“With these principles, NOTHING WILL AFFECT YOU” (Stoicism)

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[Music] he buried many of his children faced plagues floods and War was betrayed by those closest to him surrounded by corrupt inept and infinitely ambitious people although some criticize Marcus Aurelius for being depressing or negative there is no doubt that he was in pain tired and frustrated he was just a man like any of us who at some point felt exhausted by life but despite living stoicism and being the greatest of all time Marcus didn’t choose the path considered easier he didn’t blame anyone didn’t hold grudges for the hand he was dealt or the painful cards he had to play he continued seeking relief in physical activity and work he tried as we discussed in previous videos to focus on beauty amidst the ugliness of life he was brave enough to ask for help when he needed it most Marcus Aurelius not only kept getting up every morning but made an effort to do it early he remembered on the pages of his meditations the reasons he was here on this planet what his nature demanded of him what his duty was he moved forward found relief purpose and even joy in it no matter who you are or what you are going through the same is available to you within your soul it’s okay if you’re tired it’s understandable and completely acceptable as you Reveal Your Pain some people are more like to want to harm you although it doesn’t always happen it is common for some people to find pleasure in seeing you suffer or even contribute to making it worse this behavior of sadism and envy is unfortunately present in many and can hinder your personal life in various Fields whether at work in Social Circles or even in the family therefore learning not to show your weak point can end up becoming your strong point imagine yourself as a tree in the midst of a storm the leaves May Sway and the branches May sway but the trunk remains solidly rooted in the Earth this is the portrait of the stoic that we are going to teach here we will talk about how you can be even stronger if you show that external or internal problems do not easily affect you every challenge teaches you to be like a tree acting as if nothing affects you you are not denying the storm but choosing not to let the rain soak you and the wind knock you down you will learn to be the master of your own destiny firm strong and Serene in a sea of Chaos in this video we will talk about the 19 stoic principles of a great and renowned philosopher whom you have probably already heard of we also invite you to get to know yourself where strength does not come from the Thunder’s Roar but from the Silence of the light that illuminates the path therefore in the next few minutes focus on the content and not on daily distractions principle one do not anticipate a pleasure or pain epicurus advices use not to anticipate a pleasure or pain as this will allow us to live more whistly when we anticipated pleasure we created Cravings that can lead to disappointment on the other hand anticipating pain can generate unnecessary fear and anxiety live in the present moment and face each experience as it comes principle two always expect the worst one of the biggest causes of anxiety and its devastating consequences is believing that unfavorable circumstances await us in the future we fear that our children will drop out of school that we will be fired from work that our partner will confess infidelity and ask for a divorce or that something bad will happen such as bankruptcy the problem is that one day we fear one problem and the next day another life in addition to reserving in good and happy Parts also reserves a series of inevitable problems we live in constant stress caused by different stimuli every day this is where epicurus comes in because his proposal is as drastic as it is effective he says think that all those things you fear so much have already happened what could be worse this way your spirit will develop strategies to move forward with your head held high principle three listen the first principle is to listen twice as much as you speak have you ever wondered why nature gave us two ears but only one mouth according to epicurus there is no mistake or coincidence in this it serves a clear purpose we should not be in love with our own voice as much as we are called to be in love with the voices of others we learn from others to progress in life not by repeating our own discourse over and over again so from today pay more attention to what people around around you say and less to what you have maintained until now principle four be prepared to fail because it is the only way to progress we do everything possible not to be considered fools but epicurus has a different view on it according to his philosophy one of the best things that can happen to you is to be considered a fool because this is the way to truly improve professionally and personally the stoic philosopher reminds us that overcoming is not the product of a spontaneous reaction but the result of a long path of trial and error it is through error that we can polish what separates us from Excellence principle five be aware of the dangers of wealth the wealth we desire brings with it a stigma from which few people can free themselves it is not only about people who will appear out of nowhere to benefit from our wealth pretending friendship they do not feel for us money has the ability to transform people and not necessarily for the better once we possess this highly coveted resource we discover something we didn’t know we had and from that point on our spirit can begin to poison itself in the face of the loss of moral values principle six remember death always waits at the end of the road this is not advice that calls us to pessimism but to be aware that death is the ultimate destination of all our actions and especially of our efforts once we have this in mind we may begin to assess to what extent it is worth spending 20 years of our limited life saving to buy a house that no matter how much we weigh we will not be able to take with us wherever we go when death visits us just as we carry in our bag objects that we consider indispensable for our daily life such as the phone credit cards and our toothbrush it would benefit us to carry a small notebook with these principles thanks to them we will stop seeing setbacks as misfortunes and life as internal time that we have at our disposal instead we will acquire a more realistic view of our existence and certainly make better use of our lifetime principle s hold on to one hope fortunately we are inclined to practice diversity which means there is no reason to place all our hopes on a single dream as this could be devastating if it fails therefore epicurus encourages us to pursue many dreams as this will exponentially increase our chances of success principle 8 True wiel Lies in a contented Spirit due to epictetus’s stoicism he had his own conception of happiness you can get to know it through one of his famous phrases a wise man is one who does not care about what he does not have but rejoices in what he has this reflection goes beyond a simple thought it is advice to learn to stop feeling distressed by those riches that are not yet part of our life because while while we allow ourselves to complain and lament about what we lack we lose valuable minutes of happiness in which we could be grateful for all that we have achieved so far which is much more than our eyes are trained to appreciate so a wealthy person is above all a happy person number nine guilt is a plague narrow-minded people blame others Common People blame themselves but the wise see all blame as foolishness thanks to this phrase from epicurus therapists nowadays have begun to address guilt as a feeling that must be eradicated from our lives the only way to win the competition against guilt is to refuse to play with it the problem is that it results in an easy path as blaming others or ourselves absolves us of the responsibility to correct the mistake therefore resorting to it is a Temptation difficult to avoid and only those driven by a strong determination to overcome it are capable of avoiding guilt and still take responsibil ility for their actions principle 10 humility incorporate humility into your life if you truly want to learn something it is essential that a person learns what they believe they already know with this phrase epicurus urges us to use our humility especially in the field of learning going through life boasting of our pride and knowledge distances us further and further from genuine knowledge that arises from the conviction that we are completely ignorant about what we intend to learn in this way we will see everything Through The Eyes of a child which holds both the capacity for Wonder and the desire to learn principle 11 make alliances form alliances with successful people it is curious how when someone sneezes next to us we immediately move away invaded by the fear of contagion however we are not as cautious in avoiding one of the most lethal contagions we are exposed to daily epicurus left us us wise advice in this regard surround yourself with people who make you want to give your best because the influence of people greatly affects our mental state there are people who drain our energy and ruin our day While others leave us full of joy and vitality therefore one of the smartest decisions we can make is to Ally with those who bring Good Vibes into our lives and say goodbye to those who have the ability to make us regret being born principle 12 never forget your reactions never forget that your reactions shape your destiny we should not take our reactions lightly as they are definitely what determines our success or failure epicurus was very categorical about this he taught us that we do not have the possibility to choose what happens but we do have the ability to manage it Misfortune can befall any of us but what we do from its arrival will make the difference for some people a divorce means entering the world of depression and victimization while for epicurus it is a golden opportunity to start The Path of self- Knowledge remember that your life is not what happens to you but what you do with it principle 13 do not hate those who hate you just ignore them you are much greater and entirely superior to the one who criticizes despises and discriminates against you therefore do not waste your precious time hating that person because they do not even deserve to be present in your thoughts we are encouraged not to fear people who harm us because that noise represents a regrettable attempt to harm us so ignore it and become immune to it principle 14 always fulfill your duty each of us has a role in society and the world and the sun does not need praise or enchantments to rise every morning it simply does in the same way every part of nature fulfills its function we must fulfill our obligations if we are waiting to please or receive praise to do our work we are failing both the environment to which we belong and ourselves if we know our task and are aware that other people depend on it it is our moral duty to carry it out without expecting anyone to remind us principle 15 Embrace Simplicity why live frugally when today we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with all kinds of luxuries the answer is much simpler and more logical than you might think because wealth does not sustain itself but requires commitment and a lot of daily energy to maintain this system of luxury and wealth in contrast when we choose a simple lifestyle we stop being surrounded by the pressure of having to meet the due dates of bills loans and credit cards principle 16 control your life when you allow the comments and attitudes of others to bother you you are giving up control of your life anyone capable of making you angry invests in your domain but that person can only make you angry when you allow them to disturb you epicurus helps us understand that there are many keys within us and some lead us to happiness While others lead us directly to emotional ruin it is precisely this latter key that we give to those who make us angry principal 17 friendship is above wealth true friends are genuine friends because they will be there to support us if one day our material Fortune dissipates therefore dedicate yourself to cultivating true friendships and you will be making a highly profitable long-term investment principle 18 always extract the benefit from things no matter what happens it depends on you to take advantage of it or not these were epicurus’s words as you can see it is not about having the option to extract the good from adversity but doing so is our duty Whenever there there is intelligence in you there is the ability to realize the advantage that can be taken from the situation that has hit you imagine that one day you arrive at work to discover that you will be fired instead of despairing and accusing the universe of being against you you have the option to venture into that business you dreamed of while fulfilling your working hours alongside people you did not like therefore always try to look for the positive in a situation because this move added up throughout your life will certainly take you further than simply lamenting principle 19 stop worrying about what is beyond your control you own your opinion but not your reputation you have the desire and Zeal for seeking but you cannot control the amount of wealth you have or success therefore worrying and getting bitter about those things we cannot control is simply a decision to waste time according to epicurus we are called to cultivate those values that we have the possibility to change but it is also our responsibility to let go of what is beyond our control and let fate take care of it in addition to being incredibly useful for everyday life stoic principles are teachings that can help us navigate tough times with resilience and interest in their philosophy there is no room for fantasies only for applying what has been learned and moving forward I sincerely hope that this message has been useful to you I want to congratulate you greatly for having come this far and for having finished the video that means that you want to improve as a person if you like the video leave your comment you don’t know what to comment comment I dare so I know you made it to the end if you are not yet subscribed to the channel what are you waiting for subscribe now and join us thank you for your attention until next time Warrior and



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