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[Music] if you ain’t got more heart than me if you ain’t been working harder than me if you ain’t sacrifice more than me I’ma destroy you and I’m not retreating I’m not running happiness comes from progress unhappiness comes from regress and I have learned this that the time between the tides of your life the falling tide of your life looks like you’re losing everything get your line in the water because that’s the most fertile period of your life you must try new things you must be fully Alive you must try everything you possibly can to wake up each day and to live that day full of possibility not to nurse your wounds not to waste your time not to try to do things that you used to do to be fully Alive is to be alive to the new set of experiences that’s that’s coming across the transom that’s super important because during this time of luminality you need to understand your own values what you value what you think is proper and correct and moral and if you know what that is and can articulate it and live according to that you will be happy I think we’re an involved enough species to say no there is a right and wrong there’s a better path and and a not so good path there is a transcend itself at least to chase a better self a projection I think is fair to project and believe in a delayed gratification that no I want my life to have some escalation yeah I know it’s going to have its downs but I want to have at the end at least have a small ramp or what the hell are we doing here or what is evolution we have to have started Mitty more not judging admitting let’s get rid of the lies process of elimination first before we get on with playing offense let’s admit the lies that we tell ourselves let’s admit the lies that we believe that the world tells us let’s admit the ones that we keep under our vests for our own convenience because they’ve been getting away with them and they kind of been let’s just admit that don’t judge it I’m not saying so I can lay the hammer on you and go you see you son of I’m not saying that and then I’m not and I don’t think any of us should be doing that to ourself right now so there’s a bit of amnesty and just admit it don’t just let’s admit the lies that we tell we believe in the Kool-Aid we know we’re drinking the candy we know we’re eating but we like to call it broccoli because hey it gives us some identity and some sense of purpose let’s clean the Slate there first and then I think we need to Define what we want more of the world tells us every day it’s a it’s more it’s quantifiable only there’s a lane there’s a there’s 360 Degrees that lane that is vertical is packed with traffic everybody once on that lane we’re being told retail therapy success more money it’s the only way to win this life got no problem with any of that but there’s 359 other lanes in the degrees of 360. that have a lot less traffic on them that also have a lot more qualitative value to them so where can we scale wider where can roots go deeper what Define what we want more of yeah we all need to pay our rent sometimes just making a damn decision and committing to it is the best choice not moving that indecisiveness between two things that limbo you can walk that freaking tightrope forever and you think it’s going to last a week and then it’s a month and a year and a freaking decade and then you’re looking up and you’re going 15 years later going I haven’t moved most things that I went after that headline I chased that decision I rank that risk I took when I got there the headline was not the same or I took a feeder on the road but just the the movement to make the choice to jump and not fall to affirmatively take it just gets things in motion again without dreams we all will die you’ve got to dream don’t lose your dreams for yourself for your future for your family the dreams of love and Enterprise and travel and doing things becoming something unique on your journey here don’t lose your dreams do some dreaming that’s long-range goals you’ve got to have those if you don’t get busy and work on it sure enough the time will pass and sure enough five years from now you’ll wind up where you don’t want to be where and what you don’t want to wear driving what you don’t want to drive being what you don’t want to be now is the time to fix it promise yourself you will never give up don’t just be listeners be doers the world admires the doers whatever it takes to get you to try harder read more set your goals and go for it the minute you were born it got risky if you think prying is risky wait till they hand you the bill for not trying if you think investing is risky wait till you get the tab for not investing see it’s all risky getting married is risky having children is risky going into business is risky investing your money is risky it’s all risky [Music] I’ll tell you how risky life is you’re not going to get out alive it’s not important how long you live what’s important is how you live [Music] to the pessimists the glasses always have empty to The Optimist the glasses half full why would the same measure affect people two different ways answer it all depends on how you look at it our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are not the way they are the way we think they are affects us most poor thinking habits keeps most people poor not poor working habits most people work hard but they don’t think hard the mind is like a factory and whatever you think about all day long pours ingredients into this mental Factory and that’s what builds the economic social Financial fabric of your life [Music] and you and I both know it’s not the amount of money in your pocket it’s not who you know it’s not even what you’ve been through it’s really the decisions you make moment to moment since you look at something think about something focus on your side what does this mean is this the beginning or the end is this punishment reward is God trying to hurt me or trying to challenge me or is this nothing to do with God I was just being a lazy bastard right the meanings we give to things control our life whatever experience you’re having right now it has not come to stay it has come to pass not to stay just to pass it’s just going through the biggest challenge is is to know what’s happening this is a part of this thing we call life this too shall pass and maintaining perspective putting it in perspective see a lot of us because of our limited vision of ourselves a lot of us who begin to focus on problems and enable them to overwhelm us we begin to think that we have no options we begin to believe that there’s no way out say I’m unstoppable you’ve got to make those kind of declarations to yourself I’m unstoppable do some things for you just go for a stroll so you can engage in some reflective thinking on life on yourself looking and enjoying the universe smelling the Roses along the way listen to upbeat music music that inspire you I have only but goodies I have strategies that I engage in to recharge my batteries I’m preparing for that because I know things are going to happen that I cannot anticipate very good friend of mine died the other day I had a program for myself I have books that I read that inspire me tapes that I listen to that fire me up because you’re going to have sometimes low moments when you won’t want to get out of bed just want to stay there at times you won’t want to come out the house the times you’ll be feeling bad and don’t know why what’s wrong I don’t know just leave me alone [Music] take full responsibility for your life accept where you are and the responsibility that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go someone said we have two primary choices in life we can either accept conditions as they exist or we can take the responsibility to change them see a lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility all they want to do is talk about the problem every time you see them they’ll tell you their story over and over and over and over again no no you want to take responsibility for your life I got me here I can get me out of this you’re hitting on the Bedrock which is extremely fundamental which is do you believe that you’re capable of change do you believe that good things happen when you go through a process of learning and taking steps do you believe going back to your belief that you could actually get out of your patterns because you can be fooling yourself you could be you could be saying yeah I kind of do but deep down inside you don’t really want to do it because believe it or not your bad patterns give you a degree of comfort right it’s something that you know and to get out of them you suddenly thrust into the unknown and that could be very frightening so you could be holding on to these bad patterns so the belief that I can change I can actually do something different in my life I can actually recreate myself I can actually learn things I can actually rewire my brain because the brain is incredibly plastic even at the age of 40 50 you can change your career you can learn new skills you know I’ve reached 60 I’m constantly learning as well the brain is insanely plastic do you believe that do you believe that you have the possibility to change yourself to alter your patterns that’s probably the single most important thing right there and to get people to believe that as I said there’s two levels there’s the people who will shake their head yeah yeah yeah they’ll read Mastery but it won’t mean anything to them because they’re afraid of the change they’re comfortable with a degree of failure I hate to say because if you don’t try things you never have to deal with the response ability the pain of failure right so you don’t really want to change deep down inside you don’t really believe how much more fun will your life be if you’re open and you let things come in and new ideas come in so it’s up to you you’re the one that’s creating your misery it’s creating your patterns if you’re going to win long term 95 of people have a operating system in their mind where they operate out of history and memory oh I like that and about five percent of humans operate out of vision and Imagination so the reason we’re so much happier I believe when we’re children is we have no history and memory so we operate of imagination and dreams and vision but at some age some people it’s five years old some it’s eight some it’s 18 some it’s 28. they create a history and that history then becomes the operating system so even if they take on a new Behavior or tactic they’re operating out of a pattern of thought and belief that’s historic and memory based and so the number one thing I would say is begin to operate out of your imagination again out of your vision again create from that place if you create from that place now you’re not tied to the result in that moment you’re giving yourself space to imagine and create something new in your life create a new future don’t move away from the past create a brilliant imaginative curious vibrant vision for your life you only understand the power of one day when you’re threatened with never having another one I’ll do anything for one more day get to be with you one more time the problem with humanity is just this that for every other creature Nature has drawn two lines Within These two lines they live and die so their idea of full-fledged is hitting the ceiling of their life but if a human being hits a ceiling he gets frustrated and miserable because nature this process of evolution has delivered to us to a place where there is only the bottom line there is no Top Line though some human beings are trying to breach the bottom line and go below nature determined a certain compulsive instinctive ways of functioning once you become human these lines have been removed you can act consciously that means what you call as human potential is not of any kind of measurable limit it can go as far as you desire or us as far as you have the courage to walk so when we say human potential unleashing human potential it is not about reaching the peak it is a trajectory because what our life is is a combination of a certain amount of time and energy time is rolling away for all of us at the same pace if you sit it rolls away if you sleep it rolls away if you do something it goes away if you don’t do anything it goes away you’re happy or miserable it goes away time is running out for all of us so it’s only the energy that you can do different things with if you bring your energies to a certain level of intensity and possibility [Music] what somebody does in 10 years you may do it in one year this means if you live here for 100 years it feels like in people’s impact that you have created it feels like you lived here for a thousand years simply because you have managed your life energies in a certain way [Music] have the power to make that decision you can decide I’m going to work on myself and develop myself I’m going to empower me and all of these things that are happening to me right now they’re just temporary inconveniences they’re not stronger than I am I’m in charge here if you are a little sensitive to life you will realize you are the biggest issue in your life [Music] so this is one thing that I’m trying to do with people that you are never the issue in your life I’m not the issue my thought my emotion my body is never the issue my thought my emotion my energy and my body are my instruments a function they are not impairments in my life but I would say for 90 of the human beings their own body then the compulsions of the body the compulsions of their thought the compulsions of their emotions or ruling them most of the time so when you yourself are a problem well your own self-help everybody wants a solution but nobody wants to delve into the problem and see what is the nature of the problem that we have the nature of the problem is like this why are we compulsive what is it that’s compulsive about us compulsion means we are going to the same place again and again that means we’re going in circles the nature of physical existence in the universe is such whether you take an atom an individual atom or the cosmic space everything that’s physical is always in cyclical movement the atoms are doing their circles the solar system is doing its stuff the galaxies are doing their stuff our own bodies are going through Cycles in fact we are born because of the Cycles in our mother’s bodies that’s why we are born so entire physical nature is born out of cyclical movement that means compulsiveness so do not misunderstand compulsiveness as something bad it’s the basis of your existence it is a good platform but you’re supposed to stand on the platform and act right now you have become the platform so somebody else will dance on you there is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show that only when you’re in a pleasant state of experience your body and your brain works at its best there’s no argument about them there’s enough evidence to show that so whatever impact or success or reaching goals or growth or whatever you say on one level in the physical world it’s about how well you harness your physiological and your psychological process isn’t it whether your body and mind works against you or works for you this is a big difference so there is even enough evidence to show only when you’re in Pleasant levels of experience this happens best so obviously Joy’s first then growth if you’re joyful constantly and you have no fear of suffering because you understand all Human Experience comes from within you and so you have managed to create the kind of experience that you want now growth is possible and brittled if you have the fear of falling down and suffering you will not go very high isn’t it and no proof no one does that there’s going to be life after this life but I’m not looking forward to leaving this life but I’m damn excited about what might happen when it’s time it humbles me in a way that it gives me great confidence where it didn’t used to it used to Humble me in a way that maybe I felt more lowly or my head would bow down and my shoulders would slump I believe it helps me try to the ought to Aspire to more what I ought to be more daily and be on that be on that grind or when it’s easy to to to enjoy that downhill and go yes it doesn’t have to be or you don’t have to break a split all the time it it can be easy to see the beauty and to and to to get a reciprocal reaction from the world when the world’s in Reverb and is given back what I’m giving out that’s when I feel when I’m not objectifying the world or either or people is when I feel like I am in closer living closer to God’s likeness I’m chasing an immortal Finish Line with no proof that there is an immortal Finish Line



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