⚠️ 9 Social Skills Older Men Use to Make Women Addicted to Them ⚠️

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[Music] nine reasons why young women prefer older men this video will make you curious about why many young women are interested in and end up loving older men some people don’t like the idea of individuals having relationships with people of different ages also older men who date younger women are often seen as foolish as if they’re just indulging the women’s desires young women who date older men are sometimes accused of only caring about their partner’s money it’s important to think about how Society sees older women who date younger men however there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship with someone who is not the same age as you everyone should have the freedom to love whoever makes them happy regardless of what Society thinks in this video we’ll give you eight reasons why young women are often attracted to older men if you fit this profile these aspects can help you understand why they are often attracted to more experienced and mature men and how you can leverage these characteristics to attract women into your life feel free to subscribe and like the video so you won’t miss any videos in the future reason number one older men can make women feel really good in bed because they have a lot of experience they’re not as nervous during intimate moments so their Partners enjoy it more older men understand what women like and know how to touch them to make them feel good they’re also more loving and caring and they know how to connect emotionally with their Partners this makes women feel special and loved which is why many young women are attracted to older men number two the main reason is that older men can make younger women feel really wanted it’s nice to feel like your partner thinks you’re the most attractive person ever older men are good at making women feel like this they find young women very appealing because they seem full of energy and life which is something older women might not have as much of older men really like and are drawn to the qualities young women have which makes young women feel even more special and loved reason number three older men know what they want in a relationship they understand women’s thoughts and feelings better because of their experience unlike younger men older men are confident and skilled at satisfying their Partners emotionally and physically they listen to their partners and meet their needs which makes women feel valued and attracted to them reason number four older men often take on responsibilities in relationships which means they’re good at making decisions and taking care of things they don’t boss their Partners around but they know how to lead when needed this sense of responsibility can be comforting for women making them feel safe and cared for it’s like having someone who will always be there for you when things get tough which is why many women are drawn to older men who show maturity and Care reason number five older men treat women with a lot of respect in kindness they pay attention to their feelings and try to make them happy they act like true gentlemen showing consideration and thoughtfulness in their interactions with women this makes women feel appreciated and valued in their relationships with old older men knowing that they’re with someone who respects and cares for them is something that many women find attractive reason number six older men are really good at having deep and interesting conversations they can talk about a lot of different things like life experiences and important ideas because they’ve been around for longer they have a lot of wisdom to share these conversations are not just about passing the time but are meaningful and make you think they can talk about things that matter and make you feel connected to them on a deep level this ability to have such conversations is one of the reasons why many women are attracted to older men reason number seven older men often have jobs that they’ve been doing for a long time and are really good at they have stable careers and make enough money to take care of themselves and their Partners this stability is something that many women find attractive because it means they can rely on them for support knowing that they have a secure future with someone who has a steady job is comforting and makes older men appealing to many women looking for serious relationships reason number eight older men have lots of experience when it comes to being intimate with their Partners they know how to make their Partners feel good and focus on what makes them happy even though they might not have the same energy as younger men they make up for it with their knowledge and understanding they’re confident in their abilities and know how to please their Partners in bed this confidence and skill are things that many women find attractive in older men reason reason number nine older men often bring a sense of stability and security to a relationship that can be very appealing to young women stability goes beyond just Financial Security it also encompasses emotional maturity and a grounded perspective on life older men tend to have established routines Lifestyles and goals which can provide a sense of predictability and reassurance in a relationship this stability can be comforting for younger women who might still be figuring things out in their own lives and value the steadiness that older men bring to the table additionally older men often have a stronger sense of self-awareness and are less likely to play games or engage in drama which can be refreshing and attractive to younger women seeking a mature and genuine Connection in conclusion we have looked at nine factors that contribute to the attraction that many people have for relationships between people of different ages emphasizing the benefits that older men can offer these Partnerships please share your thoughts in the comments section below if you concur with these points or have any personal experiences to share now subscribe to the channel and hit the like button to stay up todate with our content and avoid missing the upcoming videos that are packed with wisdom and fascinating facts we can’t continue to deliver highquality content without your involvement according to psychology a person’s actions and words reveal information about their character and intentions this may come as a surprise to you but it is common knowledge among psychologists there is a reason in criminal psychology is a popular field humans are predisposed to react in certain ways every action we take has a deeper connection to our subconscious the subconscious is our authentic self no matter how good an actor you are you cannot change your core personality based on this fact we will determine whether she is worth your time by the end of this video you’ll understand how to determine what’s inside a woman’s heart number one I’m busy right now acknowledging the demands of work is an integral aspect of any relationship we understand that as a man you have responsibilities that often extend to a 9-to-5 job balancing professional and personal commitments is a common challenge we all face yet despite the hustle and bustle of our daily lives individuals make a conscious effort to allocate time for their families this intentional act stems from the understanding that Family Matters and requires attention even amidst essential errands however if you find your partner consistently missing an action Mia it raises concerns when she frequently responds with I’m in the middle of a job whenever you reach out via messages or calls claiming to be busy right now it becomes a red flag in a healthy and committed relationship genuine interest and effort to connect should be reciprocal when a woman is genuinely interested in a man she will find ways to make time for him regardless of her hectic schedule this Behavior May indicate a lack of prioritization and commitment in the relation relationship communication and quality time are vital elements of a strong bond and if your partner consistently uses busyness as an excuse to distance herself it’s essential to address the issue open and honest communication about expectations and the importance of shared time can help determine the viability of the relationship number two it’s always about her guys it’s crucial to grasp the notion that not every emotion or daily occurrence needs to be shared all the time relationship ship thrive on open communication and the willingness to listen however when you attempt to share something meaningful with your partner and she consistently dismisses your thoughts and feelings it raises a red flag this Behavior becomes especially conspicuous when a significant event such as a promotion at work should be a cause for Mutual celebration instead her Focus shifts to unrelated topics perhaps fixating on celebrity gossip like the Kardashians diminishing the importance of your achievements in a healthy relationship both Partners should be genuinely interested in each other’s lives dreams and aspirations however when one consistently redirects the conversation to revolve solely around their own interests it indicates a lack of empathy and consideration for your feelings this self-centered approach is a clear sign of a selfish personality and if you find yourself experiencing this Dynamic with your partner it may be wise to re-evaluate the relationship remember a successful partnership is built on Mutual understanding support and shared experiences if you notice a pattern of self-centered behavior in your partner where your achievements and aspirations are routinely sidelined for her own interests it’s essential to address the issue a relationship requires both parties to actively engage in each other’s lives offering encouragement and celebration during moments of success should this Dynamic be absent and your partner consistently plac her desires above yours it may be an indication that the relationship lacks the necessary foundation for long-term happiness in such cases it might be prudent to consider whether the relationship is worth your time and emotional investment if the imbalance persists it could be indicative of deeper issues that may hinder the growth and fulfillment you deserve in a romantic partnership number three my ex used to do that maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship involves focusing on the present and the future rather than dwelling on past experiences it is considered inappropriate to continuously bring up past relationships while in a committed partnership when you find yourself in a relationship with a girl who consistently references her ex it raises a red flag this behavior is evident in various situations even during seemingly mundane activities like cooking a meal if she needlessly brings up her ex commenting on how my ex used to chop onions differently it creates unnecessary tension and may make you feel insecure in your role as her current partner if this becomes a regular occurrence it is crucial to recognize the possibility of being a rebound boyfriend continuously invoking past relationships suggests that she may be attempting to cope with unresolved emotional issues or seeking Comfort by comparing your actions to those of her ex being used as a cushion rather than being chosen out of genuine desire can lead to a detrimental imbalance in the relationship if You observe a pattern of her name dropping her ex regularly it’s a clear sign to consider leaving the relationship immediately to protect your emotional well-being avoid getting your heart deeply involved in a situation that may lack the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling partnership number four it’s your fault this particular red flag is often overlooked by many men in relationships it revolves around a concerning pattern where your partner refuses es to apologize or take responsibility for her actions in healthy relationships acknowledging mistakes and offering sincere apologies are crucial components however if you find yourself in a situation where you’re expected to beg for forgiveness when you make a mistake but when she does something wrong it mysteriously becomes your fault it’s a clear warning sign the absence of genuine apologies and the tendency to shift blame onto you can create a toxic Dynamic a successful relationship ship relies on Mutual responsibility where both Partners appreciate each other and are willing to forgive mistakes if your partner consistently avoids admitting her faults and prefers blaming you instead it suggests a lack of emotional maturity this unwillingness to accept responsibility can be detrimental to the Health and Longevity of the relationship it is advisable to be on high alert when encountering such behavior and consider whether the relationship is built on a foundation of mutual understand understanding and respect number five pointing out flaws in any healthy and thriving relationship Partners should uplift and encourage each other’s personal growth however a major red flag emerges when your partner consistently points out your flaws without providing constructive feedback in a supportive partnership she should be actively encouraging you to improve and ensuring you feel secure and loved in her presence it is a fundamental aspect of a healthy relationship that your partner contributes to your emotional well-being when she continually tells you that you are a flawed person without offering guidance on Improvement it creates an environment of negativity and insecurity feeling comfortable in your own skin is essential when you’re with your partner and it’s alarming if she consistently highlights the negative aspects of your personality rather than helping you become a better person a supportive partner should contribute positively to your life fostering an atmosphere where you feel encouraged to be the best version of yourself if your partner consistently brings you down and discourages you from improving it’s a significant red flag that should not be ignored leaving such a relationship becomes crucial for your emotional well-being and personal growth remember a healthy relationship should Empower you to thrive not hold you back or make you feel inadequate number six I have no one else it is the most common catchphrase for women using you as emotional support get one thing straight you are her partner not her therapist your job is not to treat her mental illnesses or become a solution to her problems we understand that you want to feel like Superman but it is not your job to solve her problems so if she is acting helpless in front of you she doesn’t need you to be a savior because if you do that she will depend on you for everything she needs an actual psychiatrist who can counsel her if you decide to become her savior that relationship will not be a partnership such relationships get old fast and you will end up hating yourself so before you reach that stage leaving her for your own sake is best number seven it was nothing serious discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is undoubtedly one of the most distressing experiences in a relationship when confronted with such a situation the response from your partner becomes critical in determining the future of the relationship if she attempts to downplay the severity of the situation with state statements like it was nothing serious it raises significant concerns faithfulness and trustworthiness are the foundational pillars of any successful relationship love at its core relies on Mutual trust between partners human beings biologically form bonds with others for life making the act of infidelity a traumatic experience that can sever the emotional connection between you and your partner if she insists that her unfaithfulness was inconsequential or a onetime occurrence it is imperative to approach this claim with caution even if she comes clean about her actions the breach of trust is severe and can have lasting consequences on the relationship dismissing your emotions and attempting to downplay the gravity of the situation further compounds the Betrayal if your partner is unwilling to acknowledge the depth of the issue and actively work towards rebuilding trust leaving the relationship becomes a necessary step to protect your emotional well-being number eight being too sensitive communication and understanding in a relationship are essential for fostering a healthy and supportive environment however when your partner dismisses your feelings with statements like oh you are being too sensitive it raises concerns about her empathy and emotional intelligence in any respectful and nurturing relationship joking about failures or losses should be approached with sensitivity and empathy if your partner makes light of your genuine struggles and when confronted refuses to apologize it is a troubling sign a supportive partner should offer comfort and encouragement during times of difficulty not belittle or insult you for your honest mistakes insisting that you should be able to roll with the punches and display unwavering mental fortitude can be emotionally damaging your partner’s role should be to uplift and motivate you not degrade you as a person if she Compares you unfavorably to others who may have succeeded in similar situations it creates a toxic Dynamic that undermines your self-esteem in a healthy relationship both Partners should strive to uplift and motivate each other if your partner consistently employs insensitive remarks and fails to recognize the impact of her words on your emotional well-being it is crucial to prioritize your mental health leaving such a relationship becomes imperative to ensure you are in an environment that Fosters personal growth and positive self-esteem remember a supportive partner should inspire you to become a better person not tear you down with insensitive comments number nine obey me in relationships healthy communication and mutual respect are vital for maintaining a strong and supportive connection it’s not uncommon for partners to coordinate their schedules and discuss plans ensuring a balance between personal and shared time however when a partner crosses the line and demands obedience it becomes a significant red flag while it is reasonable for couples to consult each other on various aspects of their lives including social plans and hobbies the key lies in maintaining individual autonomy and freedom if your partner insists on dictating your every move and requests obedience it signifies an unhealthy power Dynamic within the relationship asking you to abandon your hobbies or denying you quality time with friends is a clear infringement on your personal space and Independence if the situation escalates to the point where she presents ultimatums forcing you to choose between your friends and her it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship such control tactics can be suffocating and limit your ability to enjoy a fulfilling and well-rounded life if you feel chained down and restricted walking away from such a relationship is essential to preserve your personal freedom and happiness number 10 you are cheating trust is a Cornerstone of any successful relationship and unfounded accusations of infidelity can severely strain the bond between Partners while a bit of jealousy is normal and may even be considered healthy in small doses baseless accusations without concrete evidence are detrimental if your partner consistently accuses you of cheating without any legitimate reasons it signals a deeper issue in the relationship trust is a two-way street and unless there is evidence to suggest otherwise unwarranted accusations erode the foundation of mutual trust and respect observing early signs such as snooping through your phone reveals a lack of trust and can lead to a toxic environment disproving these accusations can be emotionally draining especially when met with resistance to logical evidence a healthy relationship should be built on trust understanding and effective communication if your partner consistently questions your Fidelity without cause it’s important to address the underlying insecurities or trust issues if efforts to resolve these issues prove feudal and the relationship becomes a source of emotional exhaustion consider whether it’s in your best interest to move on and find a relationship founded on trust and mutual respect these are non-negotiable aspects that should not be overlooked when you are in a relationship with a woman while women are emotional beings and often react based on their feelings it doesn’t justify discarding logic altogether it’s crucial to maintain your self-respect and choose a supportive partner who uplifts you avoiding individuals who drain your energy for more intriguing discussions be sure to check out the recommended video currently on your screen thank you for watching imagine stepping into a room where your arrival shifts the atmosphere your entry commands respect your contributions are immediately recognized and your opinions are sought after this isn’t just wishful thinking it’s the result of mastering an ancient art one that is steeped in stoic wisdom today you’re about to learn the nine powerful psychological strategies that can elevate your standing and make you a priority in any situation you know the frustration of being undervalued and overlooked you put in the effort but it seems like you’re a shadow even in broad daylight it’s a common story but it doesn’t have to be yours stoicism offers a counterintuitive lesson True Value comes from within and is not diminished by external oversight yet it’s undeniable that gaining priority in the eyes of others can lead to significant advantages whether in your career or personal life these strategies we’re about to explore aren’t just theoretical they are practical actionable and have stood the test of time they will not only earn you the recognition you deserve but will also bolster your inner fortitude as we delve into these strategies keep in mind that they are more than just techniques they are part of a transformative process a shift in mindset that begins with how you see yourself and radiates outward so if you’re ready to not just be noticed but to be given precedence stay with me this is not about capturing a fleeting moment of attention it’s about establishing a powerful presence that persists and makes an impact well beyond your initial interaction let’s start the process toward a more respected prioritized you number one command your space let’s get straight to the heart of it you wouldn’t stand for second place in the office on the field or at the gym so why accept it in life’s pecking order it’s not about ego it’s about resp respect for yourself above all when you choose to invest your time and energy do it where it counts if there’s no Mutual recognition of worth it’s time to reassess your alliances by choosing environments where your value is acknowledged you naturally elevate your status remember you don’t have the Reign on how others value you but you’re the Emperor of your own self-regard want to be the main act in life’s play start by giving yourself the lead role in your personal epic number number two Master the art of Presence by absence it’s a basic law of nature the scarce resource is the most valued if gold was as common as gravel it would be worth as much apply this to your presence when you’re always on tap you become just another part of the landscape easy to overlook no stoic sage ever won Respect by being at everyone’s beck and call let’s keep it real simple be the gold not the gravel it’s not about playing games or measuring out your minutes with a miser’s hand it’s about having a life so engaging so full of purpose and passion that your availability is naturally limited you’re not hiding away You’re rising up engaging in Pursuits that sharpen your mind and fortify your soul and here’s The Clincher when you do Grant someone your time it’s not just another slot in your schedule it’s an event they’ll feel it too your presence becomes a privilege not a given number three for Ward your own Joy here’s a straight shot of Truth anchoring your happiness to someone else is like building a house on Sand it shifts and crumbles without warning the man who is master of his own Joy holds a power no one can strip away stoicism isn’t about suppressing emotion it’s about sourcing your satisfaction from the Ironclad parts of life you control ever notice how folks are drawn to someone who’s got their act together that’s no fluke it’s the magnetism of self-sufficiency find pleasure in your daily routine your personal achievements The Quiet Moments of contemplation this isn’t about retreating to a solitary life it’s about being so grounded in your own happiness that you become the rock not the waves crashing against it that’s the kind of man who doesn’t just end up on someone’s priority list he tops it number four cultivate the fear of losing you let’s look at a hard-hitting strategy showing the world what it means to miss you it’s a truth as old as time we often don’t realize the worth of something until it’s no longer around this isn’t about manipulation it’s about demonstrating your intrinsic worth the stoics believed in the power of self-sufficiency and not being overly attached to external validation now this isn’t about playing games or giving someone the cold shoulder it’s subtler than that it’s about making your time and your emotional investment something that isn’t guaranteed pull back a little Let Your Presence be something something they earn diversify your attention spread your time across your interests and relationships when you do something shifts they start wondering about you about what has changed that space you leave prompts reflection on your value and most importantly the fear of losing your place in their life this has to be done with a nuanced touch you’re not Vanishing you’re recalibrating your attention show that while you value them your world is vast and full of places and people who value you in return when done right you create a balance where they start to appreciate your worth and naturally want to move you higher up on their list of priorities remember a man who knows his worth makes the world take notice your balanced withdrawal is a reminder of your value it’s not about making them chase you it’s about showing them what they stand to lose if they don’t step up number five hold the power to step back the ultimate Act of self-respect the the Readiness to fold them and walk away whether it’s a negotiation a bad deal or a one-sided relationship the willingness to step back is the purest form of self- prioritization stoicism teaches us to detach from outcomes and focus on our actions and values this isn’t about giving up it’s about stepping up for your well-being in the Grand Theater of life knowing when to exit stage left is as important as making an entrance it’s not a rash move nor is it a surrender it’s a strategic Retreat remember the strongest position you can ever hold is one where you’re not bound by the need for any single outcome think of it like this every time you’re willing to walk away you send a signal flare into the world that says I value myself enough not to settle this isn’t about arrogance it’s about self assurance and the moment you start to move away is often the very moment that others begin to take a step closer recognizing the value they stand to lose walking away isn’t an end it’s a declaration of worth a pause for reflection a space where you weigh the scales of your life does this situation Merit your time your energy your passion if not you have the strength the courage and the stoic wisdom to withdraw and redirect those resources to where they are recognized and valued so hold this power close use it wisely and with a clear heart sometimes the most powerful move you can make is to take a step back and in doing so you may just find that everything else takes a step forward number six the currency of investment investment is the Cornerstone of value think about it the more you pour into something the more you’re committed to its success and value this principle is crucial in relationships as well by encouraging others to invest in you their perception of your importance naturally increases how do you do this it’s all about balance yes you should be approachable but not at the expense of being undervalued let’s say you have an opportunity to spend time together but you’re genuinely tied up communicate this it’s not about playing hard to get it’s about being honest with your commitments this Integrity shows that you’re a man of substance not just passing time when they do make an effort to fit into your schedule acknowledge it appreciation can be a powerful reinforcer it subtly lets them know that their effort is noticed and that not everyone gets the same privilege this is the dance of give and take where they extend effort and you in turn recognize it making every interaction count the key here is not to stretch this to the extreme you’re not building walls you’re setting standards this is not about being Superior it’s about mutual respect when they understand that time with you is not a given but a gift you become a priority it’s the delicate balance of stoic wisdom knowing your worth and allowing others to realize it through their own valuation number seven keep your orbit command their interest let’s delve into the Paradox of Desire the world chases after what Retreats from it the rarest Treasures are those not easily gained in your relationships if you make someone your son your entire world revolving around them you risk becoming just another satellite predictable constant taken for granted consider the opposite a life where you are the Sun and others are drawn into your gravity it’s about cultivating a life so rich so interesting that you don’t need to orbit anyone else and they feel the pull of your passions your projects your growth this isn’t about playing hard to get it’s about being hard to forget you know that old saying the grass is always greener on the other side there’s truth to it people are naturally intrigued by the unattainable the unoccupied The Sovereign so when you stay invested in your path when you don’t make them the epicenter of your ex existence you become the greener grass you’re not aloof you’re self-aligned and in that self-alignment you become a mystery a challenge a goal your presence becomes a reward not a given and suddenly you’ll find they’re seeking your attention not the other way around this is the essence of Aura the secret to becoming a priority in their lives without even asking for it number eight the Allure of the unsaid mystery has always had a magnetic pull in a world where oversharing is the norm holding back is a power move a stoic knows the value of silence and the strength in reserve when it comes to relationships and interactions revealing every card in your hand is not just unnecessary it’s unwise the people you meet should earn every piece they learn about you so how do you maintain this Mystique start by sharing just enough to Peak Interest a tease of your depth not the full story your hobbies your passions your dreams let them out in trickles not not floods when asked about your past give them a canvas with broad Strokes not the fine details this isn’t deceit it’s discretion this approach stirs curiosity invites the other person to lean in to question to seek more and in doing so you become the puzzle they can’t help but want to solve in their minds you grow in importance simply because you’re not an open book there’s always another layer to uncover another aspect to discover in essence you’re inviting them on an adventure to uncover for the treasure that is knowing you but they won’t find this treasure lying on the surface it’s hidden it’s valuable and it’s worth their time and effort this is how you embed yourself in someone’s thoughts becoming a priority because the human psyche is wired to Value what it doesn’t fully understand number nine the art of Silence silence speaks volumes in a world cluttered with constant noise and chatter the absence of your voice can be louder than its presence if you’re always the one reaching out initiating every conversation you may unwittingly lessen your value in the eyes of others it’s human nature we chase that which Retreats from us consider the strength of a silent approach when you hold back you’re sending a clear signal your attention is not given lightly it must be earned this isn’t about playing games or manipulation it’s rooted in a deep respect for oneself it’s a powerful display of self-sufficiency echoing the stoic belief that inner peace and contentment come from with within not from external validation by pausing your impulses to initiate contact you create space in this space the other party has room to move towards you it’s a testament to their interest and the value they place on your relationship if they reach out it reaffirms your connection if they don’t it provides you with valuable information about where you truly stand this tactic should not be about testing the other person but rather about rebalancing the Dynamics of your interaction it’s an opportunity for reflection for both parties and when the conversation restarts it’s on a more even Keel with a deeper appreciation for the dialogue and the individuals involved in closing your blueprint to becoming a priority as we draw the curtain on these nine strategies it’s essential to engrave the underlying philosophy into your approach you are the architect of your worth and the master of your destiny these strategies Are Not Mere manipulations but reflections of the strength and Poise that come from the stoic tradition embracing inner fortitude and the power of a self-reliant spirit bear in mind that while these tactics can shift the scales in your favor they’re not magical incantations that compel others to prioritize you people have their agency their choices and their Free Will what these strategies do is allow you to present yourself as a person of value a person who respects themselves enough not to settle for less in embracing these steps you’re not just seeking to change the external perception but to elevate your intrinsic valuation whether it’s cultivating happiness within maintaining a touch of mystery or the Strategic Retreat of your presence each step is about enhancing your self-regard it’s also a journey of balance balancing kindness with self-respect availability with self-importance and investment with self-preservation in the stoic view it is this balance that is the Hallmark of a life well lived so as you embark on this path do so with mindfulness and integrity make these strategies your allies but let your character be your guide thank you for investing your time with us as you step forward remember that the most significant priority is to live a life true to yourself with wisdom courage and a sense of stoic Serenity if this video resonated with you if it prompted a nod or sparked contemplation let’s solidify that connection feel free to click the like button it’s a simple gesture for you but holds immense value for us it signals that we’re moving in the right direction delivering content that aligns with and enriches your life if you haven’t already we invite you to subscribe and become part of our community of like-minded individuals here we delve deeply into the nuances of leading a purposeful and conviction filled Life by subscribing you’re not just accessing content you’re staking your place in a community that upholds stoic virtue isues such as wisdom courage Justice and moderation every like and subscription serves as a foundational element in crafting content 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