focus and there’s language those three shape how you feel moment to moment so many people that are abundant that are angry all the time because their anchors they’re not growing I know some people are not a good influence I’m not denying that I’m just saying you’re more than somebody’s influence unless you obsess about it every moment and make them wrong so you can make yourself feel Superior morally psychologically or spiritually and stop the pattern we’ve all done it catch yourself because if you want joy happiness and freedom and extraordinary life you will not come from blame never there’s no Pride that comes from blame I don’t mean fake Pride will you make to feel good I’m talking about real pride pride is something you earn like unless you expand your identity you’re going to basically keep where you are you might improve a little or not you might go up and down a bit but you’re going to stay within a realm if you’re gonna have an explosive breakthrough to another level physically mentally financially spiritually then we gotta not only give you the tools we gotta shift that internal sense of who you really are and have you find that you are more than anything that’s ever happened to you that you can handle whatever shows up even if it’s incredibly scary or uncomfortable we all have a life story right some people’s life is a warning some people’s life is an example so what I’m looking for is what’s their story and the story is driven by number one what’s their desire if you go to a movie read a book in the first few minutes the main character you’ll discover what their desire is it to merge with God is it to find a great relationship and have children is it to free themselves from being enslaved or whatever it is there’s a driving desire and then there’s always as soon as you have a desire there’s a problem because otherwise you have your desire and the problem usually is character peace is missing within yourself you’re being selfish you’re not giving enough you’re not creative enough you’re not trusting enough something enough and then as you go through the story of a person’s life what happens is plan doesn’t work you end up having battles and the battles invariably are with external enemies with intimate enemies like who can hurt you more the person you don’t know or the person you love who seems to betrayed you and then there’s the internal enemy the conflicts within yourself and as you fight through the those battles if you continue to grow you come to a point where you have insights you see what the real truth is it isn’t somebody else it’s me this is what needs to shift and if you see that and act on it kind of jump through the opening so to speak then life’s never the same again or life is happily ever after because you’ve made a shift in the core values and beliefs and emotions that are driving your life there’s something inside you that’s bigger than anything that’s ever happened to you that ever could happen to you and tapping in and finding that part of yourself is how you get someone to have sustained strength the mind is constantly dissecting things separating comparing but when you look at it back and you take a look at somebody’s life and you look at the totalitarian aspect of what am I here to serve what am I here to give what am I being called to for life so identity and compelling future are the ultimate things that shape people if you’re not doing it you don’t own it you don’t experience it so I’m a big believer in immersion where someone has to grow where it’s not a should grow it’s a have to grow there’s no choice but all of this fear has put people in a place where there’s no compelling future and that’s one of the things that we all need we can all deal with the difficult today if we have a compelling tomorrow so everybody’s got to find it is what it is that they really love but the skills you got to master you have life on your terms is one the science of achievement that’s what you’re describing how to take what I Envision and make it real and those are strategies and they are proven strategies there are certain rules of the game if you want to be healthy and you want a lot of energy everyone’s biochemically slightly different but there’s certain rules if you violate them you’re gonna have low energy and disease if you align with them you’ve got an enormous energy and strength same thing around Finance anyone can grow financially but most people don’t learn the basic fundamentals and so they missing the strategy so that’s strategy driven and I spend a good portion of my life teaching people that but then the second part is what creates lasting fulfillment if we’re not making progress or not happy but the really ultimate formula besides progress is appreciation because you can make progress and then it’ll always have to make progress each moment to be happy happiness only requires that you are grateful if you’ve got a billion dollars and three beautiful children that love you and a beautiful husband or wife but doesn’t matter what you have if you’re not grateful if you live in an emotional home a habitual pace of worry or frustration your life’s called worry and frustration so it’s you could be making progress and still be worried and frustrated I look at my own life and I said that’s what I want to continually do and it’s a never-ending process of saying how do I keep pushing myself people go through different stages of life in your birth to 20 is one stage of life and everyone has a different stage but you’re primarily receiving information learning growing 21 to let’s say 41 is you’re the soldier of society now you go test what you were taught you think you’re Invincible you’re going to be a billionaire ten times over you can have ten thousand businesses and then you learn things are more complex in one relationship than you could ever imagine and you’re not invincible and so you learn in that time period and that’s a time period of a lot of stress for a lot of people trying to figure out how to make it work if you work hard in the spring and the summer so to speak and now you come to fall 43 to 63 that’s a power period because you’ve accumulate enough relationships insights strengths skills tools if you’ve grown that you now can really begin to have a reaping time in your life and then 63 to 83 or 103 the oldest living people go to 120 is kind of the final stage and that winter time is your chance to really be a mentor because at that stage you don’t worry about yourself you’re not judging yourself so much you know who the hell you are foreign


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