Why People Don’t Respect You: 7 Habits You Need To Break

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    Or, just as bad, writing SOME words in ALL CAPS like THIS for the SAME purpose. You know, like THOSE headlines about some TRUTH that THEY don't WANT you to KNOW.

  2. To make people respect you

    – Connect with people
    – Build rapport
    – Crack jokes
    – Generate trust
    – Share your achievements

    – Finish up what you were saying before engaging with the interrupter (x2)

    – Finish your sentence (same speed + volume you were going to)

    – Following through on your words, the things you've planned

    – Keep a higher level of baseline enthusiasm when out in public

    – You should be able to sell to people that you don't know

    – Act in congruence with your words

  3. You also need to allow for cultural differences in the business card section. In China and most Asian cities the giving and receiving of business card is not only expected, but also expected quickly. If you are slow, yiu are likely to lose both. And you must give and receive with two hands. Using one hand is considered rude.

  4. I have no problem with number 5, energy do genuinely change based on whether you know or like someone more so nothing wrong with that, now it comes across douche if you do it in groupie sort of way

  5. You don’t have to adopt everybody’s likes and dislikes to “fit” in. Be your own person. I’m one of few people I know who does not like concerts. I used to go for the sake of fitting in only to want to leave as soon as I got there. I’m much happier now that I finally admitted the truth and I never lost a friend over it.

  6. I wanna like spam this video to like a million gen z and millennials cause honestly it’s really disgusting to think that you can’t come across someone lately that doesn’t do at least one of the things known this video and it’s a Royal bummer.

  7. I have watched you for years- love love the message.. I always thought this would be obvious but I would respect you twice as much if you wore a dress shirt. Three times as much if you didn’t have uneven stubble and so on.

  8. I met a new person. Immediately he told me something he had learned from watching a video speaker. Okayyy. Well the next day he sat at our table and there was a new person whom he was meeting for the first time. Just like a pre recorded speil, he cranked out the very same thing he said to me the day before. Alert!

  9. What happens to me is during say family get togethers. I am conversing with uncle John in a mutually engaged manner, when suddenly aunt Mary chips in off topic to John (which is rude, but she doesn’t care or seem to even notice)…and he then talks to her and forgets about my talking point. If a third person then adds to aunt Mary’s point or John’s response to her….Then my convo is totally hijacked and returning to it at a convenient pause just makes me look persistent in a petty kind of way. Which is why I seldom try with them anymore….

  10. This man, I am a 6 year infantry Veteran. I have been deployed for 2 years of my life in a warzone. I wondered for a really long time ( and a lot of emotional issues ) why I don't command the respect for this that I don't feel is disserved just kind of Commanded… Oh I tell people, hey I'm a vet I build the stereotype instead of not telling people that and showing them. It's been about 3 weeks, and it's working.

  11. Blaming other people for one's problems.
    Blaming teammates for why something did not go the way one wanted it to.
    Using second-person perspective when writing academically or about things people should do or should not do.

  12. What if you have a person who will not let others speak, ie the only way to speak is to interrupt and then when you are talking they just interrupt you again. Like I could sit for 45 minutes and not say anything at all.

  13. I have a certain issue right now I never would have thought that I would have. Firstly I know that people want to know what you do for a living so that they know what kind of respect to treat you with – but Im retired in my early thirties after lucking out (or divine providence) in technology – so when people ask what I do for a living I try to tell them but what I do is so far above their heads I just get zombie eyes from them.

    I have not yet figured out how to resolve this issue. I dont like lying, Im terrible at it plus I have a terrible memory so its difficult to remember what lies I would have told before anyway, and I feel as if I make a joke about what I do or pass it off Im either lying or being disingenuous.

    Not the worst problem to have, but often the people dont know how to treat me after that.

  14. My wife cuts people off the second time they try to get her to buy something. She’s always willing to help them out the first time buy she hates when they keep coming back on buying their

  15. Thanks. It's great to watch videos such as this more than once. There were points you made, that I thought I understood, but after watching again, today, it's become more clear. Making me appreciate this video even more.

  16. Imagine using these suggestions in any other culture lol. The USA and Canada are unique in this respect. You can't simply ignore people in other cultures regardless. Yea, if a person comes in the middle of a conversation, they might waste your time for a couple of seconds or even minutes, but at least you wont have the evil eye following you for the rest of your life if you decided to ignore them lol. But on a more serious note, in Eastern cultures it is the opposite because doing such actions could destroy a potential friend or acquaintance just because of those 15 seconds you didn't want to waste.

  17. I agree with all but number 7, because if I did that I’d be the only one ☝️ kinda like a true Christian. Every where I go I see cheaters and lying scammers. ( one minute a great person only to find out what their really about! Sorry 😢 still waiting on integrity to prevail! )