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[Music] let’s get straight to the point with this video you probably have a crush on a girl and are constantly thinking about her but what if you could reverse the script and shift her mindset from responding to you whenever she feels like it to obsessively thinking about you and waiting for you to respond today we’ll reveal three hacks so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not using them sooner in fact these hacks are so effective and well tested that they will work regardless of the age of the women involved however use these hacks with caution as they can be extremely powerful and you may discover that the person you were once chasing is now constantly pursuing you we’ll dive into the psychological minds of women and show you exactly what will pique their curiosity and ensure that you have her obsessed with you before we begin I would appreciate it if you like the video you can help me continue spreading the stoic philosophy if you are not subscribed I recommend you subscribe and activate the Bell to avoid missing any videos if you like the topic of this video please comment with a number one if you don’t please comment with a number two to let me know so I can make better videos in the future actually we first need to address something that men often neglect and this is emotional connection before revealing the powerful hacks you need to understand what emotional connection is and how it affects women you see as a man it’s easy for us to focus on the pragmatic and fun Parts men tend to want fun experiences to get out of the house and to go on adventures we also believe that we need to pay large sums of money for dates but delving into the female psyche you’ll quickly find that none of this matters to her in fact she’ll just enjoy the ride and then call the person who has formed an emotional bond with her when she returns home however you must be the one who establishes the emotional connection as well as the person to whom she relates emotional events and specific feelings basically any emotion even negative ones will result in an obsession that far outweighs the pragmatic adventure and fun that you attempt to portray creating this emotional connection is actually quite simple you can establish this type of connection by focusing your interactions on eliciting her emotions toward you keep in mind that this does not mean you should let her throw all of her problems at you rather you should be the one to bring out an emotion that she wishes to share with someone else the bad boy stigma which we all see every day is an excellent example of this you see the bad boy usually pulls her close before pushing her away he becomes inconsistent after making commitments which caus is disappointment for her but also elicits an emotional response now you shouldn’t necessarily portray the bad boy but eliciting some emotional reaction towards you whether good or bad will undoubtedly make her think of you much more so as we dive into this guide you should understand that women are far more emotional than men and it’s important to trigger emotional responses when possible number one mystery is the key you’ve probably watched at least one of the Batman films and no noticed how Batman creates a sense of mystery around himself you see the human brain is fascinating and we are constantly looking for answers to everything one thing Bruce Wayne does is never reveal too much about himself in fact he rarely shows anything other than his house and his expensive cars his night job leaves him with little free time to spend with a woman because he can’t reveal where he spends his time women are intrigued and continue to admire him in the hopes that he will reveal more of himself if they spend more time with him but there’s a lot we can learn from Batman and the fact that he keeps his life mysterious is one of the biggest reasons that women flock to him fortunately you don’t have the secrets of Batman that could make the difference between life and death but you can create a mysterious Persona and it isn’t that hard one of the first things you should do is to learn to talk less especially if it’s about yourself you don’t need to reveal every aspect of yourself and your personality to a woman and this is the same for your social life and your hobbies if she’s into you she’ll aut automatically start questioning these things you keep a mystery and by revealing tidbits of information occasionally you’ll just feed her curiosity enough for her to continue coming back again and again in the hopes of learning something new the Curiosity will become a valuable thing that should keep the two of you connected but the flip side is an attraction killer you see men tend to reveal every mystery about themselves and this allows her to draw conclusions and determine that you’re not the type of guy she wants before she even gets to know you however the mystery approach will give her time to get to know the type of person you are and if the two of you don’t have any Common Ground you’ll still be attractive in a way she can’t explain number two mutual interest can create trust and attraction now you must understand that simply being mysterious has a timeline to use Batman as an example his mysterious personality will eventually Force the other person to move on significantly reducing your attraction to each other you see after you’ve established that initi attraction the goal is to find something you both enjoy doing and discussing this can include Hobbies dreams or aspirations but she should feel as if she has met someone with whom she can connect on a level that she cannot with others once the woman establishes that you’re the one that she feels at one with she’ll crave the feeling she experiences when she’s around you in fact she’ll be the one making plans and trying to be around you as much as possible but to establish Mutual interests you need to get to know her and understand what she likes to do and experience in life this will give you the opportunity to sift through your own interests and find out what would be common ground however you should be aware that faking it will only lead to Temporary success and if there’s no common interest you should cut her off in fact cutting her off or even walking away can be a move often referred to as reverse psychology you see if you pull away when the interest is still high she might even show interest in your hobbies and interests which means she’s willing to find common ground once this happens you’ll have her thinking about you Non-Stop and she’ll forever associate this interest with you at an emotional level number three be unpredictable the most appealing aspect of this guide’s hacks is their unpredictable nature in fact it will keep you attractive in her eyes throughout the relationship and prevent any connection from fading however being unpredictable should not be overused as it may have the opposite effect women enjoy adventure and while many people May argue that they prefer stability and predictability nothing beats an unexpected adventure that turns out to be wonderful it’s also worth mentioning that unpredictability shouldn’t be interpreted as breaking her trust or making her doubt whether she can count on you when referring to unpredictability it relates to surprises and keeping things positive for example you can randomly show up at some Club she’s going to or you could surprise her at work with gifts or just your physical presence this will keep the excitement going and since few men are willing to do this it gives you an edge since boredom is at an all-time high due to all the stimulation we get through social media and Technology keeping the relationship interesting can be daunting for some people but positively being unpredictable and full of surprises will break the stimulation pattern of modern technology in life now keep in mind that you don’t overdo it and remember that less is more the unpredictability will keep her guessing and she’ll constantly think about you wondering what’s next and which move you’re going to make you might even find that she becomes unpredictable and full of surprises as well which will lead to more excitement and fun surprisingly this is all there is to it and you don’t have to be a billionaire or resemble Brad Pit to pull it off she’ll be drawn to you just by being mysterious and allowing her to do more work to figure out who you are once you’ve revealed enough about yourself you should be able to find common ground and share interests this will make her feel like you’re the one and she won’t want to let go finally being unpredictable will keep her guessing and combining these three hacks will make you the most attractive and unique person she’s ever met however there is more to women and the dating scene can be intense make sure to stick around and watch some of our other videos to unravel the female mystery for yourself nine ways to identify fake people behind every smile there’s a story but can you tell if it’s genuine or just a mask one inconsistent stories beware of those whose Tales wander and contradict the stories of fake people often lack consistency revealing a facade they struggle to maintain these individuals are like chameleons constantly altering their stories to fit the situation or audience their narratives often change dramatically over time as they forget the details of their own Fabrications or find new stories that serve their purpose better this inconsistency isn’t just a harmless trait it’s a deliberate tactic used to manipulate or impress others inconsistent stories are a Hallmark of a lack of authenticity real people with genuine experiences have no need to constantly change their stories their life narratives are consistent and while they might forget Minor Details the core of their stories Remains the Same over time fake people on the other hand often find themselves trapped in a web of their own deceptions as they struggle to keep track of their various Tales discrepancies become more apparent this Behavior can be particularly damaging in personal relationships and professional settings in personal relationships inconsistent stories can lead to a breakdown in trust after all if you can’t trust someone to tell you the truth about their past how can you trust them with your future in professional environments these inconsistencies can lead to a toxic workplace atmosphere where colleagues can’t rely on each other and superiors can’t make informed decisions identifying such individuals requires attentiveness and a good memory for details by paying close attention to what someone says over time patterns of inconsistency can emerge this vigilance is not about being paranoid but about protecting oneself from potential manipulation or deceit when faced with inconsistent stories it’s important to question the narrative and seek Clarity often simply asking for more details or clarification can unravel a fate story as the person may struggle to maintain the facade under scrutiny two superficial connections scratch the surface and you’ll find shallow roots fake individuals prefer breadth over depth in their relationships rarely forming meaningful bonds these people often have a long list of acquaintances but very few if any true friends their connections are based on what others can offer them rather than mutual respect or Genuine affection soon superficial connections are a strategy a way to navigate social Landscapes without ever truly committing to anyone these shallow relationships are characterized by a lack of depth and understanding fake people don’t invest the time and emotional energy needed to build real connections they might know many people but their knowledge of these individuals is often limited to surface level details names job titles and other basic information there’s no sharing of personal struggles no deep conversations about hopes and dreams and no genuine emotional support this approach to relationships is inherently self-serving fake individuals engage with others based on what they can gain be it social status professional advantages or other benefits they’re often seen flitting from group to group always seeking the most advantageous Association in doing so they miss out on the true value of deep meaningful relationships the kind that provides support in tough times joy in Good Times times and growth throughout life the impact of such superficial connections can be profound for those who form connections with these fake individuals it can lead to feelings of being used or unappreciated for the fake individuals themselves it can result in a lonely existence devoid of true companionship and support they may find themselves surrounded by people but lacking any real connection to any of them to identify such superficiality look for patterns in how individuals discuss their relationships do they only talk about what others can do for them do they switch Social Circles frequently this behavior is often employed in both personal and professional contexts in personal relationships excessive flattery can be used to create a false sense of trust or to mask true intentions in professional settings it might be a tactic to Curry favor or to distract from a lack of competence or commitment the danger of this Behavior lies in its ability to mislead and manipulate creating an environment where genuine talent and effort are overshadowed by empty words moreover those who frequently use excessive flattery often struggle with authenticity in other aspects of their lives they may have a skewed perception of relationships viewing them as transactions rather than Mutual connections this transactional approach can lead to a superficial Social Circle where people are valued for what they can provide rather than than who they are to navigate through such deceit it’s essential to learn to differentiate between genuine praise and flattery genuine Compliments are usually specific related to real achievements or qualities and given without expectation of something in return in contrast flattery often feels vague exaggerated or unrelated to actual accomplishments being aware of these differences can help in identifying individuals who use excessive flattery as a deceptive t tactic four lack of empathy a hollow heart can’t empathize those who are insincere often show a notable absence of genuine concern and empathy for others this lack of empathy is a significant red flag indicating a person who is unable or unwilling to connect with others on an emotional level such individuals often disregard the feelings and needs of others focusing solely on their own desires and objectives the absence of empathy in a person’s behavior Can manifest in various ways it may be evident in their indifference to others difficulties or in their inability to celebrate others successes genuinely they might disregard the emotional well-being of those around them or fail to offer support when it’s needed in more extreme cases a lack of empathy can lead to manipulative or harmful behaviors as the individual does not fully consider or care about the impact of their actions on others this characterist istic is particularly damaging in relationships whether personal or professional in personal relationships a lack of empathy can prevent the development of a deep meaningful connection it can lead to a one-sided relationship where one person’s needs and feelings are consistantly ignored or undervalued in professional settings it can create a hostile and uncollaborative environment as colleagues and employees may feel undervalued and misunderstood identifying a lack of empathy involes olves observing how individuals respond to situations that require emotional understanding do they show genuine concern when others are upset or in distress are they able to celebrate others successes without making it about themselves do they show understanding and patience during difficult times answering these questions can provide insight into whether a person lacks empathy which is a crucial component of genuine and healthy relationships five manipulative Behavior strings are for puppets not people fake individuals often manipulate others for personal gain disregarding the feelings of those around them this manipulative behavior is a deliberate strategy to control or influence others to achieve one’s own goals it can take many forms from subtle emotional manipulation to overt exploitation such behavior is inherently selfish and shows a blatant disregard for the well-being and autonomy of others manipulators often possess possess a keen understanding of human psychology and use this knowledge to their advantage they might use guilt charm coercion or deceit to get what they want this manipulation can be particularly damaging as it often goes unnoticed until significant harm has been done the victims of manipulation might find themselves in situations where they feel confused guilty or even responsible for the manipulator’s actions in personal relationships manipulative Behavior can lead to a toxic Dynamic where one person constantly feels Under Pressure to meet the other’s demands or expectations this can lead to a loss of self-esteem anxiety and emotional distress in professional settings recognizing and addressing manipulative behavior is crucial for maintaining healthy respectful and authentic Relationships by being aware of these tactics and taking steps to protect oneself it’s possible to build connections based on mutual respect and genuine understanding rather than manipulation and deceit six frequent disappearance when the going gets tough the fake get going notice those who only appear in good times but vanish during challenges this pattern of frequent disappearance is a Telltale sign of a fairweather friend or colleague someone who is there for the ride but not for the journey these individuals are quick to bask in shared successes or joyous occas occasions but conspicuously absent during moments of difficulty or need the harm of this Behavior lies not just in the absence itself but in the false sense of reliability it creates people who frequently disappear betray the trust placed in them leaving friends family or colleagues feeling abandoned and unsupported in personal relationships this can lead to feelings of loneliness and betrayal as the individual realizes that their connection was contingent on positive circumstances professionally it can can disrupt Team Dynamics and hinder progress as these individuals fail to contribute in times of stress or challenge identifying such individuals requires a keen observation of patterns over time it’s important to notice not just who is present in moments of success or celebration but also who remains when situations become challenging loyalty and reliability are proven in adversity not in ease seven broken promises a castle built on promises is built on air fake people make commitments easily but seldom follow through this tendency to break promises is a critical indicator of a lack of integrity and reliability making a promise is in essence giving one’s word breaking it is a sign of disrespect towards the recipient and oneself it erodes trust and damages relationships whether personal or professional the impact of broken promises goes beyond the immediate disappointment or inconvenience repeatedly breaking promises can lead to a loss of credibility and resp respect in personal relationships it can cause emotional harm creating an environment of uncertainty and insecurity in professional settings it undermines one’s reputation and can jeopardize career opportunities and relationships with colleagues and superiors to deal with individuals prone to breaking promises it is crucial to set clear expectations and boundaries holding them accountable for their commitments can sometimes prompt a change in behavior however it’s also important to protect oneself from the potential negative impacts of their unreliability by not relying solely on their promises eight excessive self-promotion in their world the spotlight never dims self-centered and constantly seeking attention fake individuals often exaggerate their achievements this excessive self-promotion is not just about having confidence or a strong sense of self it’s about a deep-seated need for validation and admiration such individuals often have an inflated sense of their own importance and believe they deserve constant recognition and praise this Behavior can be disruptive in both personal and professional environments in personal relationships it can lead to a lack of balance where one person’s needs and achievements overshadow everyone else’s professionally it can create a toxic environment where collaboration and teamwork are undermined by one person’s need to stand out at all costs recognizing excess Ive self-promotion involves paying attention to how individuals talk about themselves and their achievements do they consistently dominate conversations with Tales of their accomplishments do they exaggerate or fabricate details to appear more successful or important such patterns can indicate a tendency towards self-promotion that borders on inauthenticity nine unreliable instincts trust your gut often our instincts can sense in authenticity before our mind can rationalize it this intuitive feeling sometimes referred to as a gut feeling is an important tool in identifying fake people our subconscious can pick up on subtle cues and inconsistencies that our conscious mind might miss or rationalize away however it’s important to remember that instincts are not infallible they can be influenced by our biases and past experiences therefore while it’s crucial to listen to your instincts it’s also important to balance them with rational thought and observation if your gut is telling you that someone is insincere take a step back and observe their behavior more objectively look for patterns and evidence that either confirm or contradict your intuition unreliable instincts can lead us astray particularly in complex social situations where our biases and preconceptions play a significant role cultivating self-awareness and being mindful of these biases can help refine our instincts making them a more reliable guide in assessing the authenticity of those around us in conclusion while instincts are a valuable tool in identifying fake people they should be used in conjunction with rational analysis and observation by doing so we can develop a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the people we interact with allowing us to form more authentic and meaningful relationships as we navigate through the complexities of Human Relationships understanding the signs of inauthenticity is crucial remember the journey towards genuine connections is paved with awareness and wisdom we’ve explored the subtle yet significant traits that reveal the true nature of those around us from the inconsistencies in their stories to the unreliability of their commitments each sign is a guidepost on this journey but the quest doesn’t end here our channel is dedicated to empowering you with insights and knowledge to enhance your understanding of human behavior and relationships by subscribing you join a community committed to person growth and Authentic Living don’t let the journey stop with this video hit the like button if you found these insights valuable And subscribe to stay updated with more content that enlightens and inspires share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below your story could be the beacon that guides someone else to Clarity together let’s build a world where authenticity Reigns and genuine connections Thrive remember your intuition is your compass and your willingness to learn is the key to navigating the Seas of relationships like subscribe and embark on this continuous journey of Discovery with us every click every share every subscription helps us reach more people spreading knowledge that has the power to transform lives thank you for watching and remember in a world full of facades your authenticity is your greatest strength embrace it nurture it and watch your relationships flourish in the light of Truth have you ever wondered why women are so contradictory why do bad boys get all the girls why is it that the more you try to get a woman’s attention the less interested she is it’s time to delve into the world of female psychology and discover the six facts about women that you should know these facts which range from why bad boys stay bad forever to why time and effort equals attraction will help you better understand what women want so let’s get started and look at the six points about women that will change your perspective on them the first point delves into the Intriguing Realm of the contradictions that Define women unraveling the intricacies of female psychology reveals a fascinating science behind what captivates their interest one particular facet stands out the study of contradictions a concept that paradoxically contradicts itself this notion suggests that everyone grapples with the same inherent Paradox yet it often goes unnoticed in the tapestry of human interactions surprisingly the biggest contradiction about girls has been concealed in plain sight throughout our lives as we navigate The Journey from adolescence to adulthood we are instilled with the notion of kindness as a virtue a quality that should lead us to the Fulfillment of our Romantic Dreams however the harsh reality as many can attest from their own experiences is that this path is not always straightforward consider the Paradox mirrored in nature itself some of the most visually appealing elements such as certain flowers or animals also carry an inherent danger the juxtaposition between Beauty and Peril prompts a profound question why are these naturally enticing things accompanied by an element of risk it’s a conundrum that upon closer inspection mirrors a universal trait shared by women worldwide in essence the first fact sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the contradictions that permeate the female psyche inviting us to question preconceived notions and delve into the nuanced layers of understanding what truly captivates and intrigues women number two bad boys stay bad forever reflecting on the Dynamics of high school consider those genuinely nice guys who often hung out with girls as friends or the ones consistently chased after by girls these were the individuals with seemingly Carefree lives appearing to have nothing to worry about delving into their nature it becomes apparent that most if not all of them shared a common trait they used to be the quintessential Bad Boys picture tattoos bikes engaging in brawls and garnering the attention of intrigued girls however there’s a fascinating Paradox that unites these bad boys their unwavering commitment to self-care and the well-being of their male friends surprisingly the more these guys focused on themselves whether through cultivating personal Hobbies or engaging in sports the more the opposite sex pursued them this presents a remarkable irony in The Narrative of Attraction challenging conventional expectations and shedding light on the Intriguing complexity of Human Relationships now let’s delve into number three time times effort equals attraction in the realm of beauty a woman tends to appreciate a man more when he invests time and effort in her logically one might assume that dedicating a substantial portion say 90% of one’s time to making her happy would elicit a reciprocal outpouring of love and satisfaction however reality takes a different turn the Paradox of Attraction unveils itself the more strenuously one Endeavors to win her favor the more elusive it becomes unbeknownst to many women are instinctively inclined to gravitate towards those who exhibit minimal interest sidelining those who put in maximal effort to understand and connect with them in simpler terms the more you ardently pursue her the quicker she Retreats this phenomenon extends Beyond mere romantic Pursuits it ENC compasses the broader spectrum of life where excessive attention can lead to unintended consequences consider men who make a particular woman the focal point of their lives hoping to establish a deep connection unfortunately this often results in them becoming overly clingy and needy traits that repel rather than attract this tendency is not confined to individuals consciously attempting to win a woman’s affection even genuinely nice guys despite expending comparatively less effort find themselves inadvertently displaying similar behaviors ultimately hindering their success in the realm of romance in essence understanding the intricacies of Attraction involves navigating a delicate balance between demonstrating genuine interest and avoiding the pitfalls of excessive Pursuit the more men can strike this equilibrium focusing on self-improvement and personal goals the more likely they are to find themselves in a position where women actively seek to be part of their Journey success in attracting women is intertwined with success in various facets of Life reinforcing the notion that personal growth and pursuit of individual goals are key components of genuine lasting attraction number four they want what they can’t get the Enigma of Attraction deepens as we explore the Intriguing desire of women for The elusive Bad Boys jerks and Alpha men it’s a phenomenon that often perplexes men prompting them to question why these seemingly unconven itional individuals Garner such attention the key lies in understanding that women are naturally drawn to things that are challenging to obtain this desire is not exclusive to women men too experience a similar Quest albe it driven by different motives to draw a vivid analogy Envision a fishing game played by a thousand girls sitting by a tranquil Lake each armed with a fishing stick as they cast their lines into the water the collective aim is to reel in a coveted catch in this aquatic Pursuit the nice guys and emotionally vulnerable men find themselves akin to Bottom Feeders incessantly tugging at the line the girls in turn must Master the art of reeling them in liberating them and then preparing to cast their lines once more even with an abundance of ordinary options the girls opt for the challenge of securing the best fish emphasizing a nuanced preference for a good catch defining a good catch reveals itself as a subjective concept varying across individuals from for a strong-willed girl A submissive and compliant partner might be deemed a good catch fulfilling her desire for control on the other hand a highly feminine woman could find herself magnetically attracted to a beautiful alpha male who exerts physical dominance and governs every aspect of her life this diversity in preferences underscores the complexity of individual desires and the multifaceted nature of Attraction number five goals not girls so how do you win every girl heart and make yourself more appealing to most girls without pursuing them and succumbing to the Paradox the secret is to stop chasing girls and instead pursue goals in a strange way the more you work on yourself and spend less time chasing girls the more they will pursue you give yourself time to grow and become interested almost all of the most successful men in sports have an endless stream of girls chasing after them it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you always work to improve that skill you already know that a man’s level of confidence is directly linked to how well he does in life and that confidence is what makes all men romantically desirable set goals for yourself or for things like sports or a job and work every day to reach them when you work towards your goals you become a better more attractive guy even if it doesn’t look like it plan your day in advance have self-discipline and focus on goals like working out four times a week or growing your salary or business income by a certain percentage every year you also try to buy a certain car or property by a certain date people can tell when you have all of that going on and they can see that you’re really trying to make your life better you want to make more money give yourself more time to enjoy life and make sure you can live the rest of your life comfortably happily and successfully you can go places eat good food and have a good time when women see that they want to be on your journey with you there is no good reason number six the way you think is crucial understanding the power of thought especially when aligned with goals reveals a transformative Journey believing in and pursuing a goal from the core of your being reshapes your mindset and invites the forces around you to synchronize in support however applying this principle to attract women proves feudal no woman genuinely connects until you accomplish something significant in the broader context of the world to illustrate consider pursuing a career goal such as establishing a successful business thoughts attitudes and actions har harmonize with the objective turning challenges into opportunities and setbacks into Stepping Stones this transformed way of thinking propels you forward fostering resilience and adaptability in contrast misapplying this transformative approach to relationships disappoints attempting to engineer thoughts solely for attraction negates genuine connection women seek authenticity shared values and individual accomplishments not contrived images fact six serves as a poignant reminder while thought power achieves personal goals using it as a shortcut to romantic success is a fallacy authentic connections stem from shared values mutual respect and individual accomplishments invest energy and Endeavors contributing positively to the world attracting the right attention and building a life resonant with authenticity and Lasting fulfillment men are typically appreciated for what they bring to the table and their ability to contribute to a relationship or the world therefore it’s a essential to prioritize setting and working towards personal goals dreams and Ambitions before seeking a romantic connection the attraction Paradox implies that the level of love and care a woman provides is directly proportional to the time energy resources and attention invested in her in other words excessive Pursuit may lead a woman to seek attention elsewhere while avoiding her may prompt her to intensify efforts to capture your interest this D damic is a recurring pattern observed in various stages of life from high school in college to University in the workplace it underscores the tendency for women to desire what appears elusive akin to how children react when denied a particular treat exhibiting determination attempting to obtain it through various means and sometimes disregarding a superior alternative simply because it seems more accessible feel free to like And subscribe for more content



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